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March 3, 2021

 LCLC Peer Tutoring Spanish German Italian French Spring 2021
 In the picture: 2017 Language Map (top right) and LCLC Peer Tutors (counter-clockwise from top left) Emma, Chantelle, Abdallah, and Megan

Dear UIC Language Student: 

It’s Mother Language Day and you can help celebrate the linguistic richness of the UIC community by contributing your own experience to the LCLC Language Map.

What language(S) do you speak, understand, dream in, learn?  Do you speak one language at home and one at at school?

To put yourself on the map, click here (no personal information is collected), and choose the language(S) that are part of your life.

To see the map, and the many languages that students, faculty and staff speak, understand, and are learning now: LCLC Language Map.

The map will continually update, so visit often to see it grow across the globe.

Encourage your UIC friends (students, faculty, and staff) to contribute to the map by sending them this link.  


NEW PEER TUTORS STARTED THIS WEEK: Meet them here! Click on each language to see all the tutors in Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

Tutoring is all online and drop-in, so check out our schedules and click the link when you’re ready to chat with a tutor in Spanish, French, German, or Italian!

Questions about peer tutoring? Great, contact us at language-peer-tutors@uic.edu, and visit our website for more info.


Here’s the news from our undergraduate peer tutors:


Former LCLC Peer Tutor Karen describes why she became a peer tutor

Mautise, French peer tutor 
Meet Mautise, one of our French peer tutors!

Bonjour tout le monde!! I am a sophomore Biology major with a minor in French. Once I graduate from UIC, I plan to become a Physician’s Assistant. I live with my family in Manhattan, a tiny town about an hour from Chicago. I transferred from Joliet Junior College to UIC this fall, and due to covid-19, I have never been on campus. I currently work two jobs, Amazon and JCPenney, for 35-40 hours a week. I know it is difficult to work and go to school online, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I was born in Haiti and came to the USA in 2010 after the 2010 earthquake. I chose to study French because once I came to the USA, I forgot my native language, Haitian Creole. Here at UIC, I started in French 104, French is very similar to Haitian Creole and I wanted to reconnect with my native roots. As of now, I have fallen in love with the language. I want to be a French tutor because I know how difficult and stressful it is to learn another language; I want to alleviate some of the stress and pressure that students face when learning another language as well as make the process as enjoyable and as simple as possible, by helping students find the best way to be proactive and study. I am looking forward to seeing you at the online French tutoring sessions!

 Valeria dancing
2-23-2021: Valeria on a fun, cultural performance

My municipality and even the state, would hold multiple cultural events throughout the year in which different folklore dance groups would showcase their dances from all regions of the country, along with their corresponding traditional attire. I grew up attending a lot of these showcases and I always thought of how fun it would be to dress up in beautiful colorful dresses and wear such amazing makeup and cool hairstyles with ribbons and flowers.


Click here to read the rest of Valeria's blog!

Cueva de las manos 
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Cueva de las manos

Cueva de las Manos is a cave located in the Santa Cruz province of Argentina that is famous for the hand paintings covering the cave walls. These paintings date back around 13,000 to 9,000 years ago, with some early artwork being carbon-dated back to 7300 BCE. This cave, situated in the valley of the Pinturas River in Patagonia, was last inhabited by ancestors of the Tehuelche people around 700 CE. The hand paintings were stencilled and painted using natural mineral pigments: iron oxides (red and purple), kaolin (white), natrojarosite (yellow), and manganese oxide (black) mixed with a binder. In addition to hand paintings, there are also images of humans, animals, and hunting scenes. This stone age art is important for us to understand some aspects of early Patagonian hunters’ lifestyles and behavior. Cueva de las Manos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Want to know more about Cueva de las Manos? Check out its page on UNESCO’s website! https://whc.unesco.org/en/list/936/

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