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U of I Won 1st place internationally
Top four laboratory teams scoring the highest point totals during the 2018 Freezer Challenge 
Top four laboratory teams scoring the highest point totals during the 2018 Freezer Challenge 

Being the best at reducing the energy required for laboratory cold-storage and implementing sample management best-practices earned the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign first place in the 2018 International Freezer Challenge, leading our peers and joining first place organizations in multiple categories.... read more

 2018 award currently on display at IGB in the CABBI lab area
 The 2018 International Freezer Challenge award on display, in the CABBI lab area at the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology
Worldwide recognition

The University of Illinois research community has received international recognition from a number of organizations and media publications.

top achievement totals from 2018 
In 2018, 45 Labs made this BIG of an impact, join us to help change the world! 
Highlights from lab efforts in 2018

Researchers rallied to apply best practices in sample-storage management, reducing their lab's carbon footprint and submitting their efforts for recognition in the International Freezer Challenge. Particpating researchers were awarded a certificate for demonstrating leadership in Environmental Stewardship and Sustainable Laboratory Practices. Register to receive your lab's 2019 scoresheet! (sample scoresheet attached)

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Goals for 2019 competition: DOUBLE-UP!

This year's goal is to DOUBLE last year’s:

- Participation of researchers from 45 labs  to 90 labs

- Energy reduction of an estimated 720 kWh/day to 1500 kWh/day



Illinois can win again! Only one organization (the CDC) has won twice in their division. Illinois can join them in 2019!

 FreezerChallengeUI website
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Join us and submit your scoresheet by midnight, May 1 to achieve world class results!

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