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For the week of April 8th, 2019

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Peer Tutor Working on Professional Development

Dear Faculty, Lecturers and TAs,

We hope your week is off to a great start! As we near the final weeks of the semester, we know how important it is to make sure that Blackboard cells are up to date and in working order. LCLC is happy to help! Bring any questions about outstanding projects or new projects you are looking to execute to us during any of our hours of operation.

As always, our peer tutors in GH 305 are eager to work with students of German, Italian, and French. The conversation teams who always provide invigorating interaction to our UIC students are another valuable resource that we are glad students utilize each week. We hope you continue to adverstise these free resources to our students! 

Do you have a project in mind but aren’t sure how to make it work? Is there a technology that you’d like to learn more about or possibly use in your course? The LCLC is here to help! We have tech tools for every kind of project - in any kind of class from beginning language to advanced graduate - and can help you find the best way to integrate them effectively and meaningfully into your teaching. Email us at with all your questions!

A teaching with technology tip of the week:

Student view is a great way for instructors to see what their students see online. Many e-learning tools like Blackboard offer these preview modes.

In Blackboard, student preview can let you do things like:

  • verify that content is available to your students
  • check the layout of your course site without the interference of hidden elements, Blackboard help text, etc.
  • ensure you understand exactly what it is your students need to do to submit an assignment, take a test, etc.
  • view tools that you don't have access to as an instructor like My Grades 

This is a great way for you to experience the tools your students use as they use them and a great resource for troubleshooting student tech problems.

To learn more about student preview in Blackboard, click here

UIC LCLC social media! Encourage your students and colleagues to check out the UIC Language and Culture Learning Center Facebook page and Instagram and Twitter feeds. Stay up-to-date with LCLC happenings. Promoting our pages is a good way to ensure your students know about your conversation hour or film series.

LCLC Weekly Workshop: Modifying Blackboard Grade Center Colums
Week of April 8th-April 12th
GH 301
GH 301

Weekly Workshop: Modifying Blackboard Grade Center Columns. Keeping up with grades can be somewhat of a task, so learning quick and efficient ways of making Blackboard Grade Center conform to any grade revisions is handy. Stop by the LCLC this week to review your Grade Center organization and verify that your columns correspond to the graded material. Learn fast ways to eliminate, add, or edit columns, with special focus on column description, display settings, and adjustments to weighted grade and total point columns. Drop by with your syllabus and any other questions you might have about editing and configuring grade center!

Can't make the scheduled workshop times? Email us to set up a meeting at the LCLC or in your office:


Weekly events for you and your students in 308 Grant Hall, listed below and on our calendar: All events at the LCLC are free and open to students of all levels (and the whole UIC community). To request 308 for your cultural event, click here.


Please see for the most up-to-date schedule.

All UIC students, staff, and faculty are welcome to attend and practice their language skills.
All films are shown with English subtitles.

Click a flag to view event details including film titles and descriptions.


Chinese Conversation


Chinese Conversation


Russian Film


German Film

Starting 3/5

Spanish Conversation


German Conversation


Korean Conversation


Italian Conversation

Starting 1/30

Ancient World, Modern Media
Every other week


Korean Conversation


Japanese Conversation


French Conversation


Scroll down to see our featured Cultural Events in the Chicago area. If you know of an event you think would fit, please send it to us by 9AM on Friday mornings, and we'll include it in our Monday newsletter.

Visit us online:

To set up an individual appointment or suggest a workshop topic, contact us at

This Week's Featured Chicago-Area Cultural Event

Chicago Latino Film Festival  - RUNS THROUGH THURSDAY, April 11. The Chicago Latino Film Festival is a U.S. film festival, focusing on Latin America and Latinos. It is organized by the International Latino Cultural Center and sponsored by a number of national corporations as well as by the local Hispanic and Latino community.
Fee: $10 with student ID
Location: The Chicago Latino Film Festival continues its connection to the community by partnering with educational institutions and organizations throughout the city. Click here for schedule and venues.

Upcoming Featured Chicago-Area Cultural Event

 Polish Museum of America -OPENS MAY 10, 7pm. The Polish Museum of America will host the grand opening of the exhibition of the former Academy of Fine Arts at the PMA Great Hall. The exhibition is organized by selected artists working at the Department of Painting and Drawing, including: Dariusz Subocz, Joanna Marcinkowska, Tomasz Kalitko, and Marcin Lorenc. It presents various creative and academic approaches.
Fee: $8.50 with student ID, with admission fees
Location: PMA, 984 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago