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April 30, 2013

The following items have appeared recently in newspapers, blogs, on websites and other media regarding PHL and might be of interest to affiliates of the ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss.


  • In April experts discussed the role of the private sector in global agricultural value chains as part of the Dupont Agricultural Development Roundtable Series hosted by the International Food Policy Research Institute. The discussion can be viewed here.
  • At a recent international symposium co-organized by the International Food Policy Research Institute and RenMin University in China, experts discussed Value Chain for Development (VC4D), which is the accepted approach for pro-poor smallholder development. The plan involves focusing on strengthening value chains, and encourages the role of public-private partnerships.


  • At least 32 tramlines will be built in the Phillippines by August 2013 in effort to raise farmers' incomes through reducing postharvest losses. The Department of Agriculture expects lower transportation costs to contribute to a decrease in loss from 25% to 5%, and farming communities in hilly and mountainous regions are being targeted.


  • Northern Mali faces a severe food security crisis due to ethnic violence. The situation is close to reaching emergency status, and international actors are calling for increased food distribution and release of emergency funds.
  • Malawi is experiencing a severe maize shortage after two consecutive dry spells. Over two million people face shortages this year, and prices have inflated by 36.6% as of March 2013.

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Conference Spotlight

Open Data for Agriculture


On April 29-30, G-8 leaders will meet in Washington, D.C., to discuss the importance of Open Data in Agriculture. World leaders seek to make comprehensive data available to the global community of practitioners, researchers, scientists, policymakers, farmers, and others to address food security and agricultural development issues of the 21st century. Notable presenters include U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Bill Gates, business leaders, international government officials, and other field leaders. View the agenda here, access full info on the conference website, and follow the conversation on Twitter with #OpenAgData.


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