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4-H Newsletter June 2020
Summer update: June 1, 2020

University of Illinois Extension has evaluated the available information to provide guidance about events sponsored by Illinois Extension for the month of July. Because we can only make decisions based on conditions as they exist today and not based on projected conditions at a certain point in the future, we have decided to continue our focus on virtual events into July. This means that all events slated for July, including all Champaign and Iroquois County 4-H livestock and general shows, as well as the Ford County Horse Show, will be moved to a virtual format.

You can read the email we sent to affected families here and the announcement from Extension here. The original annoucement from State 4-H with a timeline for decisions is here.

Updates for this month!
virtual show logo

Not sure what is going on? We are updating our Unit website regularly. Please check there when in doubt!

The top things for June you need to know for 4-H:

  • Virtual Show information: We know it's a lot. Find deadlines, what you need to upload, forms, and more, all in one place.
  • Submit your projects in FairEntry! FairEntry is open for Vermilion and Ford Counties and some Champaign project areas, and will open by Friday, June 5 for all other Champaign projects and all Iroquois County project areas. In most cases, families have until the day before the in-person show would have begun to upload their virtual show entries. Do not wait until the last day to start this!
  • Doing an animal project? June 10 is important. June 10 is your deadline to submit nomination forms to show at the State Junior Show (Horse is June 20). June 10 is also the deadline to complete YQCA to be eligible to show Beef, Dairy Cattle, Goats, Sheep, or Swine. QAEC must be completed by June 10 for Horse, Cat, and Dog. 
  • 4-H Bingo: The Vermilion County 4-H Federation has created a bingo-style challenge. Check it out for ideas for things to do this summer! Visit our Facebook page to see videos of Federation members demonstrating how to do some of the activities, like this one demo-ing how to make a calm jar.


All About Your Virtual Show Experience
infographic on how to do a virtual show entry 
Updated animal project information.

The Master Showmanship participants from each county will be selected through a written application process. Anyone 14 and over (as of September 1, 2019) who shows in a livestock project at the county level is eligible. You must participate in your county's virtual livestock show to qualify. This is being run by the Illinois Farm Bureau. Here is the application form.

Livestock deadlines have shifted as follows:

  • YQCA (for youth in beef or dairy cattle, goat, swine, or sheep) and QAEC (for youth in cat, dog, horse, poultry, or rabbit) must be completed by June 10.
  • Nomination forms for the State Junior Show are due June 10. Signatures are NOT required.
  • Horse Papers for the State Junior Show are due June 20. Signatures ARE required.
  • State fair entries must be made by July 15. Forms are available here. 4-H staff will certify that all entrants have completed the appropriate animal care class.


Animal Care class other forms Who is this done by? Signature needed? Important Dates
Cat QAEC once Vet records - upload yourself to 4-H Online Exibitor and Family n/a n/a
Beef YQCA yearly Beef Weigh-In/ Tattooing
Nomination Form
Beef Super and Extension Staff Done at Weigh-In Beginning of February 
Dairy YQCA yearly n/a n/a n/a n/a
Dog QAEC once Ownership/leasing papers, vet records, upload yourself to 4-H Online Exhibitor and Family not required ASAP
Goat (Dairy and Meat) YQCA yearly Self Nominating, by mail to State and Local Extension Offices Exhibitor and Family Waived in 2020 By June 10 for Illinois State Fair Junior Show, Weigh-in postponed
Horse QAEC once Waived at County level in 2020. Ownership/leasing papers and photos, by mail to show at the State Junior Show Exhibitor and Family Required in 2020 June 20 for Illinois State Fair Junior Show
Poultry QAEC once n/a n/a n/a n/a
Rabbit QAEC once n/a n/a n/a n/a
Sheep YQCA yearly Self Nominating, by mail to State and Local Extension Offices Exhibitor and Family Waived in 2020 By June 10 for Illinois State Fair Junior Show, Weigh-in postponed
Small Pets (including guinea pigs) None Vet records - upload yourself to 4-H Online Exhibitor and Family n/a n/a
Swine YQCA yearly Self Nominating, by mail to State and Local Extension Offices Exhibitor and Family n/a By June 10 for Illinois State Fair Junior Show, Weigh-in postponed
Bingo Challenge
4-H bingo chart 

Check out the resources we have compiled to help you complete the bingo challenge! Some are videos Vermilion County Federation members made, and some are from other sources.


Find these and more cool stuff (plus news and announcements) on our Facebook page  or find us on Instagram with @cfiv4H.

Staff Contact Information

All 4-H staff are (still) working from home. We have all been working from home since March 18, and do NOT have a return-to-office date at this time. This means we are not in the office to answer the phone. If you need us, the best way to reach us is via email, or by calling the Champaign Extension office at 217-333-7672 (this is the only one of the three office phones that can be answered remotely), or our direct Skype numbers.

You can follow our unit on Facebook here.

Participate in the Zingbooks pilot project and help shape the future of electronic record books

We are excited about a new electronic record book and club management system for 4-H! Zingbooks is now being offered free to all 4-H families and we are one of the pilot areas in Illinois. We encourage you to check it out – you can find a calendar of events across the four-county area, use it for club updates, and most importantly, it has record book templates that include all the components you need to showcase your 4-H year’s work (including what you need for fair projects). Here are detailed instructions on how to sign up your 4-Hers. (Link to public Box file of the PDF: https://uofi.box.com/s/c82rwksrwgarsqs5qq1uvl2fc9xyksgw )

Visit  https://4h.zsuite.org/ to get started on this new platform!


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