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Early Intervention Training Program Newsletter, Fall 2019
Get to Know the DEC Recommended Practices
 DEC Recommended Practices


News and Updates
New Online Training: Authentic Assessment in Early Intervention
 New Online Training

EITP has launched a new, self-paced online training, Authentic Assessment in Early Intervention.  

This training provides an overview of authentic assessment in early intervention including what it is and why it is important.  Individuals who complete this module will have an understanding who participates in authentic assessment, where it may happen, when it can be done, and within what early intervention processes it can occur.  The module includes numerous opportunities for reflection as well as tools to support both the online learner and the administrators/supervisors who support and prepare early intervention practitioners/service coordinators.  It is offered through a collaboration with the Universal Online Part C EI Curriculum.

You must register and take this training through EITP for EI credit.

Visit our EITP Online Events calendar to learn more about this and our other online trainings.

Article Published from Christine Spence on EITP Foundational Institute

Recently an article was published in the International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education (INT-JECSE) based on an evaluation conducted by University of Illinois alumni, Dr. Christine Spence, on the Partnering for Success: Foundational Institute offered through EITP, which is the state-funded professional development provider for Part C. The evaluation examined facilitators and barriers to changes in participants’ practices in working with families in the early intervention system. Additionally, she gathered data on the efficacy of the training components used during the 4-day, multi-component linked series. Participants reported that teaming and collaboration were effective facilitators for change, and administrative issues served as barriers to change. Participants also reported that group discussions and videos were the most effective components that assisted in changing practices.   Full article

Free YEC Journal Article
Using Interagency Collaboration to Support Family-Centered Transition Practices
 YEC DEC logo

In each Newsletter, EITP highlights a free article focused on Early Intervention that will be available for PDF download from the Young Exceptional Children journal!  

Currently, we are featuring "Using Interagency Collaboration to Support Family-Centered Transition Practices" by Diane Branson and Ann Bingham from Young Exceptional Children, v12, no.3, June 2009.

Service Coordinator Corner

The “Service Coordination Corner” spotlights the important work of service coordinators within the Illinois EI System.  

What do Family-Centered Practices look like for Service Coordinators? worksheet allows you to reflect on your strengths and any areas you need support regarding the DEC RPs on family-centered practices. 

Tip: Program Managers or local SC Trainers may consider using this activity with SCs within a staff meeting.  SCs may also use this with a family, peer or fellow team member to get some feedback on how they are doing.

IL Service Coordination Community of Practice (CoP) Participant EvaluationOur IL SC CoP and CFC SC Trainer Forum have been operating since the Spring/Summer of 2017.  EITP recently conducted an evaluation of these two CoPs in order to better understand what participants value and have gained. Feedback has analyzed, and results will be shared at the DEC International Conference in October 2019. Notably, more than half of the participants report the following:

  • gaining new knowledge & skills
  • identifying tools & strategies to use,
  • applying something new to their work
  • using resources gained
  • changing how they think about or approach their work
  • helping them to be effective in local initiatives

Learn more about joining the CoPs

Joint Service Coordination Position Statement – DEC and the Infant Toddler Coordinator Association (ITCA) are preparing a joint position statement on Service Coordination. EITP’s Maria Kastanis and Sarah Nichols along with Part C Coordinators, active DEC SC CoP members, and representatives from DEC Family Council and Zero to Three will be meeting once a month for the next year to develop a position statement that brings awareness and attention to the important role and expertise that SCs bring to EI teams.

Illinois Service Coordination Stakeholder Survey The IL SC Stakeholder Group will share a summary of findings with the field as soon as it is available.  The data collected will be used to make informed decisions and recommendations for preparing, empowering and retaining SCs in IL EI.

Time Management and Self-Care were discussed in recent IL SC CoP and CFC SC Trainer Forum meetings.  We invite you to keep these conversations going by adding your additional tips and suggestions for time management and self-care.

Join the Conversation!

The Illinois Service Coordination Community of Practice (IL SC CoP) and CFC SC Trainer Forum continue to meet quarterly and discussions are driven by group members.  If you want more information about either of these groups please contact Sarah Nichols.

SSIP Updates
State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) First Quarter Update

As the implementation phase continues, we are pleased to see positive changes occurring.  Our primary focus is now on our family engagement improvement strategy. Leadership teams continue to plan and support professional development offerings in their area based on local needs.  In July, we presented information about our work with the Child Outcomes Summary Process to national stakeholders at the Office of Special Education Programs Leadership Conference. We also participated in a technical assistance (TA) opportunity with two national TA centers to help us develop and refine an evaluation tool for our family engagement practices. In the coming months, we will continue to focus on capacity building around family engagement, development and refinement of a practice fidelity tool, continued refinement of the evaluation plan, and planning for scale up and sustainability. We welcome everyone’s input so if you have any comments, please email Chelsea Guillen.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events 

To view upcoming events sponsored by EITP, please visit https://go.illinois.edu/EITPevents.

To view online trainings sponsored by EITP, please visit https://go.illinois.edu/EITPonline.

To view upcoming events sponsored by other entities (non-EITP events) that are eligible for EI credit, please visit the Non-EITP Events Calendar (https://eitp.education.illinois.edu/nonEITPevents.html).