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The Illinois General Assembly concluded its fall veto session on Thursday evening, making progress on some of our watched bills for this session. Below you will find an update on some of the bills of interest to the University of Illinois System.


HB743  John Marshall Law School Independent Colleges Capital Program (ICCAP) grant refund. In June 2012, The John Marshall Law School (JMLS) was awarded an ICCAP grant from the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE). ICCAP grants had a stipulation that if the private university was bought out, the grant would have to be repaid so as to not be abused. However, the legislation did not anticpate a private university being bought out by a public insitution, such as the UIC purchase of JMLS. This bill would fix the legislation so UIC will not have to pay the state back for the ICCAP grant. Held in Committee to be heard in January.

HB744  AIM High clarification.  Amends the time periods reported for maintenance of effort (MOE) expenditures. Changes from fall, spring and summer semester to only include fall and spring semesters. This bill was a result of the AIM HIGH advisory committee members regarding concerns expressed over summer semester expenditure data not being finalized by the reporting deadline. PASSED BOTH HOUSES AND SENT TO GOVERNOR.

HB 745  Student Privacy. Provides that the personal identity and address of a scholarship, grant, or other financial assistance applicant or recipient under a non-discretionary program administered by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission is information that is intended to remain private and shall be exempt from inspection and copying under the Freedom of Information Act. PASSED BOTH HOUSES AND SENT TO GOVERNOR.

SB263 Fall supplemental budget and capital bill.  Supplemental to clean up budget and capital bills. Includes language to clean up AIM high distribution, in addition to an item providing support for a new Urbana-Champaign swine facility.  Held on 3rd Reading.

SB1300 Local pension consolidation.  Tier 2 pension change. The change would allow a SURS-covered Tier 2 police or firefighter with 20 years of service to retire at age 60. Currently, the age 67 for full benefit or 62 with benefit reduction is applicable. PASSED BOTH HOUSES AND SENT TO GOVERNOR.


HB3904 Student athlete endorsements. Modeled after a California law, this would allow student athletes to benefit from their image and likeness, effective in 2023.  Passed House, assigned to the Senate subcommittee on special issues.


SB119  Annual budget implementation bill clean up. PASSED BOTH HOUSES AND SENT TO THE GOVERNOR.

SB177 Procurement reform. Makes changes concerning: State contracts; the Business Enterprise Council; exemptions; and waivers. PASSED BOTH HOUSES AND SENT TO THE GOVERNOR.

HB1557 Cannabis trailer bill. Includes option to prohibit off-duty use by law enforcement officers. PASSED BOTH HOUSES AND SENT TO THE GOVERNOR.


On Oct. 29, Illinois Connection hosted alumni and legislators for the U of I System's annual Alumni in Government reception in Springfield. During the event, guests had the opportunity to meet fellow alumni working in government and government relations. The evening program included an update on the U of I System from President Tim Killeen and remarks by Deputy Governor and Urbana alumnus Jesse Ruiz



On Oct. 30, the U of I System and Northern Illinois University hosted a joint breakfast with members of their respective legislative caucuses. At the event, officials discussed recent highlights from the campuses and the growing innovation partnership between the two universities. 


On Nov. 8, Illinois Connection hosted UIS Alumna and U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos for a U of I System Alumni Legislative Breakfast in the Quad Cities. Rep. Bustos and U of I System President Tim Killeen updated the audience about Washington, D.C. and the U of I System respectively, and took questions from attendees. Northern Illinois University President Lisa Freeman was also in attendance and spoke about NIU’s ongoing collaboration with the U of I System. Proceeding this event, the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce hosted an evening reception on Nov. 7th to welcome the U of I System to town. State Sen. Neil Anderson and State Rep. Michael Halpin were in attendance.


Congratulations to Senate President John J. Cullerton on his retirement after 40 years in the Illinois General Assembly. Sen. Cullerton has been a friend to the U of I System and has provided steady leadership during his time as Senate President. The Office of Governmental Relations wishes him a happy retirement and thanks him for his many years of public service.