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June 2019 Newsletter Issue
Message from the President
Michael Foellmer

This is my last message to you as President. I cannot thank you enough for the support you’ve given me this past year – it has truly been an honor to lead this organization. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you better and having the opportunity to move outside my comfort zone over the past year. Your kindness and well-wishes have been very much noticed and appreciated.

Our incoming President, Erica Hanson, will serve you well as I transition in to a smaller role. Congratulations to our other 2019-20 elected officers: Donna Miller (President-Elect), Dana Gerard (Treasurer), and Colleen Hammel (Recording Secretary), who will each be wonderful leaders for our future.

Thank you to all of our Executive Board and committee members for your hard work this past year. It has not gone unnoticed and I am truly grateful for everything you’ve done for me and this organization. You are each critical pieces in the machine that keeps IAP running. We accomplished so much together this year, and it would not have been possible without great teamwork. I hope that you can join me for next month’s program as I personally thank each one of them for their hard work and dedication. We will also recognize one special member for their contributions by awarding them with the Secretariat Member of the Year.

Thank you for allowing me to be your President!

Signing off,


Career Connections Calendar
Kristi Webster and David Perryn, Co-Chairs
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Topic: IAP Member of the Year

Guest Speaker: Michael Foellmer, IAP President

Location: Room 2009 Hopkins, Student Dining and Residential Programs, 301 E. Gregory Drive, Champaign

Time: Doors open at 11:45 am; Program will begin around 12:10 pm with every attempt made to end by 12:55 pm

Lunch Option:  Qdoba Chicken Hot Bar  Cost is $12.00

Qdoba Chicken Hot Bar: Grilled Marinated Chicken, Cilantro Lime Rice, Black Beans, Fresh Made Tortilla Chips, Fresh Made Salsa, Lettuce, Shredded Cheese and Sour Cream, served with Tea or Water.

RESERVATIONS (Deadline: 12:00 p.m., Thursday, June 20). Registration link for the June Luncheon:  https://go.illinois.edu/IAPMemberoftheYear

Reservations will NOT be accepted past the deadline date. Cancellations must be received 48 hours before the deadline date or payment will still be required.  

Please note:  Be sure to finish the registration form completely, this assures your lunch is ordered correctly. Remember, cancellations must be received 48 hours before the deadline date or payment will still be required.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kristi Webster kwebster@uillinois.edu or David Perryn dperryn@illinois.edu

Joining an IAP committee

Each of our committees performs a vital role in the Illinois Administrative Professional’s business.  We strive to provide a fun, education, diverse community and hope that you will lend your skills to help improve our work.  Please consider joining one of our active committees to get even more out of your active IAP membership!  If you are interested or have questions, please contact Erica Hanson at elhanson@illinois.edu or Donna Miller at dkmllr@illinois.edu.

Auditing Committee--The Auditing committee will conduct an audit of the Treasurer’s records for the preceding year before the books are passed on to the new Treasurer.  Records and balances must conform to the University’s financial accounting system.  Such audit shall be completed within thirty days of the close of the fiscal year, or as quickly as possible after the account statements become available.  Therefore, no official budget will be approved until the audit is complete and the records and balances verified.

Boss of the Year/Office Professional of the Year--
Boss of the Year – This committee solicits nominations and selects the Boss of the Year recipient. The award is presented at the October luncheon.
Office Professional of the Year – This committee solicits nominations and selects the Office Professional of the Year recipient. The committee plans and organizes the April luncheon at which time the award is presented.

Bylaws/Parliamentarian--Amendments to the bylaws will be presented to Secretariat members through this committee.  Will keep the membership informed of all changes or proposed changes to the bylaws.  Copies of bylaws will be supplied to each member of the organization upon request.

Communications--This committee will be responsible for effective information sharing with the membership. This includes: maintaining the website, monitoring and responding in a timely manner to email inquiries, posting information regularly on the social media accounts, and publishing a monthly newsletter.    This committee is responsible for providing photography and publishing photos, and for archiving any and all official records of Illinois Administrative Professionals.  This committee will also explore means to promote and increase awareness of the Illinois Administrative Professionals.

Membership and Mentoring--The duties of this committee are: to recommend eligibility, to adopt a membership process as described in Article IV, and to keep a list of names and addresses of all members including allied agencies designating those who are regular and honorary members.  This committee conducts a membership drive in May for membership beginning July and ending the following June.  This committee will also promote professional development by assigning an Executive Board member to reach out to new member to offer guidance, support and resources as a membership benefit.

Nominations and Elections--The duties of this committee will be to receive nominations, prepare a ballot, and announce the slate at the April meeting, containing in alphabetical order, the names of all nominees for each office. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the April meeting. Nominations from the floor must receive one second.

