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NILOA May 2019 Newsletter

While we are busy working towards the release of the new NILOA website, this month's newsletter focuses on announcements, resources, opportunities, and appreciation for those who collaborate with us. We open with a heartfelt thank you to all of our NILOA Coaches for their hard work and dedication in helping institutions with their assessment improvement efforts. In addition, we thank the Excellence in Assessment (EIA) Designation application reviewers and are pleased to announce the application deadline for institutions is extended to May 31. We invite you to apply today!

We invite interested HBCUs to get involved with the HBCU Collaborative for Excellence in Educational Quality Assurance (CEEQA). Finally, we are pleased to announce that applications for the 4th Annual Using Evidence for Improvement: Teaching and Learning National Institute are still welcome based on space availability. The newsletter concludes with relevant News items and information on Upcoming Conferences and Programs.

NILOA Coaches

We would like to thank each of our NILOA Coaches for the work they do in helping institutions improve their assessment practices. Thank you for making yourselves and your expertise available to a broad range of institutions in need, multiple times per year. Our Coaches make us excited, proud, and confident in encouraging and supporting institutions through various implementation challenges and opportunities.

Thank you, Sandra Bailey, Laurie Dodge, Tami Eggleston, Laura Gambino, Paul Hanstedt, Errin Heyman, Joe Levy, Dan McInerney, Brad Mello, Stephanie Poczos, Nancy Quam-Wickham, Ruth Slotnick, Laura Avitabile Wankel, and Ereka Williams for all of your hard work!

For interested institutions, our priority deadline to request a NILOA Coach visit for the Fall of 2019 may have passed, but you can still apply for a free Coach visit. A sample application can be viewed here. Read more…

EIA Application Deadline Extended!

The Excellence in Assessment (EIA) program is still accepting applications for 2019 designees. EIA recognizes institutions for their efforts in intentional integration of institution-level learning outcomes assessment. To date, 20 institutions have been recognized for their Excellence in Assessment. If your institution is involved in exemplary assessment practice, please submit all materials by May 31, 2019. In addition, we would like to thank all of the EIA reviewers for their hard work and dedication to providing meaningful feedback to all the applicants. Read more...

Get Involved with HBCU CEEQA

The Historically Black Colleges and Universities Collaborative for Excellence in Educational Quality Assurance (HBCU-CEEQA)

The HBCU Collaborative for Excellence in Educational Quality Assurance (HBCU-CEEQA) is inviting interested HBCUs to get involved. CEEQA is a structured collaborative comprised of assessment and institutional effectiveness leaders dedicated to advancing student learning, institutional quality, and student success. CEEQA seeks to help address accountability measures while being true to HBCU missions. To learn more about CEEQA, including how to get involved, please reach out to Verna Orr, NILOA Post-Doctoral Researcher and CEEQA Co-Chair, at vorr2@illinois.edu. Read more... 

Teaching and Learning National Institute
TLNI workshop photo 

The 4th Annual Using Evidence for Improvement: Teaching and Learning National Institute will take place July 28-31, hosted by the Washington Center at The Evergreen State College. The institute offers many benefits including contextualized, project-based professional learning opportunities to get better at how you use data to design change initiatives that improve the quality of student experiences, assess them, and plan subsequent steps. Experienced educators from across the country will facilitate small and large group sessions and work directly with teams as resources for the entire institute. A draft of the proposed 2019 Institute is available online. The priority deadline for team applications was May 1, 2019, but applications are still being accepted based on space availability. Read more…


Liberal Education to the Core: Gen Ed Reform at USAFA
The unique space that the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) occupies within higher education brings with it various challenges and opportunities when it comes to reforming its general education curriculum and assessment. Steve Jones, Senior Associate Dean at USAFA, details the reform effort and how it spread with a focus on learning outcomes attainment and assessment.

AALHE’s Assessment Works Podcast
The first full-length episode of AALHE's Assessment Works podcast, "Fear & Learning in Assessment," is now available on the AALHE website! In this episode, Dr. Catherine Wehlburg explores how the fear of failure can impede meaningful change. Also discussed are the NILOA Curriculum Mapping Toolkit and other helpful assessment resources.

An Opportunity for Better Assessment
Assessments conducted for accountability reasons yield data that cannot accurately detect what students have learned. Instead, assessment of student learning should take stock of the learning atmosphere, and learning outcomes should focus upon learning experiences rather than completion and retention.

Ed Department Approves More Direct Assessment at Brandman
Two new direct-assessment programs at Brandman University have qualified for federal financial aid. Only a handful of institutions have received approval for the direct-assessment/competency-based education (CBE) programs from the U.S. Department of Education.

Degree of Difference: What Do Learning Outcomes Say About Higher Education?
This new report from Campus Labs explores how institutions use learning outcomes to articulate what students will learn and be able to do as a result of enrolling at an institution/program. The report unpacks the types of outcomes found at colleges and universities, the differences between institution-wide outcomes and program-level outcomes, and their impacts. Additional articles on this report can be found here and here.

Perspectives on Assessment at Community Colleges
Dr. Elizabeth Carney of Clackamas Community College and Dr. Kathleen Gorski from Waubonsee Community College recently moved from the four-year sector into two-year colleges. They share their insights on assessment challenges and opportunities that impact community colleges and how they differ from four-year institutions. The authors also offer key assessment practices that may help inform improvement efforts at other community colleges.

