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It’s hard to believe summer is almost over! Fall semester is right around the corner and classes will resume before we know it. We understand this year has been unlike any other and we are all adjusting to new ways of working and teaching.

This month’s Tech Talk highlights some touching IT news, as well as the services, tools, and resources you need to start off the academic year right. And remember - ACCC is here to provide you with the tech support you need to help you deliver academic excellence.

 Robert Sandusky Award

The Robert Sandusky IT Community Leadership (RSCL) Award
As some of you may know, we sadly lost Robert J. Sandusky, better known as Bob, to cancer in April. Bob was the Assistant University Librarian for Information Technology and Clinical Associate Professor in the Richard J. Daley Library at UIC.

Since 2007, Bob’s dedicated efforts and research made significant impacts to the university, library, and the information science community. His research and publications focused on data management and reuse, sociotechnical systems, and most recently on the application of notions of computational provenance to libraries, archives, and museums. Bob was engaged nationally in the National Science Foundation-funded DataONE: Observation Network for Earth project and served as chair of the Institutional Stewardship of Research Data Subcommittee and the Senate Support Services Committee among other councils and boards.

To celebrate his memory, we are pleased to announce that the Office of the CIO and the University Library, with the support of the IT Leadership Council’s Infrastructure Committee, has renamed the IT Community Leadership Award to the Robert Sandusky IT Community Leadership (RSCL) Award in honor of Bob's leadership and collaboration across UIC’s IT community, as well as his significant contributions to information technology. For more details on nomination eligibility and forms, see the Robert Sandusky IT Community Leadership and Rising Star Nomination Criteria & Nomination Form. The deadline to submit nominations is Friday, 09/11/2020.

 Student on laptop

ACCC Services and Support | Fall 2020 Operations
The current pandemic presents various challenges and changes in processes for the UIC community. ACCC is adapting to “new ways of working” and wants to ensure faculty, students and staff are aware of service status and support operations for the fall semester.

Most ACCC services remain fully available and supported during this time, with a few exceptions. Visit the ACCC Fall Operations page to obtain up-to-date information on general tech support, LTS support, walk-in support, personal device maintenance, computer lab & classroom status, and more: accc.uic.edu/fall-operations

 Photo Roster
 Class Photo Roster Youtube Video

Class Photo Roster
Available under Tools in Blackboard, the Class Photo Roster got improved functionality this summer. Now, students and instructors can use this tool to add their personal pronouns, preferred names, and name pronunciation, which can enhance communications, help create an inclusive learning environment, and help build social presence in online courses. Watch this 5-minute video to learn more.


Introducing Socrates
The LTS team is excited to introduce Socrates, a new chatbot available on the Blackboard login page offering on-demand support and answers to frequently asked questions related to Blackboard, password assistance, course activities, and more! Socrates is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To start a conversation with Socrates, simply go to the Blackboard login page, click the purple icon button in the lower right-hand corner and the chatbox will appear. Give it a try at uic.blackboard.com

 Woman on Laptop

This summer, LTS, Extended Campus, and University partners hosted several webinars on the use of the technologies available to instructors. If you missed them, you may find the recordings in this article:

LTS Webinar Calendar
Visit the LTS Webinar Calendar to view upcoming learning opportunities. 

LTS Support for Fall 2020 Semester
LTS Support services remain fully available for the fall semester to offer faculty assistance with moving classes online, using Blackboard and other instructional tools, and consultations on multimedia and instructional design principles. 

  • Instructional Design offices will be closed, but requests for Instructional Design and Blackboard consultation can be made online using the ID Office Hours Booking Calendar
  • The Academic Multimedia Lab will be available by appointment only for virtual consultations; requests can be made online using the Multimedia Booking Calendar.
  • Email, phone, and in-person support will be available Monday through Thursday, 7:30 am to 9:00 pm and Friday 7:30 am to 7:00 pm.
    • Email LTS@uic.edu
    • Phone 312-413-0003 option 1
      • If you leave a message, a ticket will automatically be created on your behalf and we will follow up with you.
    • In-Person Support*
      • Available to faculty teaching on campus – Lecture Center E room E112
  • For more information on ACCC Service and Support Operations for the fall semester, visit the Fall Operations page.

*For any in-person support services, ACCC staff will be adhering to the University’s Personal Health and Safety procedures in response to the current pandemic. All in-person clients are required to do the same for the health and safety of the community.

Laptop or Hotspot Request
While classes are being conducted online, UIC has made available a limited quantity of University-owned laptops and cellular hotspots as a temporary loan to students who do not have reliable access to a computer and/or internet at their home. If students enrolled in your Fall 2020 course need a laptop or cellular hotspot, please have them complete and submit this form.

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Did you know instructors can incorporate LinkedIn Learning into classes to help students prepare for class and their careers? LinkedIn Learning has over 15,000 online courses available with 30-60 new classes uploaded every week on a myriad of topics in business, technology and creative suites. Learn more here: go.uic.edu/linkedinlearningforteaching

August Featured Courses

Moving Your Class Online Quickly & Efficiently
In this 1-hour course, seasoned educators help you successfully make the jump to online learning, sharing strategies for taking what was great about your in-person course and making it work in a virtual classroom. Learn about the process of incorporating both synchronous and asynchronous virtual learning opportunities into your new virtual classroom.

Learning Zoom
In this 1-hour course, learn how to schedule, moderate, and participate in Zoom meetings. This course covers setting up your Zoom account, adjusting audio and video settings, joining and participating in meetings, adjusting views, muting your microphone, turning your video camera on and off, sharing your screen, and more.

Mindful Meditations for Work and Life
This 1.5-hour audio course offers a practical and easy approach to meditation, including simple, short exercises that you can build into regular practice. Learn the science underlying the brain-body connection and how adapting your posture and changing your position can help you relax. Explore different kinds of breathing exercises, and discover visualization and loving-kindness techniques to open your mind and your heart. 


Adobe Sign Available
Learn about electronic signature application Adobe Sign, a tool that allows users to securely sign, initial, and enter other information on electronic documents rather than a physical copy. With this tool, there is no need to meet in-person or print and mail physical documents to obtain signatures. Speed up approval and administrative processes! go.uic.edu/AdobeSign


August Scheduled Maintenance 
August 14-16, 2020
ACCC maintenance windows begin at 9:30 pm on Friday and end at 11:59 pm on Sunday.

Maintenance windows are scheduled to have the least impact on operations, and service downtime is kept to a minimum. However, certain services may be unavailable for extended periods of time due to necessary updates.

For August 14-16 Maintenance Window updates visit:


Officials at the University of Illinois at Chicago, along with public health officials locally and nationally, are closely monitoring an outbreak of respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

UIC has created a webpage to bring the latest news and information about COVID-19 to the campus community and to answer Frequently Asked Questions: today.uic.edu/coronavirus