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A baby wearing two of the patches developed by the team. 
Allie Arp, CSL

The bond between a parent and their child is forged within the first few weeks of life. For parents whose babies are born premature or with complications, these bonds are harder to establish as the baby needs to be hooked up to a variety of wires to be constantly monitored.

CSL Professor Naresh Shanbhag is part of a team working to replace the wires with a patch that would allow parents to hold their little one while it’s being monitored. Read more


Brandon Basso 
Allie Arp, CSL

Although the Center for Autonomy was officially announced in December, it is already developing a presence on campus. In late February, the center brought in speakers from Uber to discuss their vision and activity on autonomous vehicles. Read more

Klara Nahrstedt 
State of CSL Address

This afternoon, CSL Director Klara Nahrstedt presented the State of CSL. She provided highlights of the past year and a preview of 2019 initiatives, including:

  • In 2018, CSL’s 132 faculty, 46 staff members, 28 visiting scholars, and 22 postdocs received 49 new awards totaling $41.7 million, contributing to total research expenditures of $54.7 million.
  • Facilities throughout CSL are being updated, including the IRL robotics lab, student space, and several conference rooms.
  • In 2019, CSL will continue to host many distinguished events and award ceremonies.
  • A focus will be on building industry partnerships as federal funding decreases and becomes more competitive.
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National Robotics Week
Next week CSL will be celebrating National Robotics Week with daily posts on our social media pages! From videos of the newest technology to updates on collaborative efforts, make sure to check out CSL's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages each day April 8-12.

CSL Professors in the news
There have been quite a few familiar faced in the news lately! Here are some of them

CIRI Symposium
The CIRI Sympmosium on Resilience of Critical Infrastructures is April 10 and 11 at NCSA. Check out this video from CIRI Director Randy Sandone about why you should consider attending.