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CCB Newsletter

July/August 2019


In this Newsletter…

  • News and Updates
  • Calendar
  • Our Affiliates Out and About
  • New Spotlight Bibliography on the CCB Website: Old Stories, New Books: A Retellings Bibliography
  • A New Book We Just Had to Read: Bringing Down a President: The Watergate Scandal
  • Highlighted Book from Our Wish List: LazyBones



News and Updates


Changes to BCCB Reviewing Team

We would like to welcome Miriam Larson, Alaine Martaus, and Kiri Palm as new reviewers to the Bulletin team!


A hearty congratulations to longtime BCCB reviewer, Karen Coats, on her new position as chair of the Centre for Research in Children’s Literature at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. We wish her the best of luck in this new position.


Another hearty congratulations to BCCB Reviewer and adjunct iSchool professor, Betty Bush, upon her retirement from teaching at the iSchool.  Bush is also the recipient of a 2019 LSAA Distinguished Service Award for her work at the school.


Summer Getaway 2019: Professional Development for School Librarians
Back by popular demand, Summer Getaway 2019: Professional Learning for School Librarians will be hosted by the iSchool at Illinois from July 11-12th on the Urbana-Champaign campus.

This year’s conference will allow attendees to dive deeply into state and national library standards, with a special focus on Linking for Learning and AASL's National School Library Standards. Led by iSchool faculty/instructors/staff and school library professionals, each daily session will offer a relaxed learning environment where authentic dialogue is encouraged and practical application remains at the forefront.


Summer Hours

The CCB will continue to operate at reduced hours through the summer, with a closure on July 4th for Independence Day. Fall hours will be announced at a later date.


July/August Calendar


Thursday, July 4th: CCB Closed for Independence Day

Monday, August 26th, Fall Semester Begins; CCB Fall Hours Take effect


Our Affiliates Out and About


CCB Director and BCCB Editor, Deborah Stevenson, and BCCB reviewer, Wesley Jacques, both had reviews featured in Children’s Literature, Volume 47. Stevenson’s review was of Canon Constitution and Canon Change in Children’s Literature (edited by Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer and Anja Muller) on pages 246-250. Jacques’ review was of Who Writes for Black Children? African American Children’s Literature before 1900 (edited by Katharine Capshaw and Anna Mae Duane) on pages 197-201.


Several CCB/BCCB affiliates presented at the conference of the Children’s Literature Association (ChLA). The conference took place from June 13-15th in Indianapolis. iSchool Assistant Professor Elizabeth Hoiem presented “Fair Trade for Children: Ethical Cooperation and Exchange in the children’s literature of Maria Edgeworth, Isaac Taylor, Jane Marcet, and the 19thC Cooperative Movement.” Hoiem was also awarded the Judith Plotz Emerging Scholar Award at this conference for her paper “Radical Cross-Writing for Working Children: Toward a Bottom-up History of Children’s Literature” in The Lion & the Unicorn vol. 41, no. 1, 2017: 1-27.


BCCB reviewers Karen Coats, Fiona Hartley-Kroeger, Wesley Jacques, and Alaine Martaus also presented at ChLA. Coats’ presentation was on “Conceptual Metaphors in Picturebooks: Evoking Empathy in an Identity Society,” Hartley-Kroeger’s was on “Race-and-Genderbending in YA Adaptations of Classical Myth,” Jacques’ was on “Lynching and the Storied Violence of Adolescence”, and Martaus’ was on “Reading for Empathy and Global Citizenship: How John Green Instructs His Readers.”


New Spotlight Bibliography on the CCB Website


Old Stories, New Books: A Retellings Bibliography

Created by Taylor Anderson, MS/LIS student and CCB volunteer


A New Book We Just Had to Read

Every month, the CCB and BCCB Graduate Assistants highlight books reviewed in the most recent issue of the Bulletin that we were excited to read.  These decisions are based on personal preference, but all books listed are Recommended by the Bulletin. For complete reviews, visit the Bulletin website (http://bccb.ischool.illinois.edu) to learn how to subscribe.


Elora’s Review: Bringing Down a President: The Watergate Scandal by Andrea Balis and Elizabeth Levy. Illus. by Tim Foley.

Reading Level: Grades 8-12

Pages: 240

Publisher and Year: Roaring Brook, 2019

Trade ed. ISBN: 978-1-250-1769-0

E-book ed. ISBN:  978-1-250-17680-6

Trade ed. price: $19.99

Ebook ed. price: $9.99


For many teen readers, Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal may feel like ancient history that was only relevant to their parents (or perhaps, grandparents). Balis and Levy, however, bring a light touch to subject matter that is often approached with solemnity, which may make this book appealing for even reluctant students of history. Readers are walked through the Watergate scandal from its beginning, using a mix of primary sources, quotes, and “fly on the wall” narrations, which ask the reader to imagine if they were the metaphorical fly on the wall observing the events unfold. Just enough background information is given about Nixon’s presidency and temperament, as well as the historical moment of the early 1970s, to help teens contextualize the events in the book. The narrative set up, complemented by Foley’s sketched, often comical, illustrations, makes for quick and interesting reading with no blocks of text longer than a few paragraphs. While the conclusion will be forgone for most (spoiler: Nixon resigns), the process and uncertainty of the proceedings will resonate with teens who are watching today’s political moment. The end of the book consists of two “Where are they now?” sections (one for the people who went to jail, the other for the people who put them there), as well as a timeline, sources, and an index. 


Highlighted Book from Our Wish List


Messer, Claire. LazyBones. Hardcover. Albert Whitman & Company, 2018. ISBN 978-0807544020.


For more book selections or to order this one, visit the CCB’s Amazon Wish List.



CCB Summer Hours and General Information


Summer Hours

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 10am-6pm

Wednesday: 2pm-6pm

Thursday: 10am-6pm

Friday: CLOSED


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