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B.S. Information Sciences

Updates for the B.S. Information Sciences (BS/IS) degree. This degree officially begins Fall 2020, but we encourage students to begin taking courses immediately, work with our advisor, and become involved with the iSchool. BS/IS WEBSITE

Preview of Spring 2020 courses below! We are working on finalizing the courses we will offer next semester. Some courses are still being finalized (day, time, instructor) and more may be added. We will provide updates as they are available, and you will be able to see them listed in the course explorer when the Spring semester is live (October 7).


Room 104 School of Information Sciences
501 E. Daniel St., Champaign - Corner of 5th and Daniel


Stop by 104 School of Information Sciences: 
Weds., Oct. 2nd | 9:30-11:30am | 104 iSchool (501 E. Daniel St.)


DARS (Degree Audit) for the B.S. Information Sciences degree is now available. Access in the Degree Audit System: 'ULP – iSCH' 'Information Sciences.'
Note: substitutions and IS electives outside of IS/INFO will not be automatically pulled into the requirements (please discuss with an iSchool Advisor).

Fall 2019 Second 8-Week Course:
INFO 490 Makerspace: Escape Rooms (3 hr.) IS Advanced Elective
Monday & Friday 1-3:50 pm | CUC FabLab | Section ERU | CRN 62218
REQUIRED: Sophomore or above (30+ hours)
This course will explore the intersection of storytelling, interaction design & user experience through a focus on fabrication and computational thinking concepts relevant to the design of escape rooms. Course Explorer
Spring 2020 Course *Preview* (Pending):

We plan on offering the following courses in Spring 2020 (schedule is still being finalized). Additional information including course descriptions, pathway/focus area, prerequisites, and restrictions will be provided in the coming weeks. Some courses (300/400s) have prerequisites of sophomore or junior level.

***Make sure you attend an advising appointment this semester to have priority selection for some of the courses.***


  • IS 199 DCA (IS 206) Intro to Databases Concepts & Applications (3 hr.)
  • IS/INFO/MACS 202 Social Aspects Info Tech (3 hr.)
  • IS/INFO 310 Computing in the Humanities (3 hr.) select one
  • IS 390 CC Computers & Cultures (IS 309) (3 hr.) select one
  • IS 390 RGI Race, Gender, & Information Technology (IS 308) (3 hr.) select one


  • INFO/CS 102 Little Bits to Big Ideas
  • IS/CS/STAT 107 Data Science Discovery
  • IS 266 Community Innovation
  • INFO/WRIT 303 Writing Across Media - Advanced Composition
  • IS 351 Design of Usable Information Interfaces
  • IS 390 W1A Web Technologies & Techniques
  • INFO 403 An Introduction to Top Down Video Game Design
  • INFO 490 Makerspace: Game Studies
  • INFO 490 Makerspace: Education & Community Orientation
  • INFO 490 The Video Game Development Process
  • INFO 490 Global Informatics Seminar
  • INFO 490 Introduction to Programming for Data Science
  • IS 451 Introduction to Network Information Systems  Tentative
  • IS 455 Database Design & Prototyping  Tentative
  • IS 457 Introduction to Data Science  Tentative
  • IS 490 Community Informatics Studio  Tentative
  • IS 490 Playful Design Methods  Tentative
  • IS 490 Social Computing  Tentative

ICT (Transfer)/Dual-Degree 
Additional information is available on our website about the application process, including tentative questions, materials, and dates. Fall 2020 is the first term we are able to admit students to the BS/IS program, and the application will be available in mid-March.


BS/IS Degree Requirements
Find the courses required for the degree in this section of our website, or look at our Pathways.


Homecoming is right around the corner and the University of Illinois Chancellor's Committee to Support Homecoming wants all of their academic units to get in the SCHOOL SPIRIT.

