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TEC Programs & Events
Mechanodontics Takes Home the Cozad New Venture Challenge Grand Prize

Mechanodontics, a startup developing revolutionary orthodontic treatment is the Grand Prize winner in the 20th annual Cozad New Venture Challenge. TEC awarded $25,000 to Mechanodontics at the Cozad New Venture Challenge Showcase and Finals event at the I-Hotel and Conference Center on April 10, 2019. HexNest took home the $10,000-second place prize. DeepWalk earned the $7,500 third place prize. Learn more

(Left to Right) Jed Taylor, Executive Director of TEC, Siddharth Krishnan, and Andrew Singer, Associate Dean for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, College of Engineering 
Illinois Innovation $20,000 Prize Winner Announced

TEC and the College of Engineering is proud to announce Siddharth Krishnan, PhD Candidate in Materials Science and Engineering, College of Engineering has been named as the Illinois Innovation Prize (IIP) winner for 2019. Siddharth was awarded $20,000 at a ceremony which took place in conjunction with the Cozad New Venture Challenge Finals event at the I-Hotel and Conference Center on April 10, 2019. Siddharth has developed a noninvasive, wearable shunt failure monitor for patients with hydrocephalus. Learn more 

ThinkChicago Lollapalooza | July 31-Aug 2 | Chicago

Join 200 top college students from across the country to take a behind-the-scenes tour of Chicago’s vibrant technology ecosystem. Attendees of ThinkChicago will engage with entrepreneurs, meet the leaders of innovative companies, and get an opportunity to experience the four-day Lollapalooza music festival. Please Apply by 11:59 PM CDT on SUNDAY MAY 262019, to be considered. Learn more


Congratulations 2019 ILEE Grads!

Application for the Innovation, Leadership, and Engineering Entrepreneurship (ILEE) dual degree program is open. The BS degree in ILEE is intended for engineering students to better understand the innovative processes involved in identifying complex technical problems and creating, developing, and leading efforts to provide engineering solutions. At this time, the BS degree in ILEE is only available as a dual degree for COE students, but individual courses and certificates are available to students from any college. Contact Terry Cole at twcole@illinois.edu with questions. Learn more

Consider these courses for Fall 2019:
TE 110: Communicating & Presenting in Engineering
TE 398: Hip Hop Entrepreneurship
TE 401: Developing Breakthrough Projects

Other Programs & Events
SBIR Workshop: SBIR 101 | May 8 | EnterpriseWorks 130 | 12-2pm

Learn about Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) budgets, technical plans, and more at the last of the three series SBIR workshops. Jed Taylor, Executive Director of TEC will discuss commercialization plans and the National Science Foundation Program Manager Jesus Soriano will discuss Partners for Innovation. Questions? Contact Laura Weisskopf Bleill at lwbleill@illinois.edu. Learn more

Starting Your Business in Illinois Workshop | May 9 | Champaign Public Library | 5:30-7:30pm

Thinking about starting a business? This workshop helps entrepreneurs understand the steps and requirements of starting or growing a small business in Illinois. Free to attend, registration required to secure a spot. Materials will be provided. Presented in partnership with the Small Business Development Center and the Champaign County EDC. Learn more

Catalyze: A Professional Networking Event | May 21 | EnterpriseWorks Atrium | 5:30-7:00pm

Want to learn more about technology companies in Champaign-Urbana and/or build your network and grow your career? Meet with employers located in the Research Park and the local Champaign-Urbana community at the Catalyze event. This is not a career fair, but an opportunity to showcase the Champaign-Urbana tech community. However, some companies in attendance will be hiring. Job seekers are encouraged to bring resumes and business cards. There might be some on-site resume reviews available in various conference rooms. No preregistration required. Learn more

Growth Hacking Webinar Series by StartupWind

StartupWind has launched a Growth Hacking Webinar Series to help entrepreneurs in scaling their business. Register for the Zero Dollar Marketing webinar to leverage the assets you already own to amplify your marketing with very little incremental cost. Learn more

Get Hired
Part-time Positions at the Medical Best Practice Guidance (GPS) Systems

Preventable medical errors cause more than 250,000 deaths per year, and the rate has been steadily rising, primarily caused by the misapplication of medical knowledge. Professor Lui Sha’s project, Medical Best Practice Guidance (GPS) Systems, is dedicated to addressing this deadly rising tide. The project has entered clinical evaluation stages at the Carle and OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois. They are looking for students who are passionate about this mission and have excellent software engineering skills to join the team. Interested students may send their resumes to Shuang at shuangs3@illinois.edu 

TEC Hiring Photo, Video, Marketing & Events Interns

The Technology Entrepreneur Center (TEC) provides students and faculty with the skills, resources, and experiences necessary to become successful innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders. TEC is hiring a video and marketing & events intern for the Summer/Fall '19 semester (could be extended), and a photography intern for Fall '19/Spring '20 semester. These are paid internships and pay rate is commensurate with experience. Starting date is to be determined. To ensure full consideration, please email a cover letter, resume, and two photo/video samples to Catharine Ingram at clingram@illinois.edu by May 30. 

Rest Hiring Software Engineer

Rest, a startup founded by an ISE alum helps employers offer estate planning as a benefit. The platform is overcoming the psychological barriers to estate planning through a personalized and easy-to-use approach. Rest is looking for a software engineering student (no grade level requirement) to work in LA or remotely from May through September 2019 to help build and launch an MVP solution. Agile experience is preferred not required. Candidate should be proficient/familiar with node.js, AWS, MySQL, javascript, angularJS, and React. For details about the startup and the position, please contact Chris Barbaro at christopher.barbaro.2020@anderson.ucla.edu. Learn more. 

The Clean Energy Trust Wants Student Volunteers

The Clean Energy Trust is looking for student volunteers for their Co_Invest Cleantech event on May 22. Volunteers will get direct exposure to thought leaders in clean technology, research, finance, and business. Volunteers will be provided with complimentary attendance to Co_ Invest Cleantech outside of their volunteer shift times (Tickets for the event retails at $350). Volunteers are needed for roles such as backstage support, event registration, event setup, event take-down, investor event support. Individuals interested in volunteering should send a letter of interest and shift availability/preference to estelle@cleanenergytrust.org. Learn more

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