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March 2019
UIF Advancement Insider
An inside update on services provided by the University of Illinois Foundation

Welcome to the new UIF Advancement Insider!  UIF Advancement Services will be distributing a monthly update on the services that the University of Illinois Foundation continues to add and improve upon to serve the UI System advancement community. We hope this will provide a great resource for your teams to stay up to date on the services that UIF provides our customers!

TED Service Pack Upgrade

Over the past few months, the UIF OATS (Office of Advancement Technology Services) team has been coordinating the TED service pack upgrade. Service packs are released regularly by Blackbaud to its customers as fixes or enhancements to the Blackbaud CRM system. UIF OATS has been working with all the owners of the functional areas of TED to test an upgraded test environment of the system with all the latest service packs installed. The purpose of this testing is to provide assurance that the changes in the service packs provided by Blackbaud will not cause issues with day-to-day operations and customizations that have been implemented into TED.

UAT or User-Acceptance Testing was successfully completed on March 1st and currently End-to-End and System Performance testing are being performed. The goal is to have a final signoff on all testing the week of March 11 and the service packs will be installed over the March 30th weekend. During the weekend the TED system will be unavailable for a period of time. Announcements about this outage will be sent closer to that date from UIF Advancement Services.

New Features coming to TED in April
TED Getting A New Look

This is no April Fools trick! TED will have a new look when you return to work on Monday April 1st. Here is a sneak peek at the new branding of TED.

New TED Homepage

TED will also have a new homepage with a calendar area to display scheduled maintenance, data load dates, TED release dates, and more. There will also be a News & Updates area that will contain content about new releases and other updates about TED. Finally there will be section for Useful Links such as iLearn, UIF Online and Advancement Support ticketing system. The bottom of the Homepage will still be customizable per each user's needs!

Incorporation of Single Sign On with TED

Starting in April when logging into TED you will be taken to your University specific sign in page for gaining access to TED. Your usual credentials should be entered, the only change is the interface in which you enter them. Please note, that if you have multi-factor authentication (2FA) enabled, TED will now take advantage of this added security measure. Two-factor authentication is being implemented in many of the systems throughout the University of Illinois System and you may already be setup through UI Verify. Here is a link for more information on 2FA.

UIF Online Formatted Reports Moving to TED

Formatted Reports are moving from UIF Online to TED as of April 1, 2019.  All Accounting, Fund, and Annual Giving reports will be accessed via TED. 

Business Managers - What that means for all you Business Managers is that soon you will have access to TED and there will be a new tab in TED named “Business Managers” where you will view your reports. 

Advancement Users - All other TED users will view the Formatted Reports under the “UI Reporting” tab.  

Further communication will be sent out to users closer to the end of March.

 Picture of estate planning clipboard
Tracking Undocumented and Contingent Planned Gifts in TED

When an estate commitment is contingent or lacks documentation, that estate commitment cannot be officially “booked” as a planned gift in TED; however, under certain circumstances, the estate commitment may now be tracked in TED as an undocumented or contingent planned gift. This will allow the applicable unit to steward the donor involved and all applicable internal stakeholders can keep tabs on the undocumented planned gift just in case something happens in the future to allow us to book a planned gift.

For more information on this new functionality, check out the documentation in iLearn under Estate Documentation and register for the live-instructor training session “A Gift Officer’s Guide to Discussing and Booking Estate Gifts.”

Active Pipeline Report Updates

Coming Soon in the upcoming weeks users will see new features and functionality added to the existing Active Pipeline Report. These updates listed below are based on the feedback received from you the user:

  • New Prompts allowing selection by Fundraiser Role as well as allowing users to easily select Major Giving opportunities or Annual Giving opportunities.
  • New Functionality added to the drill down detail report that will allow users to open the TED Opportunity screen directly from this report and view additional details.
  • The duplication of opportunities in the detail report that used to occur because of multiple solicitors or sites has been removed by concatenating these details into a single column.
New Progress to Goals by Benefiting Unit Report

This new report will be added into the UI Reporting Tab in TED and will allow users to view Goal Progress broken down by the Benefiting unit and will have a similar layout as the current Progress to Goals report which displays the information by Employing Unit. The report is currently in design phase and will be made available after User Acceptance Testing phase has been completed. Stay tuned for further announcements about this report!

