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Teaching And Learning News Redesign

At Carle Illinois, we aim to provide effective and efficient communication. We have redesigned the newsletter to update our brand and organize content a little more effectively. You will see a new section called Faculty Spotlight. This is where we recognize our faculty who have done something that helps improve teaching and learning. It may be a unique teaching style, an innovative approach, being an award recipient, or publishing a new article. We share these to show how involved our faculty are and provide opportunities for collaboration. Have a faculty member you want to spotlight or news to share? Please email Sol Roberts-Lieb for inclusion in an upcoming newsletter.



Curriculum Update: Nutrition & Metabolism

Courses: On Tuesday, students began the three-week Nutrition and Metabolism Course. This course is directed by Dr. Margarita Teran-Garcia, Dr. Christopher Rao, and Dr. Wael Youssef. Topics covered include understanding nutrient metabolism in key metabolic processes, the normal process of appetite and eating, diagnostic tests associated with meaningful nutrition assessment, malabsorption syndrome, vitamin D deficiency, G6PD deficiency, TPN, and obesity.

Upcoming Exams: Next week the students will have a multi-day OSCE. On June 14, some students will sit for Progress Exam 4.
Upcoming Courses: Discovery Learning


Navigating Illinois: Summer at Campus Recreation

We spend most of our time strengthing our minds through teaching, learning, and research. As part of our wellness, we need to remember to take care of our bodies as well. One benefit faculty and staff have is the ability to participate in Campus Recreation activities. From swimming lessons to intramural sand volleyball to exploring scuba, there are activities for everyone. Visit Campus Recreation for more details. 


Faculty Spotlight



Dr. Jaya Yodh Recipient of the Inaugural ABE Scholar Award

Dr. Jaya Yodh, Carle Illinois College of Medicine teaching assistant professor, presented a short talk and a poster for her abstract co-authored with Carle Illinois engineering faculty, Dr. Kaustubh Bhalerao, entitled, “Therapeutic Enzymes Design Lab for Integration of Biochemistry and Engineering at Carle Illinois College of Medicine,” illustrating how Carle Illinois faculty are integrating engineering into medicine at the basic science level during their Foundational Elements course, at the 7th International Conference of the Association of Biochemistry Educators (ABE): Teaching Biochemistry to Students of Dentistry, Medicine, and Pharmacy. Dr. Yodh was also the inaugural recipient of the ABE Scholar Award, a travel award for recognition of educational scholarship. Be sure to congratulate Dr. Yodh on these accomplishments, and read more here.



Dr. Olivia Coiado Presents Guided Ultrasound session at ASA

Dr. Coiado presented about the ultrasound-guided session she developed for our first-year medical students. She presented the work "Ultrasonography Education in the First Medical-Engineering Based College" at the 177th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) in Louisville, KY. She proposed that offering students an opportunity to be trained in ultrasound imaging could improve their scores in physical examination portions of the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination). The work still in progress and Dr. Coiado hopes to continue offering the guided session for the incoming class of 2023.


Clinical Teacher Workshops
Registration Open

Will you be teaching in the upcoming clerkships? If so, please join us for one of three upcoming workshops. These sessions will cover an introduction to Carle Illinois, Relevant LCME Standards, Assessment and Evaluation, Providing a Welcoming Experience, as well as specific process and procedures for the clerkships.

June 18: Family Medicine Clerkship teachers, though all are welcome: REGISTER
January 30: 3rd Annual Curriculum Retreat, all are welcome, registration coming fall semester
February: More information to come, all are welcome, registration coming fall semester

Have a teaching and learning event you want to promote? Please contact Sol Roberts-Lieb to have it added to on the college calendar.

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Medical Education News

"Using Language That Reflects Who Is The Center of Our Care"

How do we describe our patients? The language that we use has a direct impact on their care. In a recent "Last Page", published by Christine C. Matson, et al, demonstrates various ways to convey who a person is based on the words we use. At Carle Illinois, we have specific words we use in our cases to help reinforce our patients are complex individuals and not just a number in a case. Think about some of these words when you write your next case or discuss your next patient. 

"Five Concepts For Collaborative Clinical Teaching"

Last newsletter, we discussed the transition from preclinical to the clerkship phase of our curriculum. To help our instructors, we will have workshops on clinical teaching. In this June 2018 article in The Clinical Teacher, Megan E Rich, and Kelly Lamin, discuss five concepts for collaborative clinical teaching. This article is unique as it takes the form of a conversation between clinician and student.  It asks you as the instructor how do you create a safe learning environment, give timely feedback, encourage self-direct learning, enhance learning retention, and monitor and promote wellness. These steps can improve your teaching and the overall success of your students. 


Research Opportunities