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March 17, 2021

 LCLC Language Peer Tutoring Spring 2021
 Happy Spring Break! In the picture: LCLC tuturs Alison (top left), Lainey (top right), Leah (bottom left), and Emma (bottom right); Paris at night (background)

Dear UIC Language Student: 

Spring Break countdown! And registration begins Monday, March 29, so start thinking about your fall language class, at the 100 or 200 level!

104 students: you are eligible to be a peer tutor in Italian, German, French, or Spanish! Fill out this short form to apply to the Peer Tutor Apprentice course (1 credit) in Fall 2021. For more information about becoming a peer tutor, visit our LCLC website, or email the Director, Dr. Elizabeth Weber.

Visit peer tutors in Spanish, German, Italian, and French this week and every week (except Spring Break!). Check out LCLC Peer Tutoring Insta and the Peer Tutor Blog: Chicago events, tongue twisters, Netflix film reviews, recipes, virtual vacations to national parks and the Eiffel Tower!

Have 3 minutes? Represent all the languages you speak and are learning on the LCLC UIC Language Map! Fill out a very short form to put all the languages you speak and understand on the map. Our map celebrates the linguistic richness of the UIC community, and you can watch it grow day by day as students, faculty, and staff represent the many languages of UIC.

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Here’s the news from our undergraduate peer tutors:

Yaneli, Spanish Peer Tutor 
Meet Yaneli, one of our Spanish peer tutors!

Hello! This is my third year at UIC: my major is Integrated Health Studies and I’m also minoring in Spanish. I work about 25 hours a week at my family’s business and hope to become a Physician’s Assistant. I grew up speaking and learning English and Spanish both at home and at school. I do however feel more confident in English, and understand that another language such as Spanish can be difficult at times. I often ask my family members or friends for help, it’s definitely a learning process! But it allows me to grow and learn, as I’d hope to do with others. I’ve always enjoyed knowing two languages, because it allows me to talk and connect with more people, help others, expand my mind and appreciate life more. Helping my other students understand and appreciate the Spanish language is a goal of mine because knowing languages gives opportunity, knowledge, and even consciousness.

 Vegan Milchreis
 Vegan Milchreis
3-11-2021: Make Vegan Milchreis with Alex!

My favorite German dessert is Milchreis, which directly translates to “milk rice.” I would compare it to a rice pudding, however, it is much better than rice pudding. So I was really disappointed when I developed a dairy allergy a couple years ago and could not enjoy Milchreis anymore. That put me on a quest to create a vegan recipe for Milchreis! This recipe was originally my German grandfather’s recipe for Milchreis, but I have changed it to suit my needs.

Click here to read the full recipe and check out posts from other tutors!

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Otranto, Italy

Otranto is a coastal town in southern Italy’s Apulia region. It is a beautiful, tourist town with many sites to see. In the immediate vicinity of the city, there is a lake with emerald green waters, which is hidden among the pale pinkish hills, and a lighthouse at Cape Punta Palascia, which meets the first Italian dawn every year. For more information on Otranto back in the day and now check the website down below.

Otranto è una città costiera della Puglia meridionale. Bella cittadina turistica con molti siti da vedere. Nelle immediate vicinanze della città si trova un lago dalle acque verde smeraldo, nascosto tra le colline rosa pallido, e un faro a Capo Punta Palacia, che ogni anno incontra la prima alba italiana. Per maggiori informazioni su Otranto ai tempi e ora controlla il sito in basso.

Click here to learn more about Otranto.

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