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TEC Programs & Events
NEW! Illinois Deep Tech Accelerator | Application Deadline: August 10
Apply for our new program and learn how to commercialize your technology from experts, all while getting course credit! Get coaching from entrepreneurs and academics with experience in founding and funding successful companies • Funding for customer discovery & prototype development • Access to campus resources like innovation spaces, research labs, and maker spaces. • Teams will be prepared to successfully acquire SBIR/STTR grants or institutional investment. • Opportunity to earn additional funding at a post-semester extracurricular activity. • Open to all students across campus. Learn more and apply.
ThinkChicago-From-Home | DEADLINE EXTENDED until Friday, July 10

The ThinkChicago summer event is back, but virtually, and the deadline has been extended! On July 29-31, 200 university students from across the country will get an opportunity to virtually engage with Chicago’s fast-growing tech scene via ThinkChicago-from-Home 2020! Attendees of ThinkChicago will engage with Chicago's tech community leaders, entrepreneurs, network with their peers, and learn more about tech career opportunities. Please submit your application by 11:59 PM CDT on FRIDAY, JULY 10, 2020 to be considered. Learn more and apply here. 

Summer Entrepreneurship Advising | Fridays | 1-2pm

Have a startup idea? Don't know what to do next? Come to Summer Entrepreneurship Advising with TEC every Friday (virtually, of course). Bring your ideas--we'll help you figure out your next steps, and guide you through campus and community resources. If you can't join us on Fridays, just contact Stephanie Larson at larson42@illinois.edu or Catharine Ingram at clingram@illinois.edu to set up an appointment. Learn more.

Featured Fall Course

How can aspiring tech entrepreneurs get the cash they need to make their ideas come to life? Find out in this Fall 2020 course! Explore the difference between Equity (ownership), Non-Dilutive (grants) and Strategic (customer) funding sources and learn about the chronological progression of early-stage ventures with likely funding sources at each stage. In addition, the course will cover company valuation, investment terms, and potential pitfalls using real-world examples and speakers to illustrate the concepts. Register for TE 398 today! View a sample syllabus here.

Featured Fall Course
Join University of Rochester (UR) Professor Scott Carney, UR students, & Illinois Professor John Thode & explore the engineering design process, harnessing the learner’s creative capabilities, leading to novel innovation & effective problem solving. Form dynamic UR/Illinois teams and learn by doing, creating, & validating multiple projects resulting in at least one viable project proposal by the end of the term. For engineering AND non-engineering students. TE 398 - Innovation & Engineering Design is intended for engineering undergrads below the senior year, and all non-engineering undergrads.
NOTE: This course is a required course for the Innovation, Leadership, & Engineering Entrepreneurship (ILEE) degree, and also counts towards the Technology Commercialization Certificate.
TEC Certificates
Pursue your future career goals armed with a TEC Certificate! Whether you want to advance your career goals, be an impactful leader, launch your startup, or develop breakthrough products, we offer four certificates that meet your needs. Two for undergraduate students (Innovation and Technology Commercialization) and two for graduate students (Business Management for Engineers and Strategic Technology Management). Learn more and enroll now.
Other Programs & Events
Turkbox Moving to Next Stage of their Pilot, Seeking Partners

Turkbox is a startup founded by University of Illinois students Tanay Vardhan and Mrinaal Mittal, which also won 4th place at TEC’s Cozad New Venture Challenge in 2019. Turkbox is a content monetization platform that allows websites, blogs, and online publications to embed widgets containing quick data classification and annotation tasks. Readers complete these tasks, and in exchange, get access to the content for free.

Turkbox is looking for AI startups and digital news platforms to partner with for the next phase of their pilot project. If you are interested in deploying our widgets for revenue on your website, please fill out this form. Turkbox is also looking for partners that need their data classified to pilot their data annotations platform with. Currently, they support image segmentation, image classification, handwriting recognition, but are open to building widgets capable of supporting different types of tasks. If you’re interested in using Turkbox to label or classify data, please fill out this form. Learn more about this pilot.

The James Dyson Award | Deadline: July 16

The James Dyson Award is an international award that celebrates, encourages, and inspires the next generation of design engineers. The challenge is simple: design something that solves a problem. It is open to current university students of engineering, product design and industrial design – and those who have graduated in these subjects in the last four years. Students that enter have the opportunity to win $2,500 as a national winner and $35,000 as an international winner, along with a donation of $6,000 to the departments that supported them. Learn more

Apply to be a Venture Fellow with New Stack Ventures | Deadline: July 13

New Stack Ventures is seeking undergraduate students for their fellowship program during the 2020-21 school year. Students will spend about 5 hours/week helping their team with sourcing and diligence--fundamental skills for every Venture Capitalist. This is an opportunity to develop hands-on experience identifying and evaluating investment opportunities, and learn how the venture capital investment process works. New Stack Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm, based in Chicago. Learn more, and apply here.

Get Hired
Gumm Seeking Technical Co-founders

Gumm is a mobile social gaming startup, and the product is described as TikTok meets Jackbox Games. They are currently looking for additional technical co-founders. If you’re a fan of gaming, especially games like HQ Trivia and Jackbox Games, and have a background in computer science, please email Quinn Vaughn at qvaughn3@gmail.com. Include information about Github/Lab projects you’ve worked on, or anything else that exhibits programming knowledge.

Mobile Production Studio Seeking Co-founder

In a COVID-19 world, online communications have never been more important. Mobile Production Studio is a new startup by a University of Illinois alum that is looking to help make producing videos online easier. The company is looking for a co-founder who can help close sales from early interest and build out online retail operations. Your resume or request for additional information can be sent to Jacob Kinsey at kinsey@illinois.edu with the subject line "Mobile Production Studio."

AbbVie Visualization Dashboard Developer Student Intern–Summer & Fall 2020

Major duties include working on user-centered, simple and clean visualization dashboards for various workflows in Process R&D area which will be part of internal digitization platform, developing small programs and components that will be used to automate functionalities in visualization dashboards in the R&D area, working collaboratively with broader NEST platform team to follow broader architectural guidelines while building specific dashboards. Learn more.

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