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Dear members of the university community,

The National Weather Service is predicting historic low temperatures ranging from minus 7 degrees to minus 20 degrees beginning tonight and continuing through tomorrow, coupled with extremely dangerous wind chills of minus 40 degrees and possibly lower. Although our Facilities and Services crews are working diligently to keep our roads and sidewalks safe, the extreme temperatures will create hazardous conditions.

I am writing to announce that classes will be canceled beginning with those that start at 6 p.m. or later today, Tuesday, Jan. 29, and continuing through the entire day and evening tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan. 30.

It is important to note that even when classes are canceled the campus does NOT fully close. The residential and research aspects of our operations make a complete closing impossible, so staff members are expected to report to their respective offices or work locations.

If you must go outside, please dress appropriately and limit your time outdoors.

Residence halls and dining halls will be open, as will the Activities and Recreation Center, the Campus Recreation Center East, the Illini Union, the Library and all academic buildings.

If, for safety reasons, employees feel they need to leave early or are unable to commute to campus, they should use vacation/personal leave as applicable. In cases where an employee may not have accrued vacation/personal leave, departments may authorize an approved absence without pay. Employees with questions regarding requesting absence time due to weather conditions should consult with their supervisors.

The safety and well-being of our campus community members is our highest priority.

Best regards,

Robert J. Jones


Editor's note:
For more information, contact Robin Kaler, associate chancellor for public affairs, 217-333-5010 or