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November 9 ♦  Fall 2020 ♦  View Past Newsletters

WGGP Fellowships & Award Application Open

The application for 2021-2022 Rita and Arnold Goodman Fellowship, Barbara A. Yates Fellowship along with other WGGP Awards is now available. 

2020-22 application deadline is February 16, 2021 at 11:59pm

Complete details available at:

Online application available at

Link for referees to complete letter of recommendation

WGGP Upcoming Events
photo of Hoda Elsadda 
Professor Hoda Elsadda, Cairo University and founding member of the Women and Memory Forum 

Arab Feminisms: A History of Contestation and Negotiation

Friday, November 13 @ 12:00pm CST

online via zoom

Speaker: Hoda Elsadda is a professor of English and Comparative Literature at Cairo University, Chair and founding member of the Women and Memory Forum.

Click to register



WGGP Co-Sponsored Events
Dr. Susan Martinis photo 
Dr. Susan Martinis 

Women in Science Lecture Series: November Lecture

November 10, 2020
12:00pm-1:00pm. CST

online via Zoom

Registrations will close at 11am CST on November 10th. All registrants will receive a video recording of Dr. Martinis's talk, so please register even if you are unable to make the lecture.

Click to register

CGS Event Series: COVID-19 & Water

"Syndemics: Theory & Application"

Wednesday, November 11 @ 12:00pm CST

online via Zoom

Syndemics refers to complex epidemics involving two types of adverse interaction – the clustering and interactions of two or more diseases or health conditions (the biological–biological interface)and social environmental factors (the biological–social interface). The theory has been widely applied in the fields of medicine, public health and anthropology. CGS and WGGP are proud to welcome four scholars who have been active in this new field of research.

Guest speakers: Emily Mendenhall, Bayla Ostrach, Rebecca Smith, Caitlin Clarke 

Click to register

The Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies:

“Gender Apartheid and Micropolitics of Liberating Space in Urban and Peri-Urban Iran”

Tuesday, November 17 @ 12:00pm CST 

online via Zoom

About the speaker: Atyeh Ashtari is a GRID student and PhD candidate in the Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning, UIUC. Click here to view Atyeh's GRID Student Profile.

Click to register
Upcoming Campus Events
The State of Womxn: Part II 

The State of Womxn: Part II

Monday, November 9 @ 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

online via Zoom 

Come see WGGP's own Acting Director Flavia Andrade moderate and speak at this Zoom event discussing the current state of womxn. 

Click here to register




"2020 U.S. Elections: Where Do We Go From Here? Global and Local Perspectives"

Tuesday, November 10 @ 12p.m. CST

online via Zoom

The European Union Center will be hosting a post-election discussion with two distinguished political scientists, Katherine J. Cramer and Brian Gaines, who will talk about what we have learned about the views of voters in the Midwest in the 2020 U.S. presidential election and what implications are unfolding for U.S. relations with countries in Europe.

Click to register and learn more

"The New Speed of Politics: Technology and Sustainability in the EU"

Thursday, November 12 @ 12:00p.m. CST

online via Zoom

Countries of the European Union have collectively offered a leading global voice on the use of technology for local and planetary sustainability. This panel brings together two Former Members of the European Parliament with comparative experience in urban politics and corporate governance, from experience in the national politics of older and newer member states. 

Click to register and learn more

Free Online Workshop:
"Motivate Your Students with Real-Life Tasks and Scenarios"

Thursday, November 12 @ 4:00-5:30p.m. CST

online via Zoom

In this session, participants will be introduced to examples of scenarios used in beginning and intermediate Russian classes, including a simulated day in St. Petersburg, a lesson in which students imagine themselves working in a clothing store in Russia, and a lesson in which they learn to go shopping in Russia. Click to learn more about this workshop.

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Elevating Voices: Visualizing Social Justice Through Art 

Elevating Voices: Visualizing Social Justice Through Art

Submissions due: Friday, November 13

Open call for artists: The School of Social Work is currently seeking qualified artists to submit proposals for the series, which will be displayed at the School of Social Work, located at 1010 W. Nevada Street in Urbana, IL. This opportunity is open to students, artists in the Champaign-Urbana community, or artists with ties to the University of Illinois. This series will contain works of art to recognize the need for, and facilitate discussions surrounding the complexities of racial and social justice. The series is made possible through funding from the John N. Chester Estate Endowment Fund.

