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Bond, Clinton, Jefferson, Marion & Washington counties
Bond County 4-H Virtual Achievement Awards Program

Don't forget to join us on Sunday, December 6 at 2:00 p.m. for the 2020 Achievement Awards program. The Bond County Youth Representatives will be presenting the winners for the end of the year award applications, scholarships and the winners from the 2020 virtual shows. We will also be recognizing our fantastic volunteers. Please show your support for the leaders and members that worked so hard during this crazy year and made the additional effort to compete in the virtual shows. We will be meeting via Zoom. The link is listed below.


December 4-H Newsletter

We are having a holiday party on December 17 at 6:30 p.m., and hoping your family can attend. The party will be on zoom. Wear your favorite holiday gear-ugly Christmas sweater, fun holiday hats, cute matching Christmas pajamas for the family-bring it on! We'll have some holiday activities and play some fun games. 

No registration is needed, just follow this link at party time.


Meeting ID: 849 4267 9771

Password: 745991

The whole family is invited to attend. We hope to see you there. 


At the National 4-H Youth Summit on Agri-Science, high school students develop the skills and knowledge needed for the challenges facing agriculture, food security, and sustainability. Students will work with each other and experts in the agricultural community in this collaborative, hands-on educational setting. The summit will be an opportunity to meet like-minded peers from across the country, learn more about career opportunities, and network with professionals in the field of Agri-science. As a cornerstone of the experience, participants are challenged to identify and develop action plans that address issues related to agriculture in their community. For more information visit: https://4-h.org/parents/national-youth-summits/#!agri-science

For more information, contact Mark Becker, mbbecker@illinois.edu


It’s not too late to jump in on the Barred Owl Nest Box Challenge.   Last year over 30 sets of boxes were installed, and are set to be monitored this coming spring!   New boxes must be made and set by mid-January at the latest to give momma owl time to find and choose her favorite style of nest box!    For details and instructions, contact Curt Sinclair at sinclair@illinois.edu

 Click on the photo to register

In coordination with the National 4-H Council and the Illinois 4-H Foundation, youth leaders will work with an industry leader in addressing topics of sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship. Teams must consist of three youth leaders and one adult mentor. Applications are due December 31, 2020. Projects will be supported up to $1,000.  

Link to application: https://go.illinois.edu/NutrienCAP 

For more information, contact Mark Becker, mbbecker@illinois.edu


Want to do more about food insecurity where you live? With the support of the Illinois 4-H Foundation, youth leaders throughout Illinois will have the opportunity to receive financial support for projects addressing food security, food access, and food justice in their neighborhoods and communities. Applications are due Monday, December 21 for review by the Food Advocacy Team. For more information and ideas for service-learning projects, see the online application: https://go.illinois.edu/FoodAdvocacyGrant

For more information, contact Mark Becker, mbbecker@illinois.edu.


With eSports becoming one of the largest growing tech industries in the world, with an annual revenue of $1.5 billion with an expectation to reach $2.2 billion by 2023, it is time that our youth become poised and ready to meet the demands of this growing field.

Are you at least 12 years old and own a computer or gaming system? This year Illinois 4-H released a pilot curriculum focused on the growing field of electronic sports, or eSports, and we would like to pilot it with you! As a pilot, we hope to add to and modify the curriculum based on the feedback and input of the youth involved. Under the direction of Illinois 4-H Computer Science Innovator Eric Li, youth will be virtually guided (using Zoom) through the eSports Pilot curriculum, learn the basics of the eSports field, and learn about the hardware and software that makes eSports possible. In addition, youth will be able to play and practice their favorite games as a team, and potentially compete in one or more eSports competitions through the Spring and Summer.

Registration for this opportunity will open on Dec. 1 and close on Jan. 15, with meetings beginning the third week of January. Schedule and goals will be determined/presented in the first meeting with plans on meeting at least twice a month (and more frequently before competitions). 

Interested youth can sign up at the link below:


For questions or comments, please contact the Illinois 4-H STEM Team at Illinois4h-STEM@illinois.edu