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LAS Lineup provides information about events, opportunities,
and deadlines to help you plan your week.

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Beat burnout.
Take a moment to be in the moment.

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Wellness tip of the week 
Take time to care for your mind, to give it a break. Learn how and why to calm your mind through mindfulness and meditation, how to make stress your friend, and other tips for when you feel totally burned out.

Academic tip of the week 
If you are planning to change majors for Fall 2021 or later, please note that Spring 2021 courses used to satisfy Curricular Declaration Criteria must be taken for a letter grade, not Pass COVID/No Pass COVID (PZ/NZ). Contact a college advisor if you have questions. Also, the class schedule for Fall 2021 opens this week. If a course says "location pending" it means the classroom will be assigned at a later date.

Career readiness tip of the week 
Check out the fascinating stories of LAS alumni at the Spring 2021 Alumni Career Panels. This week's focus is science and medicine careers, and you can view previous recordings on not-for-profit careers or careers in law and government. Reach out to one of the alums to learn more and build your professional network. 

Happening Across LAS graphic

Apply for a Life + Design Scholarship for your Summer 2021 work, internship experiences  
Life + Career Design Scholarships support students’ expenses related to engaging in unpaid or underpaid work in an actual work environment. The work may be an internship, undergraduate research experience, extended volunteer experience, or possibly even a part-time job. See the FAQ’s for more information here.

LAS scholarship application available
Are you an LAS student? Do you need a scholarship for next academic year? Apply now. All full-time LAS students are encouraged to apply for LAS specific scholarships using this one application. Last year, students received more than $125,000, and in less than 30 minutes you can apply to be considered for 25 different scholarship awards. The application deadline is Sunday, May 16. For more information click here

Join workshop for poster presentation, design 
3 p.m. Wednesday, April 7 via Zoom 
This Writer’s Workshop will give you tools for communicating your research for academic conferences and professional meetings in a concise and visually effective poster presentation. This event is recommended for students who will present research posters at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. Please register by 9 a.m. CT Tuesday, April 6. 

Become a student leader on campus
4 p.m. Wednesday, April 7 via Zoom

Are you interested in finding different ways to improve your leadership skills? This workshop will discuss the different ways you can become involved on campus and build upon your leadership skills before graduation. Join Nandita Ravikumar for this peer-led Life + Career Design workshop. Register here.   

Writer’s Workshop: Find Your Flow 
4 p.m. Wednesday, April 7 via Zoom  
This workshop will give you concrete strategies for enhancing the structure and cohesion of your writing, including tips for signposting and transition. You are encouraged to bring a draft to work with. Please register by 11:59 p.m. CT Tuesday, April 6.

LAS Alumni Career Panel features science, medicine careers
6 p.m. Wednesday, April 7 via Zoom 
LAS students are invited to the weekly virtual LAS Alumni Career Panels. This week's panel features alumni in medical and science careers. There will be plenty of time for questions. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to network with some amazing alumni. Next week’s panel will feature alumni in business careers. Register here. Recordings of past panels can also be found here

Giving online research presentations by the Writer’s Workshop 
11 a.m. Thursday, April 8 via Zoom 
Attend to learn what your presentation should include, how to engage your audience, and how to present with confidence. We also will address some technical components of giving recorded online presentations. We encourage students who are preparing for the Undergraduate Research Symposium to attend. Please register by 11:59 p.m. CT Wednesday, April 7. 

Writing effective cover letters for job applications
1 p.m. Thursday, April 8 via Zoom

This Writer’s Workshop will provide tips for writing concise and professional cover letters. You’ll review common structure, audience expectations, and strategies for using the cover letter to complement the resume. We encourage you to bring a current job ad and questions about your current cover-letters-in-progress. Please register by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, April 7.

Happening Across Campus graphic

Art Space: Creative Coping for Self-Care
3 p.m. Mondays through the Spring 2021 Semester  
It's 2021, and we're still dealing with stress and the Big Sad. Looking for ways to deal? Dust off those paints, grab that old clarinet, or get back into broody poetry. Once a week, drop in to make some time for creativity and use the arts to cope. All skill levels are welcome. The Zoom link and password can be found here

Dish It Up: Breaking Boundaries on Bystander Intervention
Noon Monday, April 5 via Zoom
Join a conversation about bystander intervention strategies related to sexual violence, discrimination, and other forms of harm. This conversation will be presented by Teryl Brewster and Jaya Kolisetty. The event is hosted by: The Women’s Resources Center, Diversity & Social Justice Education, the Panhellenic Council, and Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha. Register here

LGBTQIA+ Ally Training
6-8 p.m. Monday, April 5 via Zoom

Hosted by the Counseling Center and open to all students, faculty and staff. Register today to reserve your spot.  

Student Sustainability Committee Coffee Hour: food sustainability, local food in C-U 
Noon Tuesday, April 6 via Zoom  
Student Engagement and Success will be hosting this event to give students, staff, faculty, and community members an opportunity to learn about and discuss local issues pertaining to food and waste. For more dates regarding future events, projects, and funding, please visit the SSC calendar. 

Yossi Klein Halevi, Mohammad Darawshe on Israel and Palestine 
Noon to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 6 via Zoom  
Join us for a dialogue with Yossi Klein Halevi, New York Times bestselling author of "Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor," and Mohammad Darawshe, a leading political analyst who has spent more than three decades advocating for Israel’s Arab sector, on how we can engage meaningfully across deeply held divisions. This event will be moderated by Chancellor Jones. Register here.   

This Book is Anti-Racist: 20 Lessons on How to Wake Up, Take Action, and Do the Work
6-8 p.m. Tuesday, April 6 via Zoom 

This peer-facilitated workshop will engage students in experiential learning and dialogue around issues to help participants develop skills for taking care of themselves and advocating for the well-being of other marginalized students. Students who register for this session will receive the e-text book on a first come, first serve basis until all available copies are distributed. 

Students invited to join vaccine study
Illinois students who have not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19 can enroll in a study to help understand the effectiveness of vaccines in reducing the spread of the coronavirus. Participants will be paid and will receive the vaccine. Students interested in participating can sign up here or email here for more information.

Connect the dots during SAAM 2021 
Join the Women's Resources Center this April in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) as we dive into the intersection of sexual violence and racism. This year’s events will highlight the activism of folx of color and how racial discrimination contributes to the prevalence of sexual violence and impacts healing. For a full list of sponsors and events, visit our website

Virtual internships with companies in Brazil 
Campus B offers internship programs where students work within an international organization on projects, with a dedicated supervisor and a program coordinator based in Brazil. The deadline to apply for fall internships is Tuesday, June 15. 

Join Illini Zoom Connect
Are you a first-year student? Do you wish that Zoom offered more than class sessions and meetings? Join us and have some fun on Zoom! At Zoom Connect, you can meet new friends and play a bunch of different games, including Among Us, Psych, Mafia, and more. You can join us any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook at Illini Zoom Connect. For more information visit here.

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Priority registration for summer and fall begins
Monday, April 5

Non-instructional day
Tuesday, April 13

Open enrollment begins for eligible students
Monday, April 26

Last day of class
Wednesday, May 5

Students may view grades
Saturday, May 22



To contact a college-level advisoruse the online chat, online advising appointment calendar and queue, and online forms for program change requests.

Find a list of unit and college advisors along with hours and contact information on the college website.


The LAS Lineup provides information about events, opportunities, and deadlines to help you plan your week.
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