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Hello psychology alumni!
We hope you enjoy reading about some of the news and events 

from around the department.


Psychology Launches New Website

screenshot of new psychology website

Visit: www.psychology.illinois.edu



Dolores Albarracin 
(Picture: L. Brian Stauffer) 


Dolores Albarracin was named a 2019-2020 Associate from the Center for Advanced Study (CAS) for her exceptional scholarly achievement.

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Catharine Fairbairn 


Catharine Fairbairn has been selected as an APS Rising Star. The designation is presented to outstanding psychological scientists in the earliest stages of their post PhD research careers.

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Nathan Todd 


Nathan Todd is a recipient of the Dr. T. W. Adams Distinguished Alumni Lecture Award from the University of Oklahoma College of Arts and Sciences.



Aron Barbey 
(Photo by L. Brian Stauffer) 


Aron Barbey and his colleagues found a relationship between blood levels of several key nutrients associated with the Mediterranean diet and healthy brain connectivity and cognition.

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Sanda and Florin Dolcos 
Sanda and Florin Dolcos (Photo by L. Brian Stauffer) 


Florin and Sanda Dolcos’ partnership is inspiring research that helps explain how the emotional aspects of memories impact well-being and what strategies are most effective in dealing with these emotions.

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Dan Hyde 


Dan Hyde has been selected as one of the up and coming faculty in the College of LAS to expand how we think about science and humanity.

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Eva Pomerantz 
(Photo by Fred Zwicky) 


Eva Pomerantz and her colleagues found that middle school students’ stereotypes about adolescence influence their own behavior.

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Brent Roberts 
(Photo by L. Brian Stauffer) 


In a study that tracked young adults over a period of six years, Brent Roberts and his colleagues found that early life career choices are associated with shifts in personality.

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30th annual Lyle Lanier Lecture poster 


2019 Lyle Lanier Lecture

Dr. Eric Turkheimer presented Psychology’s 30th annual Lyle Lanier Lecture on Monday, April 1, 2019. His lab studies how interactions between genes and environments shape the development of human behavior, and different aspects of behavior involving family life, including marriage, divorce and parenting.



Hope Holland 


Hope Holland (Clinical/Community Program) was one of three finalists at the fourth annual Research Live! Competition. Holland’s research surrounds everyday gender-based violence that impacts people both mentally and physically.

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Sophie Lohmann and John Westbrook 
Sophie Lohmann and John Westbrook 


Sophie Lohmann (Social-Personality Program) and John Westbrook (Clinical/Community Program) have been selected to receive the 2019 Departmental Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching by a Graduate Student.

Westbrook has been chosen as a recipient of the LAS Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching by a Graduate Teaching Assistant. He was honored at the Annual Celebration of Teaching Excellence on April 11th at the Alice Campbell Alumni Center.

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Faith Shin 
(Photo by L. Brian Stauffer) 


Faith Shin (Social-Personality Program) conducted a study that found that reading articles from trusted religious sources advocating care of the Earth can affect Christians’ attitudes about climate change.

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aerial view of Psych Fair 


Psych 290 Fair

Psychology undergraduate students had the opportunity to explore research opportunities for the spring semester.

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Alumni interacting with students 

Alumni Opportunities

There are many ways for alumni to become involved with the Psychology Alumni Advisory Board and students in the Department of Psychology.

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Jia Chong 

Graduate Student Travel & Research Awards

Jia Chong (Social-Personality Program)
“Thank you so much for providing travel funding to graduate students! I will be using these funds to attend the 2019 Society in Personality and Social Psychology conference, where I will present my research on couples’ attachment behavior in threatening contexts. Having the opportunity to attend this conference will allow me to further my career goals by gaining invaluable experience in presenting my research to a larger audience, receiving and incorporating feedback from experienced scholars for publication, and networking with other researchers in my field.”

Learn how you can help graduate students with their conference travel and research projects >



(L-R: Denise Burger, Becky Barker, Cedric Estrada, Bret Litwiller) 
(L-R: Denise Burger, Becky Barker, Cedric Estrada, Bret Litwiller) 

The Psychology Alumni Advisory Board has created a mentoring opportunity for undergraduates and alumni. The alumni panel discussions help current students explore career options. Contact Cheryl Berger, assistant head for alumni relations, if you would like to be part of a future panel discussion.

Spring schedule
February: Internship Opportunities 
March: Careers in School Settings
April: Social Services/Mental Health


What's Your Story?

Many alumni cannot travel back to campus to serve on a panel. Here is an opportunity to share advice and your story with current undergraduate students.


Aimee Meentemeyer 


Aimee Meentemeyer (BS, ’09; MHRIR, ’10)

“I use my undergraduate psychology skills every day – both in my career and outside of work. In HR, I need to be an active listener, ask the right questions, think critically and solve problems.”

Dean Francis 


Dean Francis (BSD, ’80; BS, ’81; DDS, ’82)

“Looking back, I am so happy that I decided to major in Psychology instead of Biology. Dental school had plenty of in-depth science classes and I felt that having a Psychology education made me a more well-rounded student.”

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Sarah Challand (right) was presented with a College of LAS Staff Award by Dean Feng Sheng Hu on March 4, 2019 at the Alice Campbell Alumni Center. 


Staff Award

Sarah Challand was presented with a College of LAS Staff Award by Dean Feng Sheng Hu on March 4, 2019 at the Alice Campbell Alumni Center. Challand is an Accounting Associate in the department’s business office.

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Tamara Brown (PhD, ’96) has been named Dean of the University of North Texas College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. She previously served as Dean of the College of Juvenile Justice & Psychology at A & M University.

Michelle Gelfand (PhD, ’96) is a Finalist for the Next Big Idea Club for her book, Rule Makers, Rule Breakers: How Tight and Loose Cultures Wire Our World.

Samantha Guzman (BS, ’13) received a doctoral degree in Clinical Forensic Psychology (PsyD, ’18).

Zachary Horne (PhD, ’17) is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University.

Franciszek Jozefczak (BS, ’17) married Joann Derbiszewski June 2018.

Kendra Kett (BS, ’83) has received the Bright Horizons Jim Greenman Award. The award celebrates the lifetime achievement of an individual who has demonstrated leadership within Bright Horizons and has made a lasting impact by advocating for the needs of all children. Kett’s award includes a $10,000 grant to establish a “Bright Space” program for children in crisis with an agency of her choice anywhere in the U.S.

Marci (Blitenthal) Morrison (BS, ’85) is a school social worker and recently opened Positive Mind Therapy, LLC in Phoenix, AZ. She specializes in counseling children, adolescents, and young adults, and also offers a parenting class.

Rachel A. Remke (BA, ’08 Political Science & Psychology) has been elected to partner at Schiff Hardin LLP and the focus of her practice is environmental law.

Tracy Hines Schovain (BS, ’03 English & Psychology) has been promoted to the firm partnership at Duane Morris LLP. She is a partner in the Chicago office. Schovain practices in the area of corporate law with a focus on finance transactions. She is also an active team member on various mergers and acquisitions, private equity and venture capital transactions.

Dana McDaniel Sumpter (BS, ’00; MHRIR, ’01) earned tenure in the College of Business at California State University, Long Beach. She is now an Associate Professor of Management and Human Resource Management. Sumpter also completed a TEDx talk, ″Don′t Underestimate Working Mothers.”

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Psychology Leader Insia Hakim spent the 2018 spring semester in Pavia, Italy, as part of the Illinois Abroad and Exchange Program 
Insia Hakim 

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Psychology Leader Insia Hakim spent the 2018 spring semester in Pavia, Italy, as part of the Illinois Abroad and Exchange Program.

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