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May 2019
UIF Advancement Insider
An inside update on services provided by the University of Illinois Foundation
TED Quarterly Release - May 18

Over the past weekend, the UIF OATS and Advancement Services teams performed maintenance and upgrades to services within TED. These releases are done 4 times a year and provide a controlled timeframe to improve TED with data scripts, enhancements or fixes to current applications. There will be two more releases in 2019 on August 17 and November 16.

Continue reading below to learn more about the changes/enhancements that were applied in this past weekend’s release.

TED Updates
NEW! Age Now Displays on the Personal Information Tile

Now while viewing any constituent in TED where there is a date of birth the age of that constituent will display on the Personal Information tile at the top of the constituent’s record.

Enhancement to Affiliation Scoring

Affiliation scoring located on a constituent's Affiliation tab in TED has been expanded to include parents, philanthropic giving elsewhere and constituent interests in the Interests column. Also the Events column calculation has been changed to discount points after 5 fiscal years. Finally, there was a modification to the multi-unit flag to be per university, not across universities which will now display a campus specific message. To read and understand more about the affiliation scoring click here for the detailed documentation.

Enhancements to Prospect Plans

The Plan Date Added field will now display on the Prospect Plan page’s top section.

For more details about Prospect Plans please click here for detailed documentation in iLearn.

NEW! Primary Household Member Process

A new daily process has been agreed upon by the 3 Universities Vice Chancellor for Advancement offices that will mark the primary member of a two person living household to be the member with the highest Affiliation by University - Rank 1 score. If at any time the non-primary member obtains a higher University Rank 1 score over the current primary member then this daily process will flip the primary member flag to the other member. In the result that the household members have the exact same affiliation score then the member with the lowest TED LookupID will be marked as the primary member. Going forward, any special requests that are fielded by AIMS to manually flip the primary member flag will first need to be approved by the appropriate University Vice Chancellor for Advancement office(s). Once approved the primary flag will be manually flipped and the household record will be removed from this daily process going forward. Please contact your appropriate office for any questions regarding this agreed upon system change.

NEW! UIF File Sharing Replaces Files & Reports

The Files & Reports tool located in UIF Online has been retired and replaced with a new UIF File Sharing tool available now in TED. This new file sharing tool has the same capabilities as the old Files & Reports service. You can upload, send and download files just like you could before in Files & Reports. Please take that note that any files uploaded or received previously in the last 45 days using the retired Files & Reports tool will not be moved over to the new UIF File Sharing tool. However you will still have access to any files that are not 45 days old until July 1, 2019 from the retired Files & Reports site.

You can access the new UIF File Sharing tool in TED from the UIF Resources top menu item. Please read about the functions of the new tool in the UIF File Sharing portion of the TED User Guide linked here , print a job aid here and/or watch the short tutorial in iLearn by clicking here.

TED Events Changes

Below are some new features, a fix and  a new solution that is coming soon to Events in TED:

NEW! A new Registration Event Notes tab has been added to the Registration area to allow event coordinators to add Name Tag First and Last Names, Seating and Additional Notes.

FIX! A fix was applied for Walk-In registrations to be coded correctly with a Walk-In type and the status of Registered. Previously TED would add them as Pre-Registration type and a status of No Show.

COMING SOON! UIF is working on a Cvent to TED registration/cancellation data solution. Currently UIF AIMS is testing a vendor solution to pull daily registrations for events setup in Cvent. Stay Tuned for a summer release of this solution!

TED Committee Enhancement

An enhancement has been made to Internal Involvement Committees in TED. There is now a requirement that member and roles must contain a start date. Also the start dates can be added using a future start date. Prior to this change TED did not require adding a start date, but it would prevent a future start date. However, External Involvement committees will still not require a start date, but future dates may be added.

NEW! Briefing Reports Have Arrived


The Briefing Report suite has arrived! The new report suite has been deployed in TED to provide Advancement professionals the option of viewing on-demand biographies of constituents to gain insights and/or possibly assist in building talking points when interacting with constituents.

Advancement professionals will be able to print constituent details on-demand and will be able to use the information when interacting with constituents. The report includes constituent’s profile picture as well if it is available in TED.

The Briefing suite provides two outputs:

  • Mini Briefing layout
  • Standard Briefing layout

The reports provide the option of viewing constituent biographies at by individual(s) or by an Event listed in TED. The reports will include information about the constituent’s household information, giving details, education information, employment, engagement etc. The briefing sheets can be printed for individuals or all attendees listed under a particular event. Users can also chose to enter a list of constituent lookup id’s (separated by commas) in the Search by Constituent LookupID prompt.

NEW! Constituent Demographics Dashboard

During the May release the Advancement Services team integrated their first Tableau dashboard in TED. The Constituent Demographic dashboard allows interactive visualization of all living constituents in TED by Age, Gender, Location and Top Metro Regions. A high level demographics summary is displayed at various levels (UI System, University, Advancement Unit) and by different Site Types (Primary Affiliation Site, Education Site, Giving Site).

