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January 25-29, 2021

Dear Faculty, Lecturers and TAs,

Happy Week 3! We hope your semester is moving along smoothly.

In this week’s newsletter:
  • New semester, new questions… as you get into your second semester of online teaching, LCLC is here to support you. Join one of our Workshops (see below), or email us at and join us at our Drop-In HelpdeskWe’re open Monday through Friday, 9-5.
  • Peer tutoring for BLP students in French, German, Italian, and Spanish started last week and the tutors have been busy! Meet our current tutors - all of them are students currently taking upper-level classes in these languages.
  • Our workshop this week is VoiceThread for asynchronous classes, led by Lily, on Wednesday 1/27 at 2-3pm and Thursday 1/28 at 10-11amIf you can’t make the scheduled times, just email us at to set up an appointment to cover the same material. See below for a link to join.
  • My UIC Language Story: Irma Olmedo, Emerita professor of Curriculum Studies, UIC College of Education.
  • Teaching with Technology - LCSL 505: LMS and Course Building on  Friday, January 29, 3:00 p.m. Contact us for a Zoom link.
  • Online Teaching Success Stories: Lisa James, Spanish BLP.
  • Online Language Events 
  • Weekly Reading: Using VoiceThread in Online Courses

Visit our website at or stop by to chat in our Drop-In Helpdesk (Virtual Office).

Drop-In Helpdesk (Virtual Office)
 Sofiya, Italian Peer Tutor
 Sofiya, Italian Peer Tutor
Meet Italian tutor Sofiya!

“I am a junior here at UIC, majoring in biological sciences, minoring in Italian, and on the pre-dental track. I also speak Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish. I am part of the Pre-Dental Club at UIC and ambassador at UIC’s College of Dentistry. I started learning Italian in high school and it has been an amazing journey. I love meeting new people and learning about different cultures. I am very excited to be a peer tutor and share my tips and my own passion for learning a new language.”

Spread the word about *Free* Peer Tutoring to your 100-level students in Italian, Spanish, French, and German! It's a great resource, and a guaranteed way to build skills and confidence!

Irma in Beijing, China, 2019 
Irma in Beijing, China, 2019 

"My knowledge of Spanish helped me with my studies of Latin and French in college. Because of my experiences as a child, and my love for my own language and culture, I became a high school Spanish teacher. After teaching Spanish for many years, I accompanied my husband to Germany for a Fulbright. What a treat to learn a new language, German, as an adult and be able to critique the language teaching approach of the Goethe Institute. Again, Spanish helped me with grammar, but not with pronunciation."

- I

 LCSL 505 : Online course building
 Click on the graphic to see the course flyer
LCSL 505: Teaching with Technology

Next LCSL 505 class meets on Friday, January 29, 3-4:45pm and we will explore LMS (learning managment systems) and course building:

  • Building a course shell in different LMS’s: Blackboard, Coursesites, Schoology, Edmodo, Google Classroom, etc.
  • Best practices and organization for building a class in different modalities (online, blended/hybrid, face to face, and hyflex!)

All LCSL instructors are invited to attend any LCSL 505 session! If you want to join and and participate in an LCSL 505 session, just send us an email for a Zoom link!

See the Course Syllabus
Blackboard Grade Center 
Instructor Tips: Blackboard Grade Center

Blackboard Grade Center Basics for LCSL Instructors

The easiest way to keep track of grades, especially when you are grading online is conveniently built into Blackboard! We’ll show you how to get started or optimize what you already have set up. If you can’t make these times, email us at to set up an appointment.

Click here to learn more.

 Google forms & documents
Google forms and documents

"I created Google forms and shared them with my students to use as worksheets during class. I could then share my screen, show results and trends, make comparisons, etc. I also set up a Google folder 'workbook' and created a separate doc for each student. For activities that ask students to fill out a table or reflect on a question before talking openly in class, I copied the questions into the doc and asked each student to access their document and complete the activity. This I think helped to keep students on track and generate a sense of 'presence.'"

- Lisa James, Spanish BLP

Read more success stories

Please send us YOUR success story! What worked for you? What helped your students learn and retain information? What helped you AND your students feel supported and, perhaps, a little more at home in a virtual environment? Share your success stories with us, and we will share your experiences with other UIC instructors!

Share your own online success story
VoiceThread for Online Courses 
Workshop: VoiceThread for Online Teaching
Wednesday, 2:00-3:00; Thursday, 10:00-11:00

VoiceThread is a great tool for having students practice pronunciation, record video self-presentations, respond orally to visual or audio prompts, or to move in-class content online and save class time! It's also a great way to have students interact outside of class or for you to easily give detailed audio or video feedback to individual students. In this workshop, we'll be presenting a general overview of VoiceThread and troubleshooting any issues you may have.

Click this link to join a workshop session on Blackboard Collaborate during the times listed above.

 Using VoiceThread for online courses
Article of the Week

“[Students] can start an actual 'conversation' talking back and forth through video and actually connect with one another and with me since I do the same thing and respond to what each one has posted, giving feedback and asking questions. Their feedback says that they feel much more strongly connected to their peers after doing these presentations for one another and that they feel like they are more prepared to do presentation when they get out into the field.

Read More Here

Online Language Events at LCLC
All UIC students, staff, and faculty are welcome to attend and practice their language skills.

See the details of our events and the schedule on our website!


(Don't see the calendar above? Click here.)


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