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February 2020 Illinois Administrative Professional Newsletter
From the Desk of the President
Donna Miller


Dear IAP Members,

I would like to inform you of a change in leadership.  Erica Hanson has stepped down as President of IAP due to personal reasons.  The IAP Board has accepted this resignation with reluctance and understanding. Erica has done a remarkable job while being President and while the Board understands her need to step down, we will miss her leadership.

What does that mean for IAP and its membership? The bylaws state the the President-Elect becomes the President for the remainder of the current term and then completes their term as president next year to fulfill their role. 

With that being said, HELLO! My name is Donna Miller and I am happy to serve you, the members of Illinois Administrative Professionals. I work with a great group of individuals on the board and the various committees who have awesome ideas to move this organization forward.  

What do I need from you as IAP members?  I would like encourage more individuals to get involved in this organization, especially on one of the committees. Our organization is only as strong as its members!  In the coming months, we will be sharing information about available committees where members can serve, even with no prior experience needed.  I would love to put your talents to good use and you can put your committee work on your resume.  By becoming involved in the organization through committee work, you also grow your network and become acquainted with more people across campus.  Who knows, you may open the door to your next career opportunity by being involved on one of our committees.  It has happened before!

If you have not guessed by now, I am a big fan of COMMUNICATION; I like to know who you are and what you do.  You can ask anyone I work with I am very social; that is my strength and weakness.  I come into a new position or location I want to know everything about it and LEARN.  I ask a lot of questions, I am not questioning your authority or your ability; I am learning from you.  So on with the news....

At this month's luncheon, our Philanthropy Committee will showcase some businesses in town who help others in our community and they will tell you, what you as individuals can do, for them.  In March, our Programs and Events are working on personal development in 'How To Write A Cover Letter and Resume'.  This month, our Fundraising team has an event on Tuesday, February 25 at Texas Roadhouse; please see information below and pick up a flyer at the luncheon. 

Sunday is going to be an eventful day with the celebration of Groundhog's Day and the Superbowl.  Too bad we won't see Phil at half time.  No matter what the groundhog says we will have six weeks until spring and baseball season.  Happy Groundhog's Day!  

Career Connections Calendar
Programs and Events Committee

The next Career Connections Luncheon will be Wednesday, February 19, 2020 in 1103 Everitt Lab.  Doors open at 11:45 am; Program will begin around 12:10 pm with every attempt made to end by 12:55 pm.

The IAP Philanthropy Committee is hosting a Mini Philanthropic and Volunteer Expo at our upcoming luncheon.  Four community organizations will be show-casing what they do, what their needs are and how we, as an organization, can help them.

The four organizations joining us will be:

  • C-U At Home: C-U at Home engages and mobilizes our community to house and support the most vulnerable homeless on their journey of healing and restoration.

  • Sistering C-U: To provide a postpartum support network for families in Champaign County and enable them to successfully navigate the challenge of life with a newborn.

  • Courage Connection: Our mission is to ensure everyone in our community has the education, support, and resources to live in safe, healthy relationships.

  • The Daily Bread Soup Kitchen: Our mission is to feed the hungry of our community regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity. We welcome all volunteers to this service who share an unconditional positive regard for every human being.  We provide a safe, respectful, and inviting environment in an atmosphere of hope and dignity.

We hope you will join us to hear about these wonderful community organizations!  IAP goes above and beyond to help those in need and we know we can count on you to support these great causes.  

Italian Lunch buffet will be provided by Rosati's.  Cost is $12

Please use the link to register: https://go.illinois.edu/IAPPhilanthropy  Deadline to register is February 13, 2020 by 12:30 pm

Reservations will NOT be accepted past the deadline date.  Cancellations must be received 48 hours before the deadline date or payment will still be required.  Please note: Be sure to finish the registration form to ensure your lunch is ordered correctly. 


You can find the slide presentation from Morris Mosley on the Illinois Administrative Professionals website under presentations.  https://publish.illinois.edu/illinois-admin-professionals/presentation-resources/

Fundraising Information

"Dine to Donate Night" at Texas Roadhouse!
Texas Roadhouse will be hosting the IAP group on Tuesday, February 25th from 4-10PM. Get together with your fellow IAP member, families, friends and/or co-workers to enjoy a night of good food and fun. They will have crafts, coloring sheets, activities, and a FREE ice cream sundae bar! SHARE THE FLYER (below) AND BRING THE FLYER WITH YOU ON FEBRUARY 25th to ensure IAP receives 10% of the total food purchased!!


We thank everyone for their support in advance!
Penny Ames, IAP Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

Nominations and Elections
Michael Foellmer and Deb McCall

Interested in getting a bit more out of your membership with the Illinois Administrative Professionals?! Consider joining our executive board by self-nominating for an elected officer position! Not sure, but know someone who would definitely be a great fit?! Nominate them! If you are interested or have any additional questions, please reach out to Michael Foellmer (foellme1@illinois.edu) by the March 1 deadline. Click here to fill out the nomination form and read below for the description of positions you may nominate for.

The President Elect - Will assume office of President following term as President Elect. Will preside in the absence of the President and will perform other duties as ordinarily pertain to this office. Will assist the President in preparing Executive Board agendas and follow up on items raised at board or general membership meetings. If possible, will be liaison to Staff Advisory Council representing Illinois Administrative Professionals.

The Recording Secretary - Will keep a correct recording of the proceedings of all meetings of this Association and of the Executive Board. Will also preserve in a permanent file all records and letters (of value) to this Association and its officer’s. At the end of the elected term, this file including the minutes book, will be transferred to the successor and prior year's records will be turned over to the President to be archived.

The Treasurer - Will assure sound financial management and accountability of resources. Will project an annual budget for approval at the July Executive Board Meeting. Will deposit all receipts of this Association and will make disbursements by University voucher. Expenditures not included in the annual budget approved each July will require presentation to and approval by the Executive Board prior to commitment. Will keep an account of all receipts and disbursements, making monthly reports to the Executive Board and an annual written report by June 30 of the current term. Will deposit the funds of this Association in accordance with Guidelines issued by University of Illinois Registered Organization Office. At the end of the elected term, will transfer the current records to the successor and will forward prior year's records to President to be archived


Membership: Information, Connections and Celebrations
Donna Miller and Angie Wisehart, Co-Chairs

New members may join the organization by paying their dues at becoming a member link, so please forward this newsletter to your colleagues to share all of the exciting things that we are doing and encourage them to sign up today!

WE WANT TO KEEP YOU CONNECTED! Have you or a colleague received a promotion or moved to a new office? Are you continuing your education here on campus, EIU, Parkland or elsewhere? Are you serving on any campuswide committees? Please let Donna Miller or Angie Wisehart know and she will share that information in the next newsletter. Our goal is to make as many connections as possible to ensure you are successful in whatever it is that you are doing!

Please remember to let us know if you are planning to retire soon so that you can be an honorary IAP retiree member! We will miss you very much, but we hope that you’ll come back for a visit!

For general inquiries email: thesecretariat@illinois.edu

February Birthdays and Anniversaries

February Birthdays

February 5--Colleen Hammel
February 7--Lezli Cline
February 9--Jane Baumgartner
February 10--Deb Flessner
February 16--Beth Lewis
February 20--Jim McGraw 
February 22--Diane Tellschow

February Anniversaries

Michael Foellmer--6 years
Andrea Fain--12 years
Angie Wisehart--21 years
Colleen Hammel--22 years