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  News for Alumni and Friends August 2019  

Professor Karrie Karahalios has been named a University Scholar.

With her recognition as a University Scholar, Professor Karrie Karahalios hopes to use the associated funding to advance her work related to autism, including interactive visualizations that assess communicative behavior, and to continue work on improving public understanding of algorithms and their influence on daily life. She sees the honor as a commitment by the university to public engagement. READ MORE




Professor Laxmikant "Sanjay" Kale has retired after devoting much of his career to parallel computing, working to enhance performance and productivity. His ideas are embodied in Charm++, a parallel programming system that his lab has developed over the past two decades.


With Professor Christopher Fletcher's appointment to DARPA's ISAT Study Group, Illinois faculty make up 10 percent of the 30-member panel. He wants to use his new influence to elevate security in the push to reinvent computer architecture.


“Accelerated Computer Science Fundamentals” will help prospective applicants to the Online MCS prepare for the Entrance Exam and strengthen their applications for admission. Developed by CS Professor Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider, the specialization is open to all learners on Coursera’s platform.


About 90 undergraduates had the chance to work with faculty mentors and graduate students on CS research. Sessions included research and presentation skills, information about graduate school, and a Poster Symposium. Click to see photos.


"How cool is this? They make beer here." The Riggs brothers, Darin (BS CS ’03) and Matt, exited military careers to chase their dream of becoming brewers. Since 2015, Riggs Beer Company has been turning grain grown mostly on the brothers' farm into craft brews.



New Media Coverage


When Parisa Tabriz joined Google full-time in 2007, she took the title “security princess” rather than the considerably more mundane “software engineer.” A 2016 promotion lent her a new one: “browser boss.” Tabriz is responsible for Google Chrome, a product that serves as a gateway to the web for billions of people. She's also part of Fortune's 40 Under 40.


A lot of entrepreneurs have a moment that makes them realize they're on to something. For Marcin Kleczynski it came while he was discreetly working on his antivirus software business from his student digs. Marcin, then only 18, was just about managing to juggle his start-up with participating in student life at the University of Illinois when he hit a snag.


Back in 1973, Daniel Bell published a pioneering book called The Coming of Post-Industrial Society. Among the many readers was a young Tom Siebel. It’s what inspired him to enroll in graduate school at the University of Illinois and get a degree in Computer Science. 

Chicago Tribune

A University of Illinois professor helped win approval for a new emoji — a cup of bubble tea — as part of her research into how people communicate using the popular images. The bubble tea symbol is innovative, built out of coding for already existing symbols, said Ranjitha Kumar, assistant professor of computer science. 

Roll Call/Congressional Quarterly

The Pentagon’s cybersecurity mission is facing a classic supply-and-demand problem: There’s a nationwide shortage of tech talent and an oversupply of jobs. The University of Illinois' 2018 CS graduates – the talent the Pentagon struggles to recruit – earned an average starting salary of $99,741. “It’s hard to beat the pay,” says Sibin Mohan, a professor of computer science at Illinois.

The News-Gazette

A $100 million investment in a quantum engineering project designed to make Illinois a world leader in that emerging technology is among $3 billion in higher education allocations in the new Rebuild Illinois infrastructure plan. NCSA Director and Illinois CS Professor William Gropp said quantum computing won’t replace supercomputing but augment it. "It’s going to give us ways to do things that we haven’t been able to solve at all.”


Featured Events

Sept. 16-21

Make plans now to join the 25th edition of the annual technology conference, which will include speakers and representatives from across industry and academia, a puzzle competition, and a 24-hour AI hackathon.

Oct. 12-17

The University of Illinois System, World Business Chicago, and Chicago Ideas Week will invite 200 top college students from across the country to take a behind-the-scenes tour of Chicago’s vibrant technology ecosystem and attend Chicago Ideas Week.

Oct. 18

Join the tradition! Visit campus to enjoy our annual awards celebration and engage with Illinois Computer Science faculty, students, and fellow alumni. Make your plans now.

The Research Legacy of Roy Campbell
Oct. 25

Save the date! Join us to celebrate the contributions of Roy H. Campbell, the Sohaib and Sara Abbasi Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, and his research team over his 43-year career.

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