AIMS to Remove Duplicate Constituent Contact Data

Have you ever noticed duplicate addresses on constituent records? Do you ever wonder how these got added or why they are not cleaned up? Well, UIF AIMS is on the case.

Actually TED has measures in place that will not allow the EXACT same address from being added to a record. However, ultimately duplicate data still happens overtime in a large database like TED! Duplicate data can get in a few different ways. Some duplicate addresses are not really duplicates and were converted from our legacy system. Other duplicate addresses have been imported from data loads. Finally data is duplicated by users of the system. It happens, but what are we doing to clean them up?

For over 1.6 million living individual constituents in TED, AIMS has identified almost 200,000 duplicate addresses that will be removed over the next few months. The process to remove data is delicate as many tables are involved and the process can absorb lots of system resources. Therefore we will be executing these processes during low impact user timeframes. For example early in the morning or late at night or over the weekend. The algorithms will sniff out duplicate addresses (that are not always exact matches) and remove them from constituent records at 1,000 address chunks at a time until we are all caught up. Even then the algorithms will keep running on a daily basis to catch duplicate addresses on the day they are added to a constituent!

What about Phones and Emails? There are already daily processes that are removing duplicate phones and emails on constituent records. However, we can't catch everything so if you see something, please report those situations to us and we will investigate! Email us at aims@uif.uillinois.edu

Alias Name Cleanup

Over this past weekend's TED release, processes were put into place to clean up the Alias Names on constituent records. Alias names are different ways to search for constituents in TED due to names being changed. However, many alias names were converted from our legacy system in ALL CAPS. Then overtime others have been added whenever names changed on a constituent. Ulitmately, this could cause the constituent to appear multiple times in your search results in TED.

Process will run every day to cleanup alias names or add new alias names to make it easier to search and find the constituent you desire without having to look through the same record multiple times in your search results. There are still some constituents that will aliases that need a manual review overtime.

REMINDER: If you are have trouble finding the constituent you are looking for, make sure the Check aliases is selected under the Advanced search options while searching.

Where Are My May Grads?

REMINDER: May graduate data will not be fully complete in Banner until the very end of June. UIF will pull the Banner data the first week of July and load the data at that time.

Donor-Facing Estate Gift Resources

UIF's Office of Gift Planning and Trust Services recently rolled out new donor-facing resources related to "estate gifts" (e.g. bequests from a will or living trust and beneficiary designations from retirement accounts, life insurance policies, or TOD/POD accounts). These UIF/university co-branded documents named "Sample Estate Gift Language" and "What You Should Know about Your Estate Gift" can be found by clicking here in iLearn

These resources:

(1) Serve as replacements for all previous, similar documentation, including UIF's old “Estate Documentation Checklist” and “Sample Estate Language” documents. Please discard any of these unused, out-of-date files from your office and computer.

(2) Should not be saved to your local drive. As they are living documents under continual review and revision for use across the University, please print them as needed then come back to iLearn later for more copies.

For any questions please contact the UIF Office of Gift Planning and Trust Services at (217)244-0473.

Online Giving Sites


There are now over 570 distinct online giving sites and pages across the University of Illinois. 


In FY18, there were over 58,400 online giving transactions, totaling $20.4 million



To ensure an optimum donor experience, please contact creditcardsignup@uif.uillinois.edu prior to any changes, updates, new online giving pages/sites or emails with links to the UIF online giving process being launched or made available to donors.  The review and testing performed by the UIF online giving team will ensure the update, change, new giving page/site or email link functions smoothly and all information is received to provide an accurate and timely tax receipt to the donor.

Welcome Beth!

Beth Popp has joined the UIF Human Resources Department as Director of the Learning and Development team. Beth was previously on the faculty of the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

She welcomes all Foundation and Advancement staff to her office (HH 102D) for a cup of coffee, a discussion about the learning needs within our community, or simply a chat about hockey, tailgating, or pets!

Live-Training Opportunities

May - June 2019

Live-training sessions give learners an opportunity to interact with the instructor and other Advancement staff. Courses are offered at each university or as a Skype webinar. The sessions below are available for self-enrollment in iLearn.  

Questions about a course? Contact learninganddevelopment@uif.uillinois.edu





UIF File Sharing **NEW COURSE**
This tool within TED allows you to retrieve documents that have been loaded for you by Foundation staff. You’ll also learn how to upload your own documents to share them securely with other colleagues. The helpful Job Aid will walk you through the steps.

Coming Soon

We are always working on new courses for the Advancement Community! We work closely with the Universities and Vice Chancellor's offices to prioritize and develop new learning opportunities. Watch for more details as new courses become available in iLearn.


Save the Date


9/11/2019       All Advancement Staff Meeting (invitations will be sent)   


Please feel free to email aims@uif.uillinois.edu for any feedback or content that you would like to see in future editions!

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