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April 2020
AITS Goes for the Gold during Employee Appreciation Week

Recap courtesy of Stephan Seyfert

While the actual Olympic Games won't be happening in Tokyo this summer, AITS employees already took home a gold medal during Employee Appreciation Week March 2-6.
It’s been said the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach, and a big part of Appreciation Week involves food. Refreshing, fruit-infused water was provided all week with different flavors each day.

Tuesday started with the “Opening Ceremony” cereal and breakfast bar followed by “Gold Medal Goodies” in the afternoon, featuring Olympic cookies and other snacks.

Wednesday kicked off with “Olympic Rings” – donuts with Olympic colored icing – as part of a breakfast spread. The afternoon snacks featured golden popcorn.

Thursday morning started off with a special treat as the AITS Leadership Team served a “Team Captain’s Breakfast” featuring hot and homemade items such as breakfast casseroles, biscuits and gravy, breakfast burritos, and a large variety of other hot and cold items. The afternoon snacks were a true reward with cake and ice cream included. You can read Matt Macomber's food review of the breakfast here!

To burn off some of those calories, Office Olympics were held on Tuesday afternoon. The friendly and challenging competition pitted colleagues against each other in three events. Bowling, using a toddler bowling set, proved to be more challenging than many expected. Rubber band archery was also a difficult feat. The paper “javelin” toss (using paper airplanes) was a highly competitive activity, with the gold medal going to an amazing 39’1” toss by Steve Ashwill.

Another contest was held on Thursday afternoon to see who could race the fastest through a series of locations while using their wits to solve clues in a scavenger hunt. Student worker Adam Frerichs won this heated competition after other competitors struggled to figure out the clue for the break room vending machine or the one for the mail room.

Employees were also encouraged to wear patriotic clothing representing any country on Wednesday. Gold medals, champion certificates, and refreshing sports drinks were also delivered to each employee’s workspace during the week. The “Closing Ceremony” on Friday featured a smorgasbord of snacks remaining from the week.

Many people contribute to making the week a success, including employees who volunteer, AITS Leadership Team members, AITS Social Committee members, and the AITS Strategic Human Capital team. This year's theme, specifically, was a huge success thanks to Mike LaPointe for allowing use of his authentic Olympic memorabilia including flags, banners, and uniforms!

Preventing Harassment and Discrimination Training 2020

The deadline for the 2020 Preventing Harassment and Discrimination Training for all employees has been extended through 6:00 PM on May 1, 2020.
All faculty and staff, including medical residents and extra help employees, are required to complete the Preventing Harassment and Discrimination training module. This online course addresses sexual misconduct prevention and harassment in the workplace. Completion of this course is mandatory for all employees and satisfies the requirements outlined in state and federal law.

Accessing the Course:

  1. Open a web browser and go to: https://go.uillinois.edu/sexual_misconduct_training
  2. Select your university location, if prompted
  3. Enter your university net id and password
  4. Click the “Login” button
  5. Select the green “Start” button on the Preventing Harassment and Discrimination: Non-Supervisor with Title IX/Clery icon to begin your coursework

Course Content Questions?

Cybersecurity Training

Several training modules are available now. Completing one or more puts you ahead of the attackers when it comes to identifying and avoiding cyber threats. We encourage you to try one of these modules. Please visit: https://go.uillinois.edu/securitytraining. Anyone who has not already completed a training module will receive a follow up email with a suggested assignment to complete by May 15.

Read more about the program on the cybersecurity page – https://cybersecurity.uillinois.edu/training.   

Please reach out to securitysupport@illinois.edu with any questions or feedback.

Recognizing AITS Employees

If you'd like to recognize a colleague for doing great work, use our High Fives & Fist Bumps tool! Recognition from our customers can be submitted to our Recognition Team at aitsrecognitionprgm@uillinois.edu. Think that someone you work with is beyond excellent? Take it one step further and nominate them for the AITS Excellence Award!

High Fives & Fist Bumps

"Kristi Moore is a true asset to our Service Management (TeamDynamix) project and to AITS overall. Her strength in business process improvement is inspiring and provides insight for those she works with. A number of units outside of, and within, AITS have complimented her efforts [...]. Thank you Kristi for your expertise and dedication to business process improvements and your overall facilitation efforts."

-Recognized by
Christina Molitor

"Dustin Gentry Rocks!  Thanks Dustin for getting the wheels back in motion on a change control that was stuck, I appreciate the fast turnaround!"

-Recognized by
Chris Newman

"Keri Canaday has gone above and beyond to mitigate risks for the GASP project. She has learned the intricate details about the purchasing process and helping departments through resource concerns and constraints."

-Recognized by
AJ Lavender

"Tanya Williamson has gone above and beyond to plan a team training with the Siebel Center for Design.  It was one of the most helpful training I have gone to and I appreciated her efforts to make it happen."

