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4-H Newsletter September 2019
Calendar of Events

(calendar events have a link to more information when available)


26   Fall Leader Meeting @ 6:00 pm, Extension office


6-12   National 4-H Week 

8   Federation meeting, Extension office, 6 pm

9-20    Tractor Supply Paper Clover Campaign

12   4-H Dinner and a Movie Night; Vermilion County Fairgrounds, 5:30-9 pm

12 -13  State Rifle & Pistol Shoot, Central Illinois Precision Shooting, Bloomington

14   Youth and Safer Beauty Products workshop, Champaign Extension office, 9-11:30 am 


7  Champaign County Community Service Sew-a-thon, 9 am -12 & 1-3:30 pm (save the date)

12   Federation meeting, Extensioin office, 6 pm

18  Champaign County 4-H International Night @ 6 pm-7:30 pm

28-29   Extension office closed for Thanksgiving


Join the Vermilion County Federation as they host dinner and a movie on Saturday, October 12 at the Vermilion County Fairgrounds! Federation will provide hot dogs, s'mores, chips, water, and popcorn and will be showing Toy Story 4. We ask that you bring blankets, lawn chairs, and hot dog roasting sticks. While there is no charge for this event, we do ask that you pre-register so we are able to have enough food for everyone. You can register online here.


We will start dinner at 5:30 with the movie starting around dusk. Feel free to bring a friend to introduce them to 4-H!


We would like to thank the Vermilion County Fair Board for the use of the fairgrounds.

Extension Website - Under Construction

Thank you for your patience as we update the Vermilion County 4-H website as part of the new University of Illinois Extension website.  We are updating it daily, so check back soon to see how we've grown. Preview
The State 4-H page continues to have many great resources - check them out:  https://4h.extension.illinois.edu/




It’s the new 4-H year, and we’ve got lots of things to get the new year started!  We’ve added four new projects: Child Development, Sports Nutrition, Family Heritage, and Visual Arts Leather!  Our theme for the year and National 4-H Week is Inspired to Lead | Called to Serve. Download the new Project Guide @ go.illinois.edu/4Hprojectguide.  4-H Online new year enrollment is open now! Enroll today by visiting https://il.4honline.com/


The Illinois 4-H Website has all of the resources and forms needed to guide 4-H club officers, committees, and members as they plan for the new 4-H program year.

  • Go to go.illinois.edu/IL4H
  • Click on the Clubs
  • Scroll to Meeting Resources near the bottom of the page
  • Find these helpful documents:
    • Club Meeting Agenda – this fillable form is a useful fill-in-the-blank form your club officers can use as they plan each section of the meeting. This useful form provides them with the meeting structure they can use to identify who from the club should be in charge of each potential item that may be included in a meeting.
    • Club Committee Planning Worksheet – the Committee Planning Worksheet is an excellent tool to give to committee members as they plan club events and activities.
    • Club Yearly Program Plan – this helpful tool guides the club officers and club members as they identify club goals to work toward during the year and brainstorm what programs, events and/or activities to plan for the club to engage members in fun, hands-on learning experiences throughout the program year.
    • More – Don’t forget to download your new secretary book, treasurer book, tips for good club meetings, tips for using the 4-H name, and more other important resources.
4-H Shooting Sports

One day is all you need
Become a certified 4-H shooting sports instructor

Help ensure young people are exposed to everything the outdoors and shooting sports has to offer by becoming a certified 4-H shooting sports volunteer.

  • Your first stop is the local Extension office where staff will discuss the current program in our county.
  • Complete the required application and background checks. Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Pay the $60 registration cost that covers three meals, snacks, instructor curriculum, hat, and all necessary equipment and materials for the training.
  • Staff will complete your registration. Registration is due October 9.
  • Attend certification training from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, October 19 at 4-H Memorial Camp near Monticello. Do not bring firearms or bows. Do bring eye and ear protection.
  • Complete additional online training.
  • Check back in with the county Extension staff to begin volunteering.

There are six concentrations of study, and volunteers must choose only one discipline: archery, rifle, shotgun, pistol, and hunting and outdoor skills, as well as the overall county coordinator training. Remember, volunteers will work with their local Extension 4-H staff to establish or add to an existing shooting sports program in the county. Learn more about the Illinois 4-H Shooting Sports program at: https://4h.extension.illinois.edu/programs/shooting-sports .

4-H Week

National 4-H Week is our time to tell the world about 4-H. This year’s theme, INSPIRED to LEAD | CALLED to SERVE, captures what it means to be a 4-H member. You are encouraged to find ways to celebrate October 6 – 12. Use the hashtag #inspiredby4H and #inspiredtoLEAD as you share your 4-H activities on social media. 