Click to learn more
Leslie Erganian 

Happy #WomeninHistoryWednesday!

This #WomenInHistoryWednesday, we celebrate UIUC alum Leslie Erganian! As an UIUC alum, she has become a well-known artist and photographer with several exhibitions, publications, and television appearances. 

This series is displayed every Wednesday on our website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

New Faculty Affiliate
Felisa Reynolds 

Felisa Vergara Reynolds is Assistant Professor of French for the Department of French and Italian at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Felisa primarily works on the legacy and impact of colonialism on literature in French, from the former colonies. In particular, she focuses on literature in French from the Caribbean, West Africa, and North Africa. Felisa is particularly concerned with the continued influence of colonialism in the post-colonial era, and how it is represented in cultural production. She is currently wrapping up work on my book The Author as Cannibal: Re-Writing in Francophone Literature as a Postcolonial Genre (1969-1995), which will be published by Nebraska Press in the Fall of 2021.   Click here to learn more about Felisa Reynolds.

To learn more about becoming a WGGP Faculty Affiliate, please contact WGGP Assistant Director, Anita Kaiser, at arkaiser@illinois.edu or (217) 333-6221

Click to see more Faculty Affiliates


GRID Students
Efadul Huq 
Congratulations to Winner of the Fall 2020 Graduate Student Leadership Award Efadul Huq! Efadul is a doctoral student in Urban and Regional Planning. At the intersection of Huq’s research and leadership efforts is a deep commitment to social justice. This drive has led to substantial accomplishments while serving in various organizations including the United Students Against Sweatshops, Graduate Employee’s Organization, CU Immigration Forum, and others. Click here to view Efadul's GRID Student Profile.
If you would like your story shared, please contact Anita Kaiser at arkaiser@illinois.edu
Event Reflections

In case you missed the events below, they are now on Media Space!

"The place and role of the Storyteller in the transmission of knowledge in Africa" - a presentation by Roukiatou Bâ

October 21, 2020

Click to watch webinar



“Restroom Revolution! Gender and Family Issues in Public Restroom Design: A Local and Global Perspective” - Faculty Affiliate Lecture by Kathryn Anthony

October 16, 2020

Click to watch webinar

Portraits Of Resilience: How 19 Women Around The Globe Face The Pandemic

"Life is hard for everyone during a pandemic. But in a global crisis, it is women who carry extra burdens, says Raquel Lagunas, director of the gender team at the United Nations Development Programme. 'Because of their reproductive role in society, they are ones taking care of the kids, the house, the food, the survival of families.'" 

Click here to read the full story!


"Women Are Falling Behind"

Large-scale study backs up other research showing relative declines in women's research productivity during COVID-19.

Click here to read to the full story. 


Study Tips and Strategies to Help Your Students Succeed in Online Instruction

Early in the Spring, CITL launched a series of Student Resources aimed at helping students perform better in their online courses. We are continuing to update these resources to meet the changing needs of students during the pandemic. Please make your students aware of these tips by sharing this link - https://go.citl.illinois.edu/student_success.

WGGP Programs



The Spring 2021 GRID Elective Course List
is now available.  Please visit the courses page.


WGGP Gender Relations in International

Development Graduate Minor

WGGP offers a graduate minor in Gender Relations in International Development (GRID). The GRID interdisciplinary minor is designed to give students the analytical and empirical skills needed to address and critically evaluate human development issues in research and policy analysis, as well as in daily life. As of 2019, GRID Alumni have come from 35 departments across campus and 50 different countries.

To learn more about the GRID minor, please contact Anita Kaiser at arkaiser@illinois.edu or by phone at 333-6221.


Undergraduate Certificate

in Global Health

Joint with WGGP and LAS Global Studies

Certificate Description

LAS Global Studies, in conjunction with Women and Gender in Global Perspectives (WGGP), is offering a Certificate in Global Health. This certificate is open to all undergraduate majors at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

More information about the Global Health Certificate and upcoming information sessions is available here


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