-Recognized by
Keri Canaday

"[Henry Ma, Layne Warfel, Marty McLain and Thomas Dawson] Thanks so much for your help with the IAM servers lately.  Thank you for adding disk, opening firewalls, creating certificates MORE THAN ONCE! (because I send the wrong numbers or names, etc). My mind has been scattered lately with several projects and I just wanted to Thank You for your patience and your help!"

-Recognized by
Alan Schuele

"The AITS Service Desk would like to give Candice Solomon-Strutz a HUGE High Five and Fist Bump for always making HAB feel apart of AITS by coming over and involving us in social events."

-Recognized by
AITS Service Desk

"Congratulations to Wes Pate for achieving certification in ITIL 4!!”

-Recognized by
Shawn Lee

"Jared Ross has been an invaluable source of knowledge, leadership and assistance on the AITS Security Application Analysis Project [...].  His collaboration skills supported keeping the team on track and I can't wait to work with him on future endeavors!  Thanks so much Jared!"

-Recognized by
Tanya Williamson

"Many thanks to Chuck Schultz for helping me with SQL job issues this morning and giving his time with no heads up. He's expertise is very valuable. ​ I very much appreciate it!."

-Recognized by 
Pawel Czarnota

"Michelle Twist has gone above and beyond to help me complete a decision document for the GASB 87 Project. I would not have been able to get it done without her help due to time constraints [...].  Thank you for stepping up to help."

-Recognized by 
Keri Canaday

"Thank you, JC Steenbergen, for working with a client to get the correct version of Oracle installed on her machine so she could successfully install and run the uAchieve client.  You went above and beyond, helping with multiple installs/un-installs.  Your efforts allowed the client to advise students as they navigate their path toward a degree."

-Recognized by
Dave Wells

"Thank you Dave, Eric, Julia, and Mike for your openness and willingness to assist on client issues. The client was in a bind, as are all employees during these unprecedented times, and needed uAchieve to work on her home machine. Oracle was giving us problems from the start; each of you played a role in guiding me through the process. I am grateful to know we have amazing team members all throughout AITS. [...]"

-Recognized by
JC Steenbergen

"In the face of an unexpected and unprecedented situation with COVID19, the AITS Leadership Team has responded proactively, effectively, and in a manner that demonstrates truly valuing the people in our organization above all else. The response has been above and beyond what is required or expected and is helping keep employees healthy, informed, and (hopefully) calm and actively engaged. Through your efforts and direction, while we may be isolated, people certainly shouldn't feel alone in this. Thanks for all you're doing to lead through this challenge."

-Recognized by 
AITS Employees

Happy Customers

"Teresa Woodley, Kelly Elkins, Qeshawnda (Haynes of ACCC), and everybody else involved with my requests were absolutely wonderful in helping me! My situation was rather complex because I was previously an employee at UIUC but am now an employee at UIC. [...] THANK YOU AITS! :) "

-Recognized by
Sandra Gonzalez 
of UIC College of Education

"Christina Molitor went out of her way during the recent UIC acquisition of John Marshall Law School.  Her efforts did not go unnoticed, as she made sure that tasks were completed, questions were answered and grey areas were clarified and documented. Many discussions and decisions were completed because of her leadership.  Thank you Christina, for your constant dedication, reliability and professionalism.  I am so grateful for a teammate like you!"

-Recognized by
Stacey Valuch 
of UIC Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

"It seems that your talented team has come to my rescue once again! I had been struggling with a Financial Aid situation that was threatening to reach epic proportions of drama, and Pete Bossert swooped in and saved the day. I am so thankful for his expertise and assistance, especially when he is likely swamped with a multitude of other issues as well. I practically threw myself at his feet and begged for mercy, which he graciously provided. I just wanted to pass along my appreciation – Pete made a huge difference for UIS and our students and we are ever so grateful."

-Recognized by Kara McElwrath 
of UIS Information Technology Services

Training Activities

Decision Support General Report Assistance

1-on-1 Report Assistance

AITS offers training sessions and 1-on-1 report assistance with our data experts. To register or to see the complete schedule, please visit the Training Registration Application. If a session is full, please click the Wait List link to be added to our wait list.

Deployment/Rollout Activities

– iBuy 20.1 Maintenance Release into Production
4/9 – AITS Decision Support Monthly Changes
4/14 - Apply Microsoft critical patches to non-production servers
4/15 – UIC Summer Registration (Heavy activity via Student self-service)
4/16 – Apply Microsoft critical patches to production servers
4/18 – Official 1098T run
4/20 – Priority registration for UIUC & UIS (heavy activity via Student self-service)
4/25 – Clarity 15.7.1 Upgrade

Upcoming Social Events

Mark your calendars for the following social events!

April 11: The AITS Social Committee with be hosting Story Time with the Easter Bunny! Tune in with your kiddos and families on Saturday, April 11 at 10:00 AM CST on Zoom to hear the Easter Bunny read spring-time story. Look for additional information and a Zoom meeting link in an upcoming email!

April 16: Tune in for the AITS Quartly Business Meeting to see what new and upcoming in our department! Check your meeting invitations for a link to the all-employee Skype call.