Inspire your club to promote 4-H during National 4-H Week:

  • Have a flag-raising ceremony at a local bank, park, business, veterans club or school.
  • Attend a city council meeting and have the mayor/councilmen sign the Proclamation.
  • Give presentations at schools, home school organizations, and youth-serving agency boards.
  • Have members bring projects and speak at local civic organizational meetings.
  • Host a project fair for the community to see work of 4H members and recruit new members.
  • Have a poster contest with your members, then display them in local business windows.
  • Ask banks to include a bookmark or flyer about 4-H at their drive-thru facilities.
  • Host a special interest workshop open to the community sponsored by 4-H.
    • Emergency Preparedness Meeting
    • CPR
    • Weather Spotters
    • Bicycle Safety
    • Internet Safety
    • Teen Driver Safety
  • Host a quiz night—Are You Smarter than a 4-Her?
  • Sponsor a dance for Jr. High youth.
  • Promote 4-H livestock projects at the feed store.
  • Promote 4-H technology projects at the electronic/phone/computer stores.
  • Promote 4-H foods projects at the grocery stores.
  • Promote 4-H entrepreneur projects at the banks.
  • Promote 4-H family projects at the doctor offices.
  • Host a “My 4-H Word Is ________” event in your community.
  • Promote 4-H on local advertising signs, billboards, church message boards.
  • Present a puppet show about how good it feels to be in 4-H.
  • Start an email chain letter—What did you gain in 4-H? and distribute it to your contacts lists, then watch it spread.
  • Take a plate of 4-H cookies to local businesses with an appreciation poster for them to post.
  • Write letters to your congressional leaders about how important 4-H is to you.
  • Take thank you flowers to all your club leaders.
  • Hold a 4-H talent show and invite the public.
  • Host a 4-H fun day with games and prizes for families.
  • Have a day to wear a 4-H shirt to work or school.
  • Host a blood drive.
  • Host a fun run.
  • Have a county-wide community service day and have the members all report back what they did, then prepare an impact story about how important 4-H service is.
  • Plant a tree in honor of 4-H.
  • Have your 4-H flag displayed with the American flag at sporting events during the week.
  • Carry groceries for customers at a store.
  • Create a county 4-H alumni club and solicit names through the paper and newsletter.
  • Hold a dinner where everything made must come from a 4-H Food Project Manual.
  • Hold a health fair where all the exhibits have something from a 4-H project or activity –for example, nutritional food labels, fitness, safety goggles when mowing, anti-bullying, safe driving.
  • Carve pumpkins with a 4-H logo and take them to area homes, businesses.
  • Post 4-H alumni signs, National 4H week signs, or join 4-H signs in the yards of current or past 4-H members.
  • Have a 4-H related theme ‘best decorated’ car / truck / tractor contest at a local parking lot where all the entries must relate to 4-H in some way.
  • Create a 4-H promotion to run at the local movie theater during previews.
Tractor Supply Paper Clover Campaign

Dates for the Fall Paper Clover Campaign, held in conjunction with Tractor Supply Stores and National 4-H Council, are October 9 - 20. Money donated during the campaign STAYS in that local county. The campaign runs twice a year. In conjuction with this campaign, Tractor Supply Stores will also have displays of DeGroot bulbs. DeGroot is partnering with 4-H to support youth and encourage communities to Plant with Purpose. They will be donating 50¢ from each box sold to National 4-H Council.

Youth and Safer Beauty Products

Monday, October 14
9 - 11:30am
Champaign County Extension Auditorium

• In partnership with the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
Institute, University of Illinois is hosting an educational
event on beauty products. This event will be taught by
Megan Seig, an Environmental Toxicology Scholar in the
Neuroscience Program at UIUC.

• Come learn about the chemicals that may be in the
products you use, why they may be harmful, and how
you can make healthier choices when choosing beauty

• There will also be opportunities to check out and test
some of the better product brands, and learn some nail
art tricks from Megan!

• A raffle for better beauty products will be held at the
conclusion of the workshop!

You do not need to be in the 4-H program to attend - all are welcome. Open to middle-schoolers through adults.

Register Online:  https://go.illinois.edu/makeupmonday 


Visit exciting new places as part of the 2020 States’ 4-H International Exchange program. Check out this line-up:

  • Costa Rica: June 18 – July 17. Cost $1,775 (plus airfare $800 to $1,300). Ages: 15 – 18.
  • Japan: July 8 – August 6. Cost $2,725 (plus airfare $1,700 to $2,600). Ages: 12 – 18.
  • Japan: June 18 – August 6. Cost $3,875 (plus airfare $1,700 to $2,600). Ages: 12 – 18.
  • Norway: June 24 – July 24. Cost $2.200 (plus airfare $1,300 to $2,000). Ages 15 – 18.
  • South Korea: July 15 – August 13. Cost $2,430 (plus airfare $1,300 to $2,300). Ages 12 – 18.
  • Taiwan: June 28 – July 28. Cost $2,200 (plus airfare $1,300 to $2,300). Ages 12 – 18.
  • Romania: June 24 – July 24. Cost $1,775 (plus airfare $1,300 to $2,000). Ages 15 – 18.

The first deposit and application are due December 1. The second deposit is due February 1. For more information, check out their website @ states4hexchange.org/.

SALUTE TO EXCELLENCE Nominate an outstanding volunteer

The Illinois 4-H program is built on the work of amazing volunteers, and we look forward to recognizing our volunteers for what they do! The National 4-H Council sponsors the Salute to Excellence Award Program that targets 4-H volunteers who demonstrate exemplary service to 4-H while promoting service through volunteerism. Nominate outstanding local volunteers for consideration by contacting the Extension office.

The award categories are:

  • Volunteer of the Year – recognizing individuals who have served as 4-H volunteers for less than 10 years at the local, county, region, and state level.
  • Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer – recognizing individuals who have served 10 or more years at the local, county, region or state level.

Nominations are due to the State 4-H Office by Friday, October 18, 2019.