Scheduled Banner Loads

Regular Banner Loads have been executed and processed in TED, see details below:

  • December 2018 Graduates data has been updated in TED as of February 1st data from Banner.
  • Spring 2019 Students data has been updated in TED as of February 19th data from Banner.
  • Faculty Staff & University Appointments data has been updated in TED as February 10th data from Banner.

Yearly timeframe of scheduled Banner loads:

  • Graduate degree data is pulled from Banner three times a year (near or around Feb 1, July 1 and Sept 1). The timing of this is to allow the units proper time to update their degrees in Banner after each semester graduation.
  • Student degree data is pulled from Banner two times a year (near or around Feb 15 and Sept 15).
  • Faculty Staff and University Appointments data is pulled from Banner on the 10th of every month and loaded into TED on the 3rd Sunday of every month.
Live Alumni Project

In the Fall of 2018, UIF Advancement Services worked with a third-party LinkedIn vendor called LiveAlumni. This partnership has yielded an abundance of wonderful data that UIF Research and Portfolio Management has been able to use in researching new prospects and updates on current prospects. UIF Advancement Information Management & Support (AIMS) has been working on loading the data over the past few months, below are some of those details:

  • 103,000+ new constituent emails have been loaded into TED.
  • 189,000+ LinkedIn URLs that have been loaded to TED constituents.
  • Currently loading 42,000 new distinct employee/employer relationships for constituents previously not containing employment information.
  • Analysis of other employment and contact data received by LiveAlumni is being evaluated for possible loading into TED.
Self-enroll in iLearn Advancement

Learning at your fingertips! It's easy to search for live-training events, online courses, along with documents and resources in iLearn Advancement.

  1. Use the search window on the home page to search by topic.
  2. Select if you want a course, document, or both.
  3. Choose enroll for courses, or view for documents. 
  4. When enrolling in live-training events, be sure to select a convenient session.

      Complete instructions are available in iLearn here.

Live-Training Opportunities

March - April 2019

Live-training sessions give learners an opportunity to interact with the instructor and other Advancement staff. Courses are offered at each university or as a Skype webinar. The sessions below are available for self-enrollment in iLearn.  

Questions about a course? 





Check out these new online courses in iLearn!

Gift Documentation
Good fund agreements start with good gifts. In this course, you will learn how to get your gifts in good shape to make the process of creating gift documentation smooth.

It all starts with a plan
Fundraising strategy is all about plans. In this engaging curriculum, you will learn the basics of prospect management and how to manage plans in TED. After completing the online courses – Prospect Management Research Process Policies and Managing Prospect Strategy with Plans, select a convenient Skype session for Pipeline-opoly, designed to help fundraisers and their staff put prospect management via TED plans in to practice.  In partnership with the U of I Universities, Leon Harrell will lead a panel discussion around various Prospect Management concepts.

The Foundation: Serving the University of Illinois System
Part of the Welcome Curriculum assigned to all new employees, this course explains more about the Foundation's vital and ongoing role in the University’s private giving program, along with the support and services the Foundation provides.

The companion documents UIF How can we help you? and UIF Who do I contact at the Foundation? provide contact information and guidance specific to each university.

Monitoring Attention Tabs - **UPDATED COURSE**
Attention tabs help ensure that the data on plans, opportunities, and plan steps is correct, all in one convenient place. In this course, you will learn about the benefits and importance of using the Attention tabs in TED to ensure your portfolio data is accurate and up-to-date.  Even if you've taken this course previously, it might be worth another look! 

Coming Soon

We are always working on new courses for the Advancement Community! We work closely with the Universities and Vice Chancellor's offices to prioritize and develop new learning opportunities. Watch for more details as new courses become available in iLearn.


Creating a new course is a collaborative process. Thank you to the people listed below who volunteered to test our new Assessing our Prospects course:

Urbana - Amber Lannert, Megan Wolf, Allison Winter, Joan Volkmann, Jon Salvani, Howard Milton, Katie Harrell and Heather Clay

Chicago - DeNel Stoltz, Mary Jean Kraybill, Jill Molesky and Claire Gilpin

Springfield - Theresa Hempstead and Teresa Szabo

Foundation - Judy Wood and Allison Phillips


Please feel free to email for any feedback or content that you would like to see in future editions!