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November 21, 2019

Today is Dean Anderson's 75th birthday! If you see him, wish him a Happy Birthday.


Student Spotlight


Danielle Golob | A Passion For SPED

Following in her mother's footsteps, Special Education senior Danielle Golob wanted to pursue education as early as second grade. She says that getting to experience education both from her own schooling and through her mother's eyes provided her with a different perspective, solidifying her passion for education. After graduation, Danielle hopes to teach special education. 

"Going to different schools and teaching in the area is my favorite part of each day and I am so excited to be able to do that for a living! It is one of my passions to work with students and to see a student who has been struggling with the content start to understand it. It is one of the best feelings!"

Read more about Danielle's story here.

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Events + Opportunities

Interested In Secondary Education? Come Chat
Prospective Student Meetings: Every Other Thursday; 4 p.m.
192 Education Building
Students interested in the Secondary Education minor should attend Prospective Student Meetings every other Thursday. Basic information about the minor will be reviewed and students can ask questions about the program. If you have any questions please email secedadvising@education.illinois.edu.

Take Advantage of FREE Tutoring with The Office of Minority Student Affairs
The Office of Minority Student Affairs (OMSA) Academic Services Center offers matched and drop-in tutoring free to University of Illinois undergraduate students. Sign up and find out more here. OMSA also offers other resources such as mentoring, workshops, and supplemental instruction. Visit omsa.illinois.edu to learn more.

#FinishStrongIllinois: Preparing for Finals
December 3; 7 p.m.
Lincoln Hall 1024
This workshop is part of the Illinois Counseling Center's Tuesday @ 7 Workshop series. Tuesday @ 7 workshops offer practical, skills-based approaches on topics that are often areas of growth for students. 

Prepare For a Healthy Teaching Career at The College's Career Odyssey Event
December 4; 4 - 5 p.m.
385 Education Building
Learn more about how to view and prepare for your teaching career in a healthy way. Topics include career design narrative, sacrifice, mental health, and work-life balance. RSVP here.

Attend an RIO Mindful Workshop
November 26; 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.
December 4 & 11; 5 - 6 p.m.
44 Turner Student Services Building
RIO, which stands for recognition, insight, and openness, is a 2-part series by the Counseling center that is designed to help sudents: (1) Manage stress, anxiety, and emotions productively; (2) Learn mindfulness skills that can have a positive impact in the classroom and in relationships; and (3) Identify what's most important and prioritize accordingly.

Students do not need to be clients of the Counseling Center to participate, but due to limited seating, please register for RIO at the Counseling Center website.


Learn to Manage Your Stress
December 6; 3:30- 4:30 p.m.
At times, it might feel like procrastination keeps you from truly accomplishing what's most important to you. This workshop will help you reflect on how you prioritize, learn task-management and motivation strategies, and understand the importance of self-care and allowing yourself breaks. Register here.

Struggling With Test Anxiety? You're Not Alone
December 12; 12 - 1 p.m.
Many students find taking tests, completing assignments, and/or giving presentations very stressful. At times, this stress can be counterproductive and negatively impact performance. The American Test Anxieties Association estimates between 16 and 20% of college students have high anxiety when it comes to taking tests or performing well on assignments. Fortunately, there are ways to address anxiety so that you can do your best work. During the academic year, the Counseling Center offers drop-in Test Anxiety Workshops. These workshops are free for students, but space is limited, so please register in advance

Research Opportunity: Community-Academic Scholars
Application deadline: February 1
The Community-Academic Scholars Initiative provides undergraduates with an opportunity to gain research experience while addressing critical issues in our community. Scholars from disciplines across campus work with faculty and community mentors to contribute to projects related to health equity, brain health, and poverty or social inequity. This includes research projects, program evaluations, needs assessments, or similar projects. In most cases, applicants will be involved in ongoing research projects or supporting an established collaboration between faculty and community partner, but there are limited opportunities to join existing collaborations. Learn more and apply here.

Scholarships + Awards

Become a Golden Apple Scholar
The Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois is a teacher preparation and tuition assistance program for freshmen and sophomores in teaching licensure majors who have the determination and drive to be excellent teachers in Illinois schools-of-need. They prepare you for immediate and lasting success in the most challenging teaching environments.

Scholars receive: up to $23,000 in financial assistance, paid residential scholar institutes, extensive classroom teaching experience, academic and social-emotional support, job placement assistance, and mentoring from award-winning teaching faculty. Learn more and apply here.

Apply For Galileo's Spark Innovation Scholarship 
Application deadline: November 24
Galileo Learning's mission is to develop innovators who envision and create a better world. This fall they are awarding three $1,000 scholarships to current college students who intend to pursue a career in Pre-K - 12 education. Learn more and apply here.

Apply For the Fred S. Bailey Scholarship For Cause Driven Leaders
Application deadline: February 16
The Bailey Undergraduate awards are $3000 awards ($1500/semester) given each year to undergraduate students at the University of Illinois who have demonstrated positive impact and commitment as a result of service, community involvement, leadership, and action. Financial need and academic achievement will also be considered. Find more information and apply here.


Career + Professional Development

Attend The Overseas Recruiting Fair
January 31 - February 1; University of Northern Iowa
Early Bird Deadline: December 4
Over 120+ American international schools representing 50+ countries will be in attendance at the 44th annual event. The UNI Fair gives you the opportunity to network, interview, and accept a position at the event. Over 1,000 jobs are posted with them annually, and candidates average 5 interviews each. The UNI Fair is unique, fast-paced, and an exciting place to find your next job! It is highly recommended to attend all events on Friday. 
Educators seeking their first international job attend the UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair in order to make the key personal connections that are so critical in deciding on your first overseas assignment. Learn more and register here


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