Philanthropy--The committee is committed to strengthening the welfare of others by providing time, talent and/or charitable gifts. Through strengthening the welfare of others, we are able to improve, empower and enrich members of our community and community alike.

Programs and Events--This committee will work with appropriate campus units to meet staff development and training needs of IAP membership. The committee will sponsor brown bag lunches, provide relevant development and training information, and maintain a resource page for training and staff development opportunities on IAP website.

Scholarship--This committee is responsible for the coordination of the selection of the recipient of the Kathryn G. Hanson scholarship. The scholarship announcement is sent to Illinois high schools. The committee selects one recipient for a $500 scholarship from the applications received and announces the recipient(s) at the April luncheon.

Nominations & Elections Committee
Stacy Walker, Laura Owen, and Lisa Yanello

The Nominations and Elections team would like to congratulate our elected officers for the 2019-2020 IAP year.  President Erica Hanson, President-Elect Donna Miller, Recording Secretary Colleen Hammel, and Treasurer Dana Garard.   Please extend your words of encouragement and reach out to one of them if you are interested in joining a committee for the upcoming IAP year.

Philanthropy Committee
Jane Baumgartner, Jen Sans & Jill Odom

Illinois Administrative Professionals
Philanthropy Committee-Annual Spring Flower Sale

A BIG thanks to all that purchased flowers through our Spring Flower sale! We sold 93 plants! The funds from this sale will certainly help our mission in the coming year.

Susan Lee was the winner of the buy 3 get your name in a drawing for a free plant!  Congratulations Susan!

Kathryn G. Hansen Scholarship
Amy Cain & Jen Sans

Every year the Illinois Administrative Professionals selects a deserving student for the $500 Kathryn G. Hansen Scholarship.  We would like to announce the 2019 Kathryn G. Hansen Scholarhip winner--Victoria Chatman from McHenry Community High School, McHenry, IL --attending UIUC Fall 2019 majoring in Financial Planning.

Membership:Information, Connections and Celebrations
Jill Ouellette & Angie Wisehart, Co-Chairs


For just $7.50, you can join or renew your membership through the end of the fiscal year. We offer so many great opportunities to improve your leadership skills, advance your career, and connect with other office professionals across campus. Remind your friends and colleagues to join and please invite any NEW STAFF in your office to be a guest at an upcoming luncheon so they can see for themselves what we have to offer.

WE WANT TO KEEP YOU CONNECTED! Have you or a colleague received a promotion or moved to a new office? Are you continuing your education here on campus, EIU, Parkland or elsewhere? Are you serving on any campuswide committees? Please let Jill Ouellette know and she will share that information in the next newsletter. Our goal is to make as many connections as possible to ensure you are successful in whatever it is that you are doing!

Please remember to let us know if you are planning to retire soon so that you can be an honorary IAP retiree member! We will miss you very much, but we hope that you’ll come back for a visit!

For general inquiries email: thesecretariat@illinois.edu

The Membership and Mentoring Committee
Jill Ouellette, Co-Chair ouellett@illinois.edu or 333-6104
Angie Wisehart, Co-Chair wisehart@illinois.edu or 264-4677
Jill Odom, Jillodom@uillinois.edu or 333-1560

Birthdays, Anniversaries and Celebrations

June Birthdays

6-Terri Palumbo & Jen Sans; 8-Barb Russell; 15-Katie Wax; 18-Marcy Frerichs; 21-Betsy Lancaster; 22-Bridget Hillier; 23-Andrea Fain & Hannah Graves

June Anniversaries

Hannah Graves-2 year; Sheree Denham-5 years; Kelly McKinley-5 years; Jill Sanders-11 years; Kristen Sexton-11 years; Becky Burklund-13 years; Teresa Harvey-14 years; Barb Russell-20 years; Lezli Cline-21 years

Congratulations to...
Kristin Sexton graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor's degree in Organizational and Professional Development.

Michael Foellmer graduated from the University of Illinois with a Master's degree in Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership with a concentration in High Education.

Although your current membership does not end until June 30, it’s not too early to renew! Remind your friends and colleagues to join and please invite any new staff in your office to be a guest at an upcoming luncheon.

Marketing and Branding
Andréa Fain & Leta Summers, Co-Chairs

IAP Branded Lunch Bags and Clear Backpacks

The IAP branded lunch bags and clear backpacks are excellent gift ideas for Administrative Professionals Day. Not only do they promote a long-standing organization for administrative professionals, but they are also highly functional. The clear backpacks meet the new security requirements at State Farm Center, Memorial Stadium and other large venues while the lunch bags can hold a variety of items in its zippered pouch. Each are available for $10.00 each by contacting Andréa Fain (amfain@illinois.edu) or another IAP Board member.