Harsh Take on Assessment … From Assessment Pros
At this year’s WASC Academic Resource Conference (ARC), panelists raised various conceptions of assessment surrounding the distinctions between assessment for accountability – which has left many faculty and practitioners with negative feelings  – versus assessment for improvement. If improvement is the goal, then assessment must be faculty-led, intentional, actionable, and developed around what matters for institutions.

Do Your Academic Programs Actually Develop ‘Employability’? There’s an Assessment for That
The Quality Assurance Commons for Higher and Post-Secondary Education, or QA Commons, aims to determine how well programs prepare students for employment. Over the course of two years, the QA Commons develoepd and tested a set of “essential employability qualities” and recently began offering to certify programs that meet its standards.


Assessment Coordinator at Bowie State University
Bowie State University is seeking an Assessment Coordinator to oversee the assessment of student learning outcomes for all non-accredited programs, as well as all accredited programs in the College of Professional Studies. Please refer to the job posting for further information.

High-Impact Practices in Undergraduate Philanthropic and Nonprofit Studies
The Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership is seeking manuscripts on the use of High-Impact Practices in undergraduate philanthropic & nonprofit studies for publication in a Spring 2020. 

Faculty Competencies for Innovation?
Researchers from the University of Michigan and Dartmouth College are seeking to better understand the innovation competencies that faculty exhibit in higher education. Consider taking the brief survey and offering insights on how you or your peers have displayed innovation competencies and mindsets.

Upcoming Conferences and Programs

May 10. Webinar - Quality Never Goes Out of Style.
12:00pm CST. NCHEMS.
**Dr. George Kuh, NILOA's Founding Director, Senior Scholar and Co-Principal Investigator, Dr. Peter Ewell, NILOA Senior Scholar, and Dr. Melanie Booth, Dominican University of California, will be the presenters. 

May 13. Webinar - Considerations and Resources for the Learning Improvement Facilitator.
11:00am CST.  Weave, James Madison University, and the Virginia Assessment Group.
**Dr. Natasha Jankowski, NILOA Director, and Dr. Kristen Smith, UNC Greensboro, will be the presenters.

May 14-15. 2019 Higher Education Assessment Conference.
Henniker, NH. New England College.
**Wednesday, May 15, 8:40-9:30 AM. Dr. Natasha Jankowski, NILOA Director, will deliver the keynote speech.
**Dr. Natasha Jankowski will also lead a session on Culturally Responsive Assessment.

May 27-31. 2019 AIR Forum.
Denver, CO. Association for Institutional Research (AIR).
**Monday, May 27 from 9:00 - 10:30am (and again from 3:45 - 5:15pm) Dr. Natasha Jankowski, NILOA Director, and Dr. Gianina Baker, NILOA Assistant Director, will present "Crafting Your Data Story: Considerations in Narrative Development" as part of The Art and Science of Data Visualization: A Data Bootcamp.
**Tuesday, May 28 from 12:30 - 4:00pm. Dr. Natasha Jankowski, NILOA Director, will hold a pre-conference workshop on “Building a Narrative Via Evidence-Based Storytelling”

**Jillian Kinzie, NILOA Senior Scholar, will have two sessions and an auxiliary meeting on the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).

May 29. Webinar - Example of a Successful Program Improvement Effort.
1:00pm CST. Weave, James Madison University, and the Virginia Assessment Group.

May 31. Applications Due - Excellence in Assessment (EIA) Designation.
Extended Deadline. NILOA, VSA, and AAC&U.

May 31. Proposals Due - 2019 Drexel Conference on Assessment.
Philadelphia, PA. Drexel University.

June 3-6. 21st Annual Emergency Management Higher Education Symposium.
Emmitsburg, MD. National Emergency Training Center.
**Dr. Gianina Baker, NILOA Assistant Director, will be a Keynote Speaker.

June 3-7. 2019 AAC&U Institute on General Education and Assessment.
Burlington, VT. University of Vermont.

June 5-7. 2019 Eduventures Summit.
Boston, MA. Encoura, ACT, & NRCCUA.

June 7. Assessment by Design Workshops: A Comprehensive Overview Workshop.
Overland Park, KS. Johnson County Community College.
**This in-person workshop is also being offered on June 14. Additionally, interested parties can participate through an online version of the workshop being offered June 17 and again on July 12.  

June 10-13. AALHE 2019 Annual Assessment Conference.
St. Paul, MN. Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE).
**Monday, June 10 from 1:00 - 4:00pm. Dr. Natasha Jankowski, NILOA Director, will host a pre-conference workshop “Charrettes: Designing Assignments in a Learning Systems Paradigm.”
**Tuesday, June 11 from 2:45 – 3:45pm, Erick Montenegro, NILOA Communications Coordinator and Research Analyst, Dr. Natasha Jankowski, NILOA Director, and Dr. Verna Orr, NILOA Post-Doctoral Researcher, will present “Assessment and Equity: Considerations, Challenges, and Opportunities to Engage and Empower Diverse Learners.”

June 16-19. 2019 HEDS Annual Conference.
Asheville, NC. Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS).

June 19. 2019 Summer Assessment Symposium.
Houston, TX. University of Houston. 

June 26-27. 2019 AHE International Conference.
Manchester, UK. Assessment in Higher Education (AHE).
**Wednesday, June 26 from 5:30 - 6:00pm, Dr. Natasha Jankowski, NILOA Director, and Erick Montenegro, NILOA Communications Coordinator and Research Analyst, will present “Leading Change with Equity in Mind: An Institutional View of Learning Design.”

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