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Ankur Gopal

LAS alumnus delivers
winter convocation address

Ankur Gopal founded a successful and inspiring tech training program.




Catherine Murphy 



Six LAS researchers rank among world's most influential

Rankings based on publications and citation data.


Dracula ant 



So fast it's scary: Dracula ants have the fastest known appendages

Study: Mandibles snap shut at 90 meters per second.

Larry Harris 



Practicing diplomacy

Larry Harris is bringing a little bit of Chicago to Cameroon.

Gillen D'Arcy Wood 



Discovering a wonderland

English professor explores the history of expeditions to Antarctica.


Donald Ort, Paul South, and Amanda Cavanagh 



Scientists engineer shortcut for photosynthetic glitch

Research potentially boosts crop growth by 40 percent.


Yo-Chuen Lin, Rosaline Hsu, Mariam Komal Harif, and professor Supriya Prasanth 



Researchers discover another role for cell protein

Discovery provides deeper insight into DNA and the fight against cancer.





Learn from LAS alumni

The LAS alumni community is 168,000 strong and filled with experts in virtually every field. The college is pleased to provide a new resource: short videos where alumni share ideas and expertise that can help your professional life.

Steven Thayer

How to start a business

Steven Thayer (BA, '88, economics) shares his thoughts on entrepreneurship and starting a business from scratch.


Hotel Allegro 



You’re invited: Alumni event on politics and power

Join Paul Lisnek, LAS alumnus and political analyst for WGN-TV, on Saturday, Feb. 9, at Hotel Allegro in Chicago.


Arctic Expedition photo from the Spurlock Museum 



Exploring the Arctic Expedition

Save the date: Join the LAS Alumni Association for a May 4 event, Exploring the Arctic Expedition, at the Spurlock Museum on campus.



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David Sepkoski and Illinois Quad in Fall 

Your gift fuels our faculty

As technology develops at breathtaking speed, how do we keep perspective? Meet David Sepkoski, author of books on topics ranging from 17th-century mathematical philosophy to paleobiology and extinction, who is regarded as one of the world’s most influential science historians.
Sepkoski joined Illinois this fall as the Thomas M. Siebel Chair in the History of Science, thanks to a gift from Thomas Siebel (BA, ’75, history; MBA, ’83; MS, ’85, computer science).
This means that not only will Illinois continue to be a leader in the study of history and science, but also the fascinating intersection between the two.
Innovative faculty help us make connections we haven’t seen before. Join with us, With Illinois, and together we can create a university of distinction where leading faculty help our students reach their potential.


  All together. Amazing.  

For more than 100 years, the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has been the beating heart of the University of Illinois, providing students with an education that’s as focused as it is diverse. We’re making groundbreaking discoveries in the lab, using literature and languages to understand and interpret historical and current events and peoples, and developing an understanding of society and individuals. Working together, our people, programs, and facilities make the College of LAS altogether amazing.


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