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February 8-12, 2021
 Week 5 at the LCLC Collage Graphic
 Current & Future LCLC Tutors (top right) ; LCLC Peer Tutoring Instagram (bottom left) ; Socrative (bottom right)

Dear Faculty, Lecturers and TAs,

In this week’s newsletter:

  • Week 5 has us all thinking of how to best engage ourselves and students in online learning and teaching. But no one has time for something fancy... here at the LCLC, we’re happy to help you tweak things a bit – or revise it all, whatever you have time for! If so, just send us an email at lclc@uic.edu or visit our online helpdesk any weekday between 9am and 5pm.

  • Peer tutoring serves our upper-level students by training them in techniques that are useful to them as students and that make them stronger job candidates. Instagram posts help them work on research, writing, tech, and social media skills. Check out their posts about German-, Italian-, French-, and Spanish-speaking language and culture on the LCLC Peer Tutoring Insta feed.

  • Joyful about learning languages? Valeria is! She’s a freshman Computer Science major with a wonderful flair for languages, from Ukrainian to Catalan to Chinese, though her proudest achievement is English fluency. Read her story here (and contribute your own as well)!

  • Get engaged with online teaching at our weekly workshop on Socrative and at the next session of LCSL 505, all about presentation tools!

Visit our website at lclc.uic.edu or stop by to chat in our Drop-In Helpdesk (Virtual Office).

Drop-In Helpdesk (Virtual Office)
Celeste, Spanish Peer Tutor 
Meet Celeste, one of our Spanish Tutors!

I am a teaching of Spanish major here at UIC. As a freshman, I was not sure what I wanted to major in. I took a foreign language class as a requirement for the college of LAS. I decided to pick Spanish to fill my requirement because it was a language they meant a lot to me. It was the language my parents practiced at home and the language I used to communicate with my community. As I went on with the semester I noticed I love learning about the language! I realized that there is so much to learn, and that practice only makes perfect.

 Valeria G's Language Story
Valeria, UIC B.S. in Computer Science, May 2024

Valeria’s Language Story: Catalan, Ukrainian, English, Chinese, Spanish...from Barcelona to UIC.

"My language journey begins in my birthplace: Barcelona, Spain. Since my parents were both immigrants from Ukraine, my childhood was colored by my two identities: my Spanish and Catalan identity that emerged in school and with friends, and my Russian identity which served as a bridge to my Ukrainian heritage and allowed me to communicate with my family members."

To find out how English and Chinese enter Valeria’s life, and to share your own story, join us at LCLC Language Stories.

LCSL 505 teaching with technology 
Click on the graphic to see the course flyer 
LCSL 505: Teaching with Technology

Every other Friday, we have a wonderful opportunity for you to learn something new AND fun for your class! The upcoming LCSL 505 session will occur Friday, February 12, 3-4PM. We will talk about presentational tools for all sorts of classes, from a lecture to a lab, in all teaching modes like Prezi, Canva, Padlet, Peardeck, and Voicethread. We will also discuss the best practices for using the tools and creating interactive and highly engaging lectures!

All LCSL instructors are invited to attend any LCSL 505 session: Join the class here!

Join URL: https://uic.zoom.us/j/84330894474?pwd=bVc4bGpZVUdLanljV3NFZ2FCQncvQT09

See the Course Syllabus

Using polls in your synchronous class but feel limited by the built in options? Try Socrative, a tool that connects Zoom/Collaborate polls and Kahoot. Watch the video below to learn more!

Socrative: A Formative Assessment Tool for Teachers
 Maria Iusco offers virtual espresso to students
 Maria Iusco offers virtual espresso to students
Listen to & be there for your students

"From the time we started with emergency remote teaching/learning till now Spring 2021, one thing I always did in my Italian Courses was to make myself available for students at all hours of the day. I repeatedly told them I was just an email away and we could talk about anything they wanted to. I met with many students that were worried about their families being sick, about online language, and just about everything. We all helped each other in these unprecedented times. I constantly send my students recipes, Italian songs, Italian facts and videos to listen to constantly so they feel like our Department is truly their Italian Family. Many have reached out and done likewise or have sent notes of appreciation. I believe these small moments of my constant presence reassured them we would get through these unique moments together."

Maria Iusco, Lecturer, Italian BLP

Read more success stories

Please send us YOUR success story! What worked for you? What helped your students learn and retain information? What helped you AND your students feel supported and, perhaps, a little more at home in a virtual environment? Share your success stories with us, and we will share your experiences with other UIC instructors!

Share your own online success story
LCLC Weekly Workshop: Socrative 
Monday (2/8), 12-1PM; Friday (2/12), 3-4PM

Are you looking for better, more interactive polling for your online classes? Try Socrative! Socrative lets you create quizzes and polls that can be accessed from almost any device, see responses in real-time, and get grade reports. Click the image to watch a short video about Socrative, and join us this week to learn more!

Click this link to join a workshop session on Blackboard Collaborate during the times listed above.

Online Language Events at LCLC
All UIC students, staff, and faculty are welcome to attend and practice their language skills.

See the details of our events and the schedule on our website!


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