Registration push: how about a career day for your students? LCLC can help.
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April 5-9, 2021

 News from the LCLC Spring 2021
 In the picture: 2021 Chicago Language Symposium keynote speaker Dr. Amy Snyder Ohta (top left), LCLC peer tutor Mary (left), Latino punk rockers sporting mohawk hairstyles, from LCLC Tutoring Blog (right), photo of Chichén Itzá, Mexico from the LCLC Tutoring IG Account (bottom right)

Dear Faculty, Lecturers and TAs,

Save the date: 2021 Chicago Language Symposium (on Zoom!) Saturday, April 17. FREE early registration by April 12. This year’s topic is Peer Collaboration and Second Language Learning: Innovations and Reflections

Keynote: Peer learning in L1 and L2: Teaching foreign language with Concept-Based Language Instruction (C-BLI)

​Speaker: Dr. Amy Snyder Ohta​, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics/Japanese, University of Washington, Seattle.

*Note presentations by our own Xuehua Xiang, Duosi Meng, and Dolly Weber.

More information on the website (including free late registration). The annual Chicago Language Symposium is co-sponsored by LCLC UIC, Northwestern, U of Chicago, and DePaul, which is hosting this year’s virtual conference.

Registration is ongoing: How about showing your students how the skills they learn in your classes can make them stronger candidates for any job they choose? Consider a Career Day or a Resume Building Day: LCLC can help you set that up. Many students don’t realize how their language skills can be an asset in marketing, health care, the legal field, all levels of management, HR, etc., and most students have very basic resumes. Giving students an idea about the possibilities that their language skills open for them and helping them polish their resumes are two very practical ways to help students succeed... and encourage them to continue in LCSL language, linguistics, culture and literature classes. Contact for tips on how to set up a Career Day for your upper- or lower-level classes.

Peer tutoring class is open for Fall 2021: please encourage your upper-level or 104 students to fill out the short application and find out more on the Peer Tutoring website. This one-credit class includes training and hands-on tutoring—and looks great on their resume.

Need a break? LCLC Peer Tutoring Instagram has lots of fun facts about Luis Mariano, Ostereibäume, Sicilian eggplant parm, and Ushuaia. Peruvian punk bands, anyone? Peer tutor Lainey has info on that on the LCLC Peer Tutor Blog.

Scroll down for lots more from the LCLC, including your own online teaching success stories: submit yours anytime.



Visit our website at or stop by to chat in our Drop-In Helpdesk (Virtual Office).

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Encourage 104 students to tutor 

Do you have any 104, 200- or 300-level students who would make great peer tutors next semester? Have them visit us at LCLC to find out how!

Have your 104, 200- or 300-level students apply for the Peer Tutor Apprentice Course (1 Credit) for Fall 2021. Click on the graphic for more information.

 Paola, German Tutor
Meet Paola, one of our German peer tutors!

Hallo! I am a computer science major in my third year at UIC. I used to live on campus at JST and later TBH, but now I am living back home due to the pandemic. I fell in love with German in high school and think it’s an amazing language to learn. I started with GER 102 at UIC and am familiar with the textbooks and curriculum of the courses. As Spanish is my first language, I have experience in the difficulties of learning a different language and picked up tips to help along the way. I hope to help other students enjoy the language as much as I do and show that learning a different language can be really fun!

share your language story 
LCLC language stories 

Join us at LCLC Language Stories and tell us about your language journey. All stories are posted on our website and every week we feature one language story in our LCLC newsletter!

 LCSL 505, 16 April 2021: Summative Assessment Tools, Preventing Cheating and Plagiarism
 LCSL 505 teaching with technology
LCSL 505: Teaching with Technology

The upcoming LCSL 505 session (last one for this semester!) is April 16, 2021, from 3:00-4:45 online. The topics are summative assessment tools that incorporate written and oral components, as well as how to prevent cheating & plagiarism in an online learning environment.

All LCSL instructors are invited to attend any LCSL 505 session: Join the class here!

See the Course Syllabus
Prof. Yann Robert Success Story 
Using Student Groups

The breaking into groups option worked very well. I also assigned individual paragraphs to specific students ahead of class, and then showed the paragraphs on the screen via the share function while the students analyzed them.

-Yann Robert, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, French and Francophone Studies

Read more success stories

Please send us YOUR success story! What is working for you? What helped your students learn and retain information? What helps you AND your students feel productive and comfortable in a virtual environment? Share your success stories with us, and we will share your experiences with other UIC instructors!

Share your own success story
Online tools 
On Demand!

Ask for your personalized workshop on any topic that interests you! Breakout rooms on Zoom or Collaborate? Narrated Powerpoint/Google Slides projects for your students? Microsoft Teams? Polls and surveys for in class and out? Let LCLC know and we will organize a tailored workshop for you and/or your team at a time convenient to you. No time to attend a workshop? Contact us and we will send you information and video(s) so you can watch and learn on your own time!

 Online Informal Learning of Language : Time lost or learning gained?
Online Informal Learning of Language: Time Lost or Learning Gained?

Are you a second or foreign language instructor or teacher? Have you used or thought of using online informal resources in the target language like movies, songs, videos, blogs, vlogs, games, or websites? Do you think these resources are useful for learning a language in its original form, or perhaps only when adopted for educational purposes?

Please share your opinion in this questionnaire and send it to other language educators who can share their opinions. As we move more than ever before to online worlds, your opinion is extremely valuable and timely! 

Find out more or go directly to the questionnaire.

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How have we been doing so far? 

We’re interested in knowing how LCLC has been helpful for you and your team and how we can help further.

Take our very short survey and let us know how we’re doing and what you’d like to see for the future. We’re grateful for your feedback!

Online Language Events at LCLC
All UIC students, staff, and faculty are welcome to attend and practice their language skills.

See the details of our events and the schedule on our website!


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