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New Uni Chemistry Lab Unveiled

Uni High is proud to announce that we have completed our latest Innovations in Learning initiative: our new Chemistry lab, updated for the first time since 1963.

Uni Chemistry teacher Dave Bergandine was able to make his dream lab a reality with the help of generous donors to our Innovations in Learning fund. He collaborated with colleagues at the University of Illinois on the design and features of the lab.

Bergandine wanted to develop “a 21st century lab for 21st century students to do 21st century science.”  In the video below, he gives a tour of the features of the new lab, which include new safety equipment and up-to-date technology.

In addition to the lab, the former storage room became a Maker Space with 3D printers, an industrial sewing machine and other equipment for students to pursue independent active learning projects.

The Active Learning Classroom Committee, composed of faculty and administrators, is looking ahead at future projects to help Uni faculty further develop curriculum and pedagogy for a 21st century education.

The Innovations in Learning initiative started at Uni in 2014 to help the school provide an optimal teaching and learning environment. Innovations in Learning funds are used for curriculum development and professional development as well as enhancing learning spaces.

The Q & A video was produced by Uni senior Sarah Grubisich, assisted by senior Abraham Han.