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Academic Affairs Represents at 23rd Annual IAMSE Conference

From June 7 - 12, five members of the Academic Affairs team descended on Roanoke, Virginia for the 23rd Annual International Association of  Medical Science Educators. This conference brings together basic scientists, administrators, and clinicians from across the world to network and discuss ways of improving medical science education.  

CI MED made a splash with 3 posters, a presentation, and 3 members who received their essential skills in medical education (ESME) certificate. See the Faculty Spotlight Section below for more information. The attendees made many connections with other practitioners to bring new ideas to CI MED including the HoloBrain, Making MIcroLectures, Teaching Squares, Publishing in Medical Education, and Peer Observation. We hope that you will consider submitting a presentation abstract and joining us for the 24th Annual IAMSE Conference in Denver Colorado on June 13 - 16, 2020.




Admissions Application Reviewer Training

Once again it is time to begin the admissions cycle at Carle Illinois College of Medicine. This year we have implemented an early decision program that allows students to apply just to us and receive a decision no later than October 1. That means EVERYTHING about our admissions process is pushed forward this year and we will need to review at least 150 applications by the end of August. In addition to faculty who will review applications in the fall, we are REALLY IN NEED of faculty who can review applications in July and August.  We also will have two training options – a two-hour session for first-time reviewers and a one-hour refresher session for those who reviewed applications last year. As before, training will take place both at Carle Hospital (July 23 and July 25) and on campus (July 16 and July 18).To sign up for one of these sessions, visit https://go.illinois.edu/admissionstraining . If you are interested in being trained but can’t make these sessions, please email Nora Few at njfew@illinois.edu.

  • July 16 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Rm 126 Library and Information Science building
  • July 18 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Rm 126 Library and Information Science building -- REFRESHER SESSION
  • July 23 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. Houseworth Mills Breast Cancer Institute -- REFRESHER SESSION
  • July 25 7:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Houseworth Mills Breast Cancer Institute

Your participation will be key to successfully showcase the Carle Illinois experience. Thank you for your willingness to serve in recruiting the very best students for the Carle Illinois College of Medicine. It wouldn’t be possible without all of you. 




Curriculum Update: Discovery Learning and Class of 2023

Courses: On Monday, students began their three-week Discovery Course. This course is directed by Dr. Olivia Coiado. This course is unique in that it is the first course that provides the student to choose between  Global, Clinical, or Research Immersion opportunities. Five students were selected for a Global Immersion in Ecuador, Brazil, or Sierra Leone,  a few some are doing deep clinical emersion or exploring research topics, and some are using this time for vacation/study. The students will be giving a Pecha Kucha style presentation on July 19 about their experiences.  We will also be welcoming the Class of 2023 on June 30 at our White Coat Ceremony. 

Upcoming Exams: None at this time
Upcoming Courses: 

  • Class of 2022 - Endocrinology
  • Class of 2023 - Orientation, Foundations: Molecules to Populations

Class of 2023 Orientation Week Begins June 30

Are you excited for our second group of physician-innovators? I know we are. Orientation for the class of 2023 begins on June 30 with their white coat ceremony and continues throughout the week. Please view the latest schedule for all the activities. Feel free to welcome the students to campus and CI MED when you see them.




Navigating Illinois: Your I-CARD Is Powerful

Did you know that as a member of CI MED, you are entitled to many on and off campus benefits, just by using your netid or I-Card? From riding the MTD for free to discounts on gym memberships to the University Library and more, the I-Card is your ticket to discounts and activities. Visit the i-Card Perks website to find out all of the fringe benefits open to you as a faculty or staff member at the University of Illinois. 


Faculty Spotlight






Dr. Jaya Yodh Presents at IAMSE and Attends NBME Workshop with Dr. Lema

Dr. Jaya Yodh, Carle Illinois College of Medicine teaching assistant professor, presented a short talk on "Development of A Diabetes-Focused TBL For Integrating Metabolism in the Foundational Elements Course at Carle Illinois College of Medicine". While many schools use TBL, this is unique as it truly integrates basic science, clinical practice, and engineering principals in one TBL. This is the first oral presentation of CI MED faculty at IAMSE.

Dr. Yodh and Dr. Rick Lema, represented CI Med at the 2019 NBME Invitational Conference for Educators (NICE) in Indianapolis which was attended by approximately 300 medical school educators. The conference was to provide new skills for faculty by engaging with current knowledge and tools for writing better assessments. 




CI MED Presents Posters at IAMSE

Three Carle Illinois Faculty presented posters at this years IAMSE session. Dr. Coiado's on the "Development of A Product Innovation Laboratory Into The Respiratory Course In The First Engineering-integrated Medical School"  Dr. Galvez's poster on "Use of Virtual Reality with Clinical Cases Studies to Faciliate Learning of 3-Dimensional Anatomical Concepts". Dr. Amos's poster with Dr. Judith Rowen presenting on "Team-Based Learning Scores Correlate with NBME Style Quizzes in Problem-Based Learning Curriculum". This is a great way to showcase the hard work of everyone in Carle Illinois. We are making a name for our college. 






ESME Certification Honorees

Dr. Roberto Galvez, Sol Roberts-Lieb, and Dr. Jaya Yodh were presented with a certificate for completing the Essential Skills In Medical Science Education program. This program provides research, tools, and training for medical science educators. The program culminates with a producing a paper that details how you will incorporate these skills into al earning module or course you are teaching. 



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Medical Education News

"Queering Medical Education: Systematically Assessing LGBTQI Health Competency and Implementing Reform"

June is national Pride month in which we recognize the accomplishments, struggles, and needs of the LGBTQ+ community.  Timothy DeVita, Casey Bishop, and Michael Plankey, published an article in the August 2018 issue of Medical Education Online delving into how American Medical schools train students in LBTQ+ health care. The authors created "didactic content targeted at the identified curricular gaps that has been implemented throughout the preclinical curriculum at Georgetown".  Of interest to Carle Illinois and other colleges, is their curricular auditing process that can identify those gaps.

"Keeping Our Promise to LGBTQ+ Patients"

Continuing with our theme of LGBTQ+ healthcare, on March 5, 2019, in AAMCNews, Carl G Streed Jr, Jenny Siegel, and John A. Davis, postulate why medical schools need to step up their training of LGBTQ+ issues. Being aware of these issues can help doctors provide better care for LGBTQ+ students. In this article, there are a few stories where the interaction between doctor and patient, while seemingly normal, can have a drastic effect on how the patient perceives their doctor's intention, which in some cases, has the patient not getting treatment or going elsewhere. 


Research Opportunities