News from the CEE Young Engineers Division.
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YED Newsletter | June 2020


The goal of the Scholarship Committee is to establish a means for young alumni to philanthropically support current students through a dedicated YED scholarship.

The YED Scholarship Fund has been successfully established and is accepting gifts from young alumni in the form of both one-time and recurring payments (for example, a $60 gift to the fund could be made by making a single payment in that amount up front or by making payments of $5/month over a period of one year). Even small gifts to the fund will add up to make a big difference in the lives of current CEE at Illinois students!

We currently anticipate that scholarships will be awarded in $1,000 increments. Throughout the year, we will provide updates on the total value of gifts received as well as details on scholarships awarded.

Find out how you can add your support to the YED Scholarship at


The Networking Committee is hosting a young alumni happy hour networking event on Friday, June 26. We encourage all recent graduates and young alumni to attend and learn more about the YED. More details to follow!

Monthly Networking Tip: Here are 7 tips for job searching during the Coronavirus pandemic (read the full Forbes article here)

  • Focus on those organizations that are actively advertising new job listings.
  • If you’re searching for work in an industry where most companies were forced to close their doors and were unable to operate their business in an online environment, use this time to lay the groundwork for your job search so you can hit the ground running later in the year. Or, you can adjust your job goals and pursue opportunities that are currently available in other complementary fields.
  • If your schedule allows, try to sneak in a phone call with a prospective employer or submit a few job applications during the work day when you’re not at the office.  If you’re doing a phone interview, you have the luxury of referencing notes you’ve prepared without the interviewer’s knowledge.
  • Between resources such as LinkedIn and 10times, and video-conferencing tools like Zoom, FaceTime, and Google Meet, you can still reconnect with your existing contacts, meet new people in your chosen field or industry via virtual events, and conduct informational interviews over the phone or through video calls. Start by looking at your first and second connections on LinkedIn and prioritizing those who currently work or previously worked in the field, industry, or for a company that interests you.
  • When it comes to video interviews, be mindful of controlling your environment and treating the virtual meeting as though it were an in-person interview
  • Use this time now to consider what you’re looking for in both your next position and your future employer. Then, start laying the groundwork for a successful search, such as updating your resume and LinkedIn profile and tapping into your network for help.
  • If you want to make a change but are unsure what you’d like to do, start by searching for people who have a similar background and have made a considerable career transition. This is a great way to determine what industries will value your unique skills and experience.

The Career Development Committee's goal is to provide guidance to young alumni of both graduate and undergraduate programs regarding continuing education and professional development. We will be compiling and disseminating useful information on licensure and certification requirements, and providing guidance on skill development for various career tracks.

To help us develop the most relevant resources to the UIUC CEE young alumni community, please fill out our survey by clicking this link (or copy-paste this URL into your browser: The survey should take less than 5 minutes.


The YED mentorship committee provides a one-on-one mentoring program to UIUC CEE recent alumni (graduated in the last 5 years). Recent alumni will have an opportunity to apply to the program upon graduation with the objective of providing them with a resource to network and connect with more experienced alumni. Mentor/mentee pairs will be established based on matching experience and skills of the mentor with goals and needs of the mentee. Mentors will be generally expected to correspond with their mentee periodically during the mentorship cycle, providing them with guidance on their post-graduation pursuits with the expectation of a 2-year period.
We understand finding the right company or position can be challenging, especially during this ongoing pandemic period where opportunities are limited.  Through this program, you will have direct contact with senior alumni professionals in your field of interest. The program will provide career, professional, and personal development opportunities, while strengthening your professional network. This direct access to experienced successful professionals will prove to be an asset for your career development.

We have set up a survey that will allow us to learn more about interested participants. This information would help us match students with mentors based on interest and experience.

Survey Links:

Mentee Application:

Mentor Application:

To enroll as a mentee complete the Mentee Application. To enroll as a mentor complete the Mentor Application. For questions, our committee can be contacted at