This year, the iSchool will be given a Block I (a literal wood block sculpture of the letter I) for us to decorate with the iSchool look and feel. We want you to submit your ideas for what that theme should be. Theme ideas are being accepted TODAY- Monday, September 30. Once submissions have been compiled, the iSchool community will be invited to vote on their favorite entries. The winning theme will determine the look and feel of the School of Information Sciences plywood sculpture that will be ours to decorate and display for Homecoming (October 13-19). Multiple submissions are allowed, so tell us all your creative ideas!

To submit your idea, go to https://go.illinois.edu/iSchool-homecoming

Save the date: The Block I decoration party will be Wednesday, October 9 at 1-4 PM. More details coming soon!


Interested in meeting Silicon Valley's biggest players in entrepreneurship, innovation, and venture capital over winter break? Spend Jan. 12-18 visiting startups and leading tech companies while networking with prominent, entrepreneurial alumni. Cost associated with trip. Apply by Sept. 30. Read More & Apply


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, World Business Chicago, and the University of Illinois invite top college students to apply for Chicago's premier tech talent program. ThinkChicago: Chicago Ideas Week is an annual program inviting 200 of the brightest engineering, design, and entrepreneurial college students for 3 days of talks, tours, tips and trainings with Chicago's fast growing tech ecosystem. Program is FREE. DEADLINE TO APPLY: OCT. 2 by 11:59PM. Read More & Apply


The FBI will be offering three opportunities to connect with students interested in careers with the agency:
Coffee Chat With The FBI | 10:00-11:30am | Career Center Interview Suite, 616 E. Green Street, Room 213
FBI Information Session | 4:00-5:00pm | Career Center, 715 S. Wright St.
Resume Reviews With The FBI | 2:00 - 3:30pm | Career Center Interview Suite, 616 E. Green Street, Room 213


3:00-5:00PM | Lincoln Hall Room 1092
iSchool Hosted

Learn from industry experts on how to make your resume stand out among other applicants. Read More


Room 126 iSchool
iSchool Hosted
Uber invites students interested in careers in data science to join us for an information session. We will highlight different opportunities available at Uber, the selection process, and why a student should come work for Uber. Register in HandShake


Oct. 4 | 12:00 PM- 1:00 PM | EnterpriseWorks Atrium
A community of both students and professionals in the field of data science will come together to discuss relevant problems and solutions in their field. This group meets monthly. Details & Registration


Two upcoming hackathons for student & faculty in AI problem solving. There are four two-hour tutorials prior to each to train entrants on the HAL compute clusters that will be used for running hackathon code. Hackathons will be full-day events on NCSA-NVIDIA AI Hackathon I Oct. 5-6 (APPLY by SEPT. 30) & Nov. 9-10 (future application).


Show off your skills in communicating information visually! All submissions must be a visual or graphic representation of data. Students can compete to win up to $400 in this contest sponsored by the University Library. Read More & Enter


Sudents can download a variety of software, including Microsoft Office 365 (including Powerpoint, Excel and Word), Adobe Creative Cloud (including Photoshop, InDesign and Adobe Premiere Pro) and more for free through the University of Illinois? Browse the webstore now to download excellent software at no cost to you!

Office of Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR): is committed to expanding undergraduate research opportunities. Find ways to get involved with research, training and workshops, and apprenticeship programs. https://undergradresearch.illinois.edu/

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning Online Training Library®: Technology: Learn about technical courses available through LinkedIn Learning. Topics range from web development to programming to application servers. More information

CITL Data Workshops

We conduct short evening workshops on how to use statistical software, qualitative programs, and questionnaire design each semester. Include topics such as R, SAS, SPSS, STATA, and others. https://citl.illinois.edu/citl-101/data-analytics/workshops

Research Park

Find Internships, Jobs, Events, Data Science Groups, and much more on the Research Park WebsiteSubscribe to the Research Park Email List


The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) is a hub of transdisciplinary research and digital scholarship where University of Illinois faculty, staff, and students, and collaborators from around the globe, unite to address research grand challenges for the benefit of science and society. Various research opportunities and events, including hackathons   http://www.ncsa.illinois.edu/   Subscribe to the NCSA Email List


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