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At Gies College of Business, we promise our students that an education is just the start – that here they can be equipped with the tools to discover their purpose and empowered to put it into practice. Our faculty are at the center of that promise, guiding students to challenge assumptions, be inventive, and develop their own style. Their commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and curricular innovation serves as the building blocks for student success.


We are proud to welcome 30 new faculty members to the College this fall. They include highly sought-after PhDs, experienced professors who have impacted students for many years, and alumni with decades of industry experience who are returning to the classroom to guide the next generation of business leaders. READ MORE about our new faculty.


Fullerton receives NSF grant to study ways to reduce global waste
Global waste is excessive and hard to control because household disposal options are cheap and easy. Many consumers don’t care if a product can be recycled or not, so businesses have no incentive to make products that can easily be recycled. Now Don Fullerton, the Gutgsell Professor of Finance at Gies Business, is helping lead a team of researchers who will work to develop ways to encourage businesses and consumers to work together to reduce waste. READ MORE


Want to negotitate more lucrative contracts? Step outside your industry, think big picture
The key to becoming a better negotiator may be learning from examples outside your industry, according to Gies researchers Jihyeon Kim and Jeffrey Loewenstein. Their research suggests both practitioners and teachers who only focus on cases from familiar industries may be hindering their ability to take knowledge acquired in one context and apply it to another situation. READ MORE


Gies Business unveiled a new undergraduate major, Strategic Business Development & Entrepreneurship (SBDE), in Fall 2019. Part of the College’s commitment to excellence involves developing innovative, impactful programs to help students discover their “why.” Students majoring in SBDE learn a rare combination of technology, entrepreneurship, and strategy.

SBDE will develop leaders, decision-makers, and insightful thinkers who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. The leading-edge curriculum trains students to develop and manage new businesses and to become innovators within existing organizations.

“Traditional entrepreneurship programs across the nation mostly focus on the action-oriented skills of starting a business, but we are aiming higher,” said June-Young Kim, academic director of SBDE. “We are training strategic thinkers, who will also have the skills to act. Our SBDE graduates will have developed strong skill sets to analyze and grow companies of any size, particularly in tech industries, and be able to make an immediate impact right after graduation.”

We need alumni and friends to help support this new major. If you have any ideas, or if you'd like to serve as a guest speaker on these topics, contact BusinessAlumni@illinois.edu and include "SBDE" in the subject line.


As part of our 2019 Homecoming festivities, we'll be celebrating the naming of the Magelli Office of Experiential Learning, which honors longtime faculty member and friend Paul J. Magelli. Join us Friday, October 18, at 3 pm in the Deloitte Auditorium at the Business Instructional Facility as we remember our friend, who spent his life championing the benefits of learning by doing. REGISTER TO ATTEND


Gies students have more support in pursuing excellence, thanks to the brand new Undergraduate Success Lab, which just opened at the beginning of the fall semester. The lab is located inside the Business Instructional Facility, and it is intended to serve as a designated location for students seeking academic, emotional, financial, or social support. The lab also provides a platform for students to serve their classmates and help grow relationships and community within Gies College of Business.

Other activities housed inside the Undergraduate Success Lab include:

  • Initial access point for student questions regarding a financial crisis, mental or physical health concerns, housing issues, and more
  • Peer advising and advising workshops
  • Peer tutoring and exam workshops
  • Study abroad information sessions and course planning

On October 26, 2017, the College announced the $150 million gift from Larry and Beth Gies and the naming of Gies College of Business. To commemorate this great generosity, we have been setting aside a day in October to come together as a College and express our appreciation of this gift by engaging in similar acts of generosity. We look for ways to help others.

This year, Gies Giving day will be held Thursday, October 24, 2019. Donations will be collected for the Gies Business Student Emergency Fund, which provides emergency aid to students facing a personal financial crisis. University of Illinois alumnus Jeff Senne, Responsible Business Strategy and Implementation Leader at PwC, will join us for a presentation in the Deloitte Auditorium at the Business Instructional Facility on campus at 1 pm.

Following the presentation, from 2-4 pm, donations will be collected in-person during an open house and reception in the BIF atrium. Donations can also be made online throughout the day. LEARN MORE


John Byrne, founder and editor-in-chief of Poets&Quants, visited Gies College of Business in September to learn about our revolutionary online programs, purpose-driven undergraduate experience, and much more. After his visit, John wrote an article titled, "Gies' iMBA: The Fastest Growing MBA On The Planet," which provides an in-depth look at how we are delivering the MBA and why it is gaining worldwide attention. Our alumni and friends are outstanding ambassadors for the College, and word is spreading about the great programs and experiences we have to offer. While on campus, Poets&Quants also livestreamed three hours of videos highlighting our incredible programs.


Gies accounting ranked #2 in nation
The Gies Department of Accountancy is once again ranked among the nation's best, checking in at #2 in the latest Public Accounting Report (PAR) survey. The undergraduate program ranks #2, while the master’s and doctoral accounting programs are both ranked #3 in the nation. Accounting department chairs and deans voted Illinois’ master’s programs #1 more often than any other school (tied with Texas). READ MORE


US News & World Report ranks Gies #9 public business program
Gies College of Business is once again ranked as a Top 10 public undergraduate business program, according to the latest rankings released by US News & World Report. Gies was ranked #9 among public undergraduate business programs and #19 overall nationally. The publication surveys deans and senior faculty members at each undergraduate business program accredited by AACSB. READ MORE

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Investiture of Nolan Miller as Daniel and Cynthia Mah Helle Professor in Finance
Friday, October 4
| 3-5 pm | Business Instructional Facility, Champaign
Attend the investiture of Professor Miller. Reception to follow. RSVP HERE

Gies Business Reception
Friday, October 11
| 3-5 pm | Business Instructional Facility, Champaign
Join Dean Jeffrey Brown and Gies College of Business at a cocktail reception to celebrate your generosity and the successes made possible because of your support. RSVP BY OCTOBER 4


Gies Business Homecoming Celebration
Friday, October 18
| Business Instructional Facility, Champaign
Mark your calendar to celebrate an Illinois Homecoming at Gies College of Business. We have some special events planned to help you reminisce and reconnect, all held in the heart of campus. REGISTER NOW

Dedication of the Magelli Office of Experiential Learning
Friday, October 18
| Business Instructional Facility, Champaign
Please join as our guest for the dedication event and hear the vision of this new initiative from Dean Brown and the Director of the Magelli Office. REGISTER HERE

Gies Giving Day
Thursday, October 24
| Business Instructional Facility, Champaign
Celebrate the two-year anniversary of Larry and Beth Gies’ $150 million gift and the naming of Gies College of Business. LEARN MORE


Investiture of Clara Chen as the Lillian and Morrie Moss Distinguished Professor of Business
Friday, October 25
| 3-5 pm | Business Instructional Facility, Champaign
Attend the investiture of Professor Chen. Reception to follow. RSVP HERE

Future of Insurance Symposium: Climate Risk and the Insurance Implications
Friday, November 8
| 7:30 am-4 pm | I Hotel and Conference Center, Champaign
Join us for a symposium where researchers from across campus will discuss recent works regarding climate risks, while insurance industry professionals will discuss how climate impacts are affecting current business practices and what the future of insurance may hold. This event is free and open to the public. REGISTER TO ATTEND


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