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Simulated (purple, left) and real robotic arms. 
Allie Arp, CSL

A diverse group of researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are working together to develop robots capable of reducing the agricultural industry’s reliance on manual labor. Read more

Ensaras Video Thumbnail 

In October we shared information about Professor Lav Varshney's work with Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago and Ensaras, Inc., to use data analytics to reduce an odor issue:
We have since created a video to explain the work they're doing and to give an update on the progress! 

Klara Nahrstedt 

NSF has awarded $5 million to bring together the Clowder community, an open source data management tool based on active curation, developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications in conjunction with CSL and Civil and Environmental Engineering. Read more

Naira Hovakimyan 
Beckman Instittue

CSL Professor Naira Hovakimyan discusses how drones, planes, satellites, and artificial intelligence will help farmers meet the food needs of a growing world population. Read more

Around CSL

CSL Student Conference Wednesday-Friday
The 2019 CSL Student Conference starts tomorrow! This year marks the 14th annual conference and features four keynote speakers, invited student speakers, Illinois student presentations, a graduate student career fair, and workshops from top tech companies.

There is still time to register.  The full schedule is available online.

January Video of the Month Winner
The January Video of the Month Award was given to Akshay Shetty at the CSL Social Hour on February 1 for his video, UAV pose estimation using cross-view geolocalization with satellite imagery.

Have a video about your research? Submit it here for your chance to win February's Video of the Month and an Amazon giftcard! Video submissions are due by February 28, the award will be presented at the Social Hour on March 1.

Jump Arches Autism Challenge
Jump ARCHES is soliciting proposals for an Autism Challenge Planning Grants with a focus on Autism. Researchers can request a planning grant of up to $10,000. Deadline to apply is February 25! Learn more about this opportunity.

R.T. Chien lecture upcoming
On Wednesday, February 27th, the Robert T. Chien Distinguished Lecturer Series continues with Maja Mataric of USC presenting "Automation vs. Augmentation: Socially Assistive Robotics and the Future of Work." More details available.


Girish Chowdhary, et. al USDA. 3 years started 12/15/18, $899,998, “Multipurpose Dexterous Soft and Continuum Arms for Compact Ag-bots."
     (Read the first story in this newsletter for more details on this research)


Pavan Kumar Hanumolu, $70,000, Analog Services

Sibin Mohan, $60,000, Toyota