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Volume 6, Issue 4 November 2019

Message from our Chair

We are officially in Fall, and in the midst of many educational and clinical activities. Residency recruitment started a few weeks ago and the education team is very busy interviewing around one hundred applicants for ten positions. The Child Fellowship interviews are nearing completion, and the Psychology Internship program will begin the process in a few weeks. From the clinical end, EPIC (the new electronic medical record system), is/will take up all the oxygen over the next several months. Our EPIC transition team, that includes Drs. Marvin, Wagner, Zulueta and others, is working closely with the hospital leadership on preparations for the transition which will occur in May. Much work remains to be done on this front, and while plans are on schedule, it is a very busy time for everyone in UI Health.

Research is moving along on all fronts and all PIs are busy with their projects, grants and recruitments. Cathy Ellyin is settling in nicely and the admin team remains stable and effective.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Upcoming Events

Grand Rounds


Mothers and Babies: Innovation and Impact of a Perinatal Mental Health Intervention
Darius Tandon, PhD
Associate Professor
Co-Director, Center of Community Health, Institute for Public Health and Medicine Northwestern Feinberg
School of Medicine



Phenotypic Heterogeneity in Eating Disorders: Putative Mechanisms and Implications for Treatment
Jennifer E. Wildes, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience
Director, Eating Disorders Program
University of Chicago



At the Intersection of Developmental Trauma and Historical Trauma: Addressing the Effects of Violence on Chicago’s South Side
Bradley C. Stalbach, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Director, University of Chicago Medicine REACT Program
The University of Chicago
Co-Director, Healing Hurt People-Chicago



Department of Psychiatry's Annual Holiday Party 2019


Happy Holidays


Holiday Inn Mart Plaza

Wolf Point Ball Room (15th Floor)

Friday, December 20th


6:oopm : Cocktail hour

7:00pm to 10:30pm: Dinner, dancing and free raffles!

Plan now to come celebrate the holidays with your co-workers!

See you on the dance floor!


All guests MUST RSVP!

Overnight accommodations are available for $79.00 per room
Please call 312-836-5000 and ask for the UIC Psychiatry rate.

Faculty and Staff News


The Block Club Chicago story has been published. Congrats to Drs. Ajilore and Leow. Read the publication through the link below:

Congratulations to Tawanna Daniels, who was awarded the 2019 UIC Award of Merit.

In October our maternal and young child psychiatry clinical teams facilitated a well-attended workshop at this year's AACAP Annual Meeting. The workshop highlighted their work in creating a bridge between maternal and young child mental health, and focused on teaching skills for integrating diagnostic assessment and treatment of perinatal depression into a child psychiatry practice. Presenters from left to right were Diane Misch, MD; Rhapsody Mason, LCSW; Melissa Wagner, MD; Ashley Mulvihill, MD and Danijela Stojanac, MD.


HAACAP Annual Meeting


Dr. Kelley Volpe, Dr. Diane Misch and Dr. Ashley Mulvihill spoke to AACAP attendees at a poster session about their work as consultants for Illinois Doc Assist, a free statewide psychiatric consultation program for primary care doctors.


AACAP Annual Meeting


Congratulations to Drs. Robert Marvin, Yoon Soo Park and Ara Tekian on receiving the ABPN Research Award of $100,000. The goal of the project is to look at the implementation of Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) in psychiatry residency. EPAs are a collection of knowledge, skills and attitudes focused on a specific task, like an emergent psychiatric interview or cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Congratulations to Dr. Sean Blitzstein, who was awarded a Distinguished Fellow of the Association for Academic Psychiatry. He was also elected as the Vice-President of the Association for Academic Psychiatry!

Dr. Burkhouse (with Co-I’s Dr. Suor, Dr. Stange, Dr. Van Voorhees, and Dr. Caskey) received a CCTS Pilot Grant Award for their project entitled: Pathways Linking Maternal Depression to Mental and Physical Health Outcomes among Offspring during Early Childhood.

Dr. Amy Lasek’s publication (in collaboration with UIUC and Northwestern University) made the cover of the Journal of Proteome Research! Dr. Lasek is the senior author on this paper.

Zachariah Bertels, a PhD student in the Pradhan Lab, won the Headache Trainees Tournament at the International Headache Congress in Dublin. This was a very competitive prize and included 500 Euros.


HAACAP Annual Meeting


Over the summer we housed two AACAP (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) Summer Research Fellows which is a national award for medical students and mentors to apply for funded research internship over the summer. One student worked with Dr. Edwin Cook Christopher Viamontes, UIC COM and one in the Pediatric Stress and Anxiety Disorders Clinic with Dr. Kelley Volpe, Dr. Liza Suarez and Lauren Cox, LCSW Andrew Rylaarsdam, Midwestern University. They participated in research over the summer and presented at the annual AACAP meeting in Chicago this past month. It is an honor to have one of these students at an institution and super rare to have two!


HAACAP Annual Meeting


Marc Atkins, PhD has been appointed to the Chicago Police Department Suicide Prevention Task Force by Deputy Chief Barbara J. West.

