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March 2020 4-H Alumni News
 Tina Veal

Greetings from Illinois 4-H! 

I began my role on January 6 as the 4-H Alumni & Constituent Engagement Manager for Illinois 4-H.  Growing up in Illinois 4-H in Knox County, I launched my career path to study Agricultural Education at the University of Illinois, pursued a career as a 4-H Youth Development Educator in McLean County for 12 years and then returned to my alma mater to work with the loyal ACES alumni base as the ACES Alumni Director for 14 years. My two passions of 4-H Youth Development work and developing relationships with alumni bring me to this new role to launch the Illinois 4-H Alumni Association. 

We all have our own 4-H story! I am looking forward to hearing and learning more about yours! The Illinois 4-H program has a long history of making an impact on youth, building leaders and preparing them for success. We want to know how 4-H prepared you for the future! 

As we begin to build a new 4-H alumni association program, we have many opportunities to learn, engage and reconnect with 4-H alumni that are continuing to make a difference in the world. I look forward to the opportunity to meeting you, hearing your 4-H story and building opportunities for 4-H alumni to stay connected to the 4-H Clover.

Tina Veal
4-H Alumni & Constituent Engagement Manager
Illinois 4-H

 Taylor Hartke
4-H Alumni Profile: Taylor Hartke

Taylor Hartke, an Effingham County 4-H alumna credits her experiences to the Illinois 4-H program for helping develop her leadership and life skills as a young adult. Taylor shared, "Youth leadership programs, such as 4-H and FFA, give students of all ages a way to express themselves, develop in-depth knowledge, and learn valuable soft skills they can use no matter where life takes them." Taylor will transfer to Southern Illinois University after graduating from Lake Land College in 2020.  She plans to study agricultural communications.  Taylor was an active member of the Illinois 4-H Youth Leadership team and was a state officer for Illinois FFA. "On the State 4-H Youth Leadership Team, I met people who understood my passion for leadership and valued the skills and strengths I brought to the group." She values the experiences of both 4-H and FFA and said "With 4-H and FFA, there is a great opportunity to show a united front of youth in agricultural leadership." We sure have a strong future with a 4-H alumna like Taylor Hartke.

 National 4-H week icon
Experience 4-H Day with the Cardinals

Come join us for the 19th annual 4-H Day with the Cardinals on Saturday, May 9. The St. Louis Cardinals will take on the New York Mets in a 1:15 p.m. game. A great opportunity to network and share your 4-H pride as Illinois and Missouri Extension jointly sponsor this exciting event.

Are you a 4-H leader?  All 4-H members and their leader can take part in the parade around the ball field. That's right, you will get to walk around the field behind your county or club 4-H banner! Pre-game ceremonies also include a recitation of the 4-H pledge and ceremonial first pitch by a Missouri 4-H member. 

Register online with Missouri Extension for tickets to attend.  Deadline to order tickets is March 23.

Follow the non-member (non Missouri 4-H member) instructions to register.

Illinois 4-H is Making A Difference
 Photo of 2019 Enrollment Summary
 2019 Enrollment Summary

Have you seen the newest 4-H Cloverseed, an annual report of the Illinois 4-H program?  Illinois 4-H is empowering and preparing all Illinois youth for success by providing opportunities where they learn, practice, and demonstrate skills needed for home, career, and global citizenship. Regardless of who you are and the interests you bring, there’s a 4-H program where you belong and feel welcomed.

4-H is the place to help you channel your many gifts to set and achieve personal goals. 4-H doesn’t teach youth to be leaders someday in the future; 4-H places youth in meaningful leadership roles today and surrounds them with caring, supportive adults. If you are one of 25 million 4-H alum, we hope you'll consider gifts of time, talent, and resources to Illinois  4-H and the Illinois 4-H Foundation. 

We want to stay connected to you!

We are establishing Illinois 4-H Alumni Association social media and would like to invite you to like our new IL 4-H Alumni group. Stay up to date with news about Illinois 4-H & the Illinois 4-H Alumni Association.  If you know a 4-H alum that may not be connected, please feel free to share our newsletter and let them know to register as a 4-H alumni - go.illinois.edu/4Halum We look forward to continuing to build our Illinois 4-H alumni network!

The J. Miles and Maribel McGrew Family
The J. Miles and Maribel McGrew Family
McGrew Family Making A Difference in McDonough County

The McGrew Family from McDonough County bleeds green and white. They have a combined 92 family members that share 671 years of 4-H membership. After the family was recognized in 2013 with the 4-H Family Spirit award, they wanted to continue to make an impact on others, as 4-H did on them. The McGrew Family created an endowment through the Illinois 4-H Foundation that will expand opportunities for other 4-H families in their unit. "The endowment honors the legacy of Miles and Maribel left on the children of the community be encouraging other children to learn and grow through practical experiences,” said Judy Taylor, a member of the McGrew family. The family meets twice a year, and have included fundraising for the endowment. In 2020, they will have the honor to recognize their first recipient. “With 90 4-H family members in five generations, the McGrew family symbolizes a family that ‘bleeds green!’” said Angie Barnard, director of the Illinois 4-H Foundation. “The Foundation thanks them for their contribution to the 4-H program over the years. This family signifies what it means to ‘Make the Best Better.’”

national 4-H summit
Aja Capel represents Illinois at the National Youth Agri-Science Summit

Aja Capel represented Illinois 4-H at the recent National 4-H Council Youth Agri-Science Summit where she presented with Mark Becker, the Illinois 4-H food systems specialist. Aja was selected to attend for her experience in the world of tech through her time as a 4-H'er as well as with her non-profit, 'See Me In Stem' which promotes hands-on STEM opportunities to young girls of color throughout Illinois. Young people today are wanting to be involved in their food systems, to know where their food comes from and to support local farmers.

The Agri-Science summit was a great opportunity to be inspired by the 4-H youth who are the future of food in our country. Each 4-H delegation created a community action plan. Agriculture, food insecurity and food access, food policy and career/college pathways were just some of the topics discussed. With the support of National 4-H and the leadership of young people like Aja, Illinois 4-H will continue to provide opportunities for young people of all backgrounds to learn more about the opportunities in agriculture. 

Support 4-H
Joann "Pay it Fourward"

JOANN stores across the country help 4‑H clubs receive critical resources to bring more hands-on programs to local youth. Visit your local JOANN March 1- April 30 and purchase a “Pay It Fourward” tear away at register for either $1 or $4 and help to Inspire a Child’s Creativity through 4‑H. If you donate $4, JOANN will give you a coupon to use on a future purchase.

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