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Latest Installment of Uni's Oral History Project - Now Available!

Part II of the Rebuilding Foundations oral history project is now available for listening on the Illinois Public Media website. This documentary follows Uni students and retired Uni U.S. History teacher Bill Sutton to Clarksdale, Mississippi, and other Delta communities to see how Habitat for Humanity and other organizations are bringing opportunity and renewed purpose to people’s lives. The work of Spring Initiative (a Clarksdale non-profit co-founded by a Uni alum) is also highlighted in Part II of the documentary. 

The project includes interviews conducted by the Class of 2020 (current juniors). Uni alums Stella Faux (’18), Carissa Hwu (’17), Annemarie Michael (’17), and Andrew Steltzer (’17) were the senior student producers for the documentary. Former subbie social studies teacher and social studies department head Janet Morford served as Project Director for the documentary.

The Oral History project is a long-time Uni High tradition involving the subfreshmen social studies classes and upperclass interns. 


Provost to Contribute Additional Funds to Teacher Salaries

Uni's administration is pleased to announce that the Provost’s office has committed $56,000 additional funding toward teacher salaries every year. The goal was to ease “compression” for teachers in the middle of the salary range. Newer hires’ salaries are starting to approach the salaries of those in the middle range. The Provost's new contribution will help address that problem.


Annual Fund & Parent Fund Important for Successful Campaign

The continued support of the Annual Fund and Parent Fund is critical to meeting our With Illinois campaign goals.

These two funds, supported by alumni and parents, are unrestricted funds that cover both planned and unexpected expenses including shortfalls.

The Parent Fund covers teacher stipends, coach salaries, staff salaries, human resources and IT costs. It also covers fee waivers for students in need, which totalled $22,000 last year. 

The Annual Fund covers advancement salaries, book fee waivers, and day-to-day expenses.

One of the challenges at Uni is figuring out how to best use our limited resources when unexpected expenses arise. For example, the Provost's office recently covered the cost of an updated intercom system to resolve school safety concerns in both the main building and Kenney Gym. During the installation of that system, wiring issues were discovered that need to be corrected to avoid future problems. While the Provost office paid for the intercom system, the Parent Fund will cover the unexpected cost for wiring replacements. 

If you have questions about our stewardship and how funding decisions are made, please contact Advancement Director Marianne Downey at (217-244-8586) or Assistant Director of Advancement Joshua Hall at (217-244-1368).



Campaign Update

We have set a campaign goal of $10,000,000 to ensure we are able to impact the lives of students and move education forward for the next 100 years. We are thrilled to have already received nearly 82% of our goal and to have the opportunity to not only meet, but exceed that goal.