Dr. Natania Crane was awarded a NIH Clinical Research Loan Repayment Program by the National Institutes of Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Dr. Natania Crane was invited to give a talk, "The Pros, Cons, and Unknowns of Marijuana Use: A Medical and Public Health Perspective” at the Bridging the Gap: Emerging Health Issues in Underrepresented Minorities conference at UIC on October 5, 2019.

Dr. John Peyton Bohnsack, a post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Subhash Pandey’s lab was invited to deliver a talk in NIDA-NIAAA Frontiers in Addiction Research Mini-Convention on October 18,2019 during Society for Neuroscience scientific meeting in Chicago. The title of his talk was “Targeted Epigenome Editing with dCas9 Prevents Effects of Adolescent Alcohol Exposure” under the category of Joint NIDA-NIAAA Early Career Investigator Showcase.

Lisa Razzano, PhD will be leading the evaluation for the UI-TEAM: Utilizing Interdisciplinary Training to Educate and increase Access to MAT project, led by Sarah Messmer, PI, a 3-year SAMHSA program to promote workforce capacity in use of MAT for opiate addiction.

Dr. John Peyton Bohnsack was selected for an Early Career Investigator Travel Award at the NIDA-NIAAA Mini-Convention: Frontiers in Addiction Research (Oct 18th) during SfN here at Chicago. He gave a short talk about the use of Cas9 technology in addiction research for work he conducted here in the Psych Department and the Center for Alcohol Research in Epigenetics.

The UIC Postdoctoral Association’s Annual Career Development Symposium in September (Sept 13th) won an award for for best PDA-led event during National Postdoc Appreciation Week from Elsevier and the National Postdoc Association. Two psych postdocs helped lead this event, Dr. Eleonora Gatta and Dr. John Peyton Bohnsack, along with other UIC postdocs and grad students that dedicated many volunteer hours to organizing and executing this event. It was attended by 250+ people and featured 36 participating institutions from the greater Chicagoland area.

On September 26th, the Center on Integrated Health Care and Self-Directed Recovery held it’s 6th State of the Science Conference at UIC’s Jane Adams Hull House, attended by nationally prominent psychiatric rehabilitation researchers and policy makers. See tweets at #futureofMHrehab

Dr. Anand Kumar featured on Comcast Newsmakers
Dr. Anand Kumar was interviewed on Comcast Newsmakers to discuss the medical, social and economic impact of depression. Additionally, he discussed the role of the UICDR in destigmatizing depression, and bringing it into the mainstream of medical research, healthcare, education, and public policy.
See the video here:

Dr. Sally Weinstein’s “Family Chaos and Asthma Control” study
Dr. Sally Weinstein’s “Family Chaos and Asthma Control” study published in “Pediatrics,” the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, received extensive media coverage, including Reuters, Psych Central and Contemporary Pediatrics. The study explores how a chaotic household as well as child and parent depression are risk factors for worse asthma outcomes.
Read the story here:

A Fitbit for Your Brain
Dr. Alex Leow and Dr. Olusola Ajilore of the UICDR were interviewed by Block Club Chicago to discuss how their teams of researchers are improving access to mental health treatment with innovative, smart connected technology that’s revolutionizing the digital mental health industry, empowering patients and addressing the nation’s mental health crisis.
Read the article here:

Dr. Tory Eisenlohr-Moul featured in the Chicago Tribune
Dr. Tory Eisenlohr-Moul was featured in a Chicago Tribune story about her study on how stabilizing certain hormones that fluctuate over the menstrual cycle in women at risk for suicide can keep suicidal thoughts at bay.
Read the article here:

Achieving mental health equity through technology
Dr. Olusola Ajilore was interviewed for Comcast Newsmakers, where he discussed UICDR’s newly launched Digital Mental Health Initiative (DHMI), and the role artificial intelligence and technology can play in early detection of depression and mood disorders.
See the video here:

Dr. Patricia Graczyk, (October, 2019). An MTSS Framework for Attendance. Paper presented at the MTSS Innovations Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dr. Patricia Graczyk, (October, 2019). Planning for re-entry following psychiatric hospitalization. Paper presented at the Inaugural Conference of the International Network for School Attendance, Oslo, Norway.

Dr. Patricia Graczyk, (October, 2019). School Attendance Teams in Action: Strategic Use of Data within an RTI/ Multi-Tiered System of Supports Framework. Paper presented at the Inaugural Conference of the International Network for School Attendance, Oslo, Norway.

Dr. Emma Childs has been appointed a standing member of the “Clinical, Treatment and Health Services Research Review Subcommittee” for NIAAA Initial Review Group.

Dr. Emma Childs is a Co-Investigator on the newly awarded NIMH R21 studying Late Luteal Phase Stress Reactivity (PI: Dr. Hamidovic, College of Pharmacy).

SfN 2019 poster presentation: Dr. Graziano Pinna. Allopregnanolone: A biomarker candidate for mood disorders.

Dr. Graziano Pinna presented a Neuroscience Seminar entitled: "Allopregnanolone: From biomarker to treatment of mood disorders" in the Department of Biology (Pennsylvania State University).


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