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March 2020 Illinois Administrative Professional Newsletter
President's March Message

Greetings IAP Members!  Are you feeling the March Madness?  I know there are some of you who are chomping at the bit to fill out NCAA brackets.  There are those of us who are excited for baseball season and opening day which is March 26.  Or are you just itching for the warm weather to be consistent to run outside or start working on your garden?

At this month’s luncheon, I am excited to have one of our past presidents, Michael Foellmer, provide tips on how to write a cover letter and resume.  He is gifted in this area and has expressed the willingness to help us to succeed in writing.  I hope that you sign up below to attend this very informative and beneficial luncheon. 

Thank you to the Philanthropy committee who brought four organizations to the February meeting to discuss what they do for our community and how we can help them meet the needs of others.  As a campus organization, we need to help those around us when we can whether it is our time, talents, or money/donations. 

Office Professional of the Year nominations are now open. Remember, anyone can submit a nomination, and it doesn’t have to come from a supervisor. If you feel that a member is worthy of this honor, please consider nominating them. For more details, please see the OPTY update below.

The Nominations and Elections committee is looking for individuals who would like to serve as Recording Secretary, Treasurer and President-Elect.  Please see the information below about each position, and if you have any questions contact the committee members. 

Lastly, I must apologize to the membership.  I have heard you have been emailing The Secretariat email address and received no response.  There used to be a couple of us who checked that email regularly.  Unfortunately, with updates to campus software and members coming and going, the email went unchecked and we’re not able to log into the account.  Good news, I was able to access the account recently thanks to my IT person who figured out how to get it back.  If you do not get a response from someone through the IAP email address, please email me directly at dkmllr@illinois.edu.  I will be happy to either try to get the answer for you or direct you to the proper channels.

Career Connections Calendar
Programs and Events Committee
March Luncheon

Our very own Michael Foellmer will present Resume and Cover Letter Writing Tips at the next Career Connections Luncheon on Wednesday, March 25 at 12:00 pm.

Are you a paid in full IAP Member?  If so, this event will be even more value for you.  Lunch will be taken care of for the first 45 current members who register.  Current members have paid in full prior to February 1, 2020.  We’re ordering Papa John’s Pizza, and an assortment will be provided on a first come first served basis.  So sign up today and select the first menu option:

  • Paid IAP Membership? Pizza included while supplies last.

Then enter "Foellmer" as the validation code.

Registration is open, click here: https://go.illinois.edu/IAPProfDevoResumeandCoverLetterWritingTips to sign up for this fantastic professional development event from IAP on Wednesday, March 25 at 12:00 pm in Huff Hall, Room 209.  Huff Hall is located at 1206 South Fourth Street in Champaign.  This event is focused on providing our members with information to help advance in the workplace. 

Registration Deadline is March 19 or as soon as this event reaches room reservation capacity.

February Luncheon

The last Career Connections Luncheon was Wednesday, February 19, and featured four community organizations hosted by the IAP Philanthropy Committee.  At the luncheon, these four organizations show-cased their missions, needs, and how IAP members could assist them. 

The four organizations that joined us were:

  • C-U At Home engages and mobilizes our community to house and support the most vulnerable homeless on their journey of healing and restoration.
  • Sistering C-U provides a postpartum support network for families in Champaign County and enables them to successfully navigate the challenge of life with a newborn.
  • Courage Connection ensures everyone in our community has the education, support, and resources to live in safe, healthy relationships.
  • The Daily Bread Soup Kitchen feeds the hungry of our community regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity and welcomes all volunteers to this service who share an unconditional positive regard for every human being. 

If you would like more information about how you can help out any of these wonderful community organizations, please contact the IAP Philanthopy Committee.

IAP Fundraising
Fundraising Committee
Thank you!

On behalf of the Fundraising Commitee, thank you so much to everyone who participated in the “Dine in to Donate” event at Texas Roadhouse on Tuesday, February 25.  We hope to provide more details in the next couple of weeks of how much revenue the event generated for Illinois Administrative Professionals.

Upcoming Events

I am seeking Basset-trained volunteers to help sell concessions at the following two upcoming events at the State Farm Center:

  • Wednesday, March 11 (check in by 5:30 pm – show starts at 8:00 pm) -  Gabriel Iglesias – Beyond the Fluffy World Tour
  • Saturday, March 28 (check in at 5:00 pm – show starts at 7:30 pm) – Justin Moore and Tracy Lawrence – Late Nights and Longnecks Tour

I only have one volunteer other than myself so for far for Iglesias.  We need at least 6 volunteers and ideally 8 – 12 to run a stand.  We have 5 volunteers so far for the Moore and Lawrence concert so I am seeking more volunteers for that concert as well.

I would truly appreciate your help with these fundraisers to benefit IAP programs.  Please contact me if you can volunteer.  Since we work only concerts and comedy shows, we have to take advantage of these opportunities when they are available.

Also, if anyone has questions about Basset training, please contact me.  We need more people to become Basset trained, and the training is good for three years.

Colleen Hammel and Penny Ames
IAP Fundraising Committee Chairs

IAP 2019 Office Professional of the Year

The Special Events Committee is requesting nominations for the Illinois Administrative Professionals, 2019 Office Professional of the Year award.  Nomination forms have been sent to supervisors of members that meet the following requirements:

  • Attended a minimum of (2) IAP meetings between July 2019 and February 2020
  • Paid AY2019-2020 IAP Membership dues and are in good standing
  • Not a previous IAP Office Professional of the Year winner
  • Not a current member of the elected IAP Executive Board
  • Not a current IAP Special Events Committee member

We will accept nominations online, as well as via email at nigh@illinois.edu

This year’s winning recipient will be announced at the IAP luncheon scheduled for Wednesday, April 15th, 2020, at 210 Illini Union.  Good luck to all the nominees and we hope to see everyone there!

Special Events Committee
Beth Lewis, Penny Nigh, Lisa Yanello

Illinois Marathon Volunteers - April 23-25

The 2020 Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon will require nearly 3,000 volunteer team members for a safe, fun event for the runners. Volunteers are the backbone of the race and it would not take place without them. In addition to some fun in the C-U community, each team member receives a Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon t-shirt and drawstring backpack.

We would like to have at least 10 IAP members to volunteer to help with this event.  If you are interested, please sign up using the links below for the day and time that works in your schedule:

Friday Course Team 5K

Saturday Course Team

When signing up, make sure to choose Illinois Administrative Professionals as your group name.  Training is required for those who are first-time course volunteers, and will be emailed to everyone who signs up. 

If you have any questions, please contact David Perryn (dperryn@illinois.edu). 


 Cooler and Backpack
IAP Branded Lunch Bags and Backpacks

The IAP branded lunch bags and clear backpacks are excellent gift ideas for Administrative Professionals Day. Not only do they promote a long-standing organization for administrative professionals, but they are also highly functional.

The clear backpacks meet the new security requirements at State Farm Center, Memorial Stadium and other large venues while the lunch bags can hold a variety of items in its zippered pouch.

Each are available for $10.00 each by contacting Andréa Fain (amfain@illinois.edu).

March Birthdays and Anniversaries

March Birthdays
Lisa Yanello - March 2
Jamie Willard - March 7
Kathy Bialeschki - March 14
Lori Osterbur - March 24

March Anniversaries
Megan Weeks - 8 years
Carolyn Hughes - 1 year