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April 12, 2019



The anticipated adoption date for the new Illinois Energy Efficiency Code (based on the 2018 IECC, with Illinois amendments) has been moved to May 1, 2019. With more time to prepare for upcoming changes, consider signing up for one of SEDAC's Energy Code webinars. The 2018 IECC Commercial Mechanical Systems Provisions with Corresponding IMC Sections will be held on April 24, 2019 at 12 pm and the 2018 IECC for Existing Buildings webinar, where participants can expect to learn about energy code requirements for renovations or additions to existing buildings, will be held on May 22, 2019 at 12 pm. Find out more and register here. Call 800-214-7954 or email for additional information.



The Illinois ABLE program is a tax-advantaged investment program that provides persons with blindness or disabilities the option to save for disability-related expenses without putting their federal means tested benefits at risk. Illinois ABLE Is a member of the National ABLE Alliance, a partnership of 14 states representing over one quarter of the population of the United States. The goal of the National ABLE Alliance is to provide the most robust ABLE services possible at the lowest cost to account owners. To sign up for your ABLE account, visit the Illinois Save with ABLE website.



Small Business Expo - June 20, 2019 - Chicago - Meet and network with thousands of like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals in your area!  Since 2008, Small Business Expo has dedicated itself to putting on fun and educational events that help Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs thrive. The free one-day event allows business owners to connect, network with vendors in various industries and learn from the best in business about how to solve their most pressing business issues. Small business owners are encouraged to attend to learn from industry experts and shop from exhibitors that have products & services that help a Small Business grow. Click here to learn more about the Small Business Expo to be held in Chicago June 20th, 2019.



Join us on Thursday, April 18th at Noon (CST) as we host the director of Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, Christopher Merrett, for our local government education webinar, Are Demographics Destiny for the Rural Midwest? Economic Development Implications for Rural Youth Population Decline for our Region. Merrett will discuss challenges and recommendations related to rural population decline. Local officials, community leaders, and professionals in community and economic development are encouraged to attend and participate in a discussion after the presentation. REGISTER HERE



April 18 (LGE Webinar) - Are Demographics Destiny for the Rural Midwest? Economic Development Implications for Rural Youth Population Decline for our Region

April 24 (SEDAC Webinar) - Illinois Energy Conservation Code for Commercial Mechanical Systems

April 30 (Champaign) - SEDAC Energy Code Workshop

May 16 (LGE Webinar) - Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

May 16 (Belleville) - Southern Illinois Volunteerism Conference

May 22 (SEDAC Webinar) - Illinois Energy Conservation Code for Existing Buildings

June 5 (Springfield) - Central Illinois Volunteerism Conference

June 20, 2019 (Chicago) - Small Business Expo

July 14-17 (Columbia, MO) - Community Development Society Annual Conference

August 12-15 (Moline) - Midwest Community Development Institute