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May 28, 2013

The following items have appeared recently in newspapers, blogs, on websites and other media regarding PHL and might be of interest to affiliates of the ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss.


  • The High Level Consultation on Hunger, Food Security, and Nutrition in the Post 2015 Development Framework published a vision report on how to sustainably end hunger, insecurity, and malnutrition by 2025. Their pathway outline includes three main components: 1) sustainable and resilient food production and consumption, 2) good nutrition for all, and 3) agents of transformation. 
  • USAID, the African Development Bank, and the Swedish government recently announced the creation of the 'Agriculture Fast Track', a $25 million fund meant to spur private sector investment in agricultural infrastructure in developing nations. 
  • The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) published a strategy report for the next 5 years in food policy research. Their first strategic area is 'ensuring sustainable food production', which encompasses reduction of waste within the food system. Read the full report here, or see highlights here.

North America

  • The Chicago Council on Global Affairs released the report, 'Advancing Global Food Security: The Power of Science, Trade, and Business', at their recent symposium in Washington, D.C. The report sites reducing loss as an essential element to sustainable intensification of agriculture. The Council also covered postharvest loss in a commentary piece leading up to the event.
  • The World Wildlife Fund listed reducing food loss and waste in the food chain as the first step to 'freezing the footprint of food', or producing twice as much food with the same amount of resources.


  • A new cloud-based mobile platform that combines agricultural information and financial services is being made available to smallholder farmers in Uganda. The platform collects data and optimizes services and product offerings based off data analysis and farmer history. The platform was developed by Farmers Centre (U) Ltd., which is already uploading info about its 10,000 clients.
  • The Federal Ministry of Nigeria is set to establish two cassava processing factories in Oyo State to curb postharvest losses, with two factories for rice processing to follow later this year.
  • FAO and regional leaders stressed the importance of postharvest loss management at a recent meeting focused on Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) engagement in reducing loss in Sub-Saharan Africa. The African Union Commission introduced the PHL Project, which is an institutional capacity-building initiative aimed to increase awareness and understanding of PHL issues.


  • The European Economic and Social Committee released an 'opinion on civil society's contribution to a strategy for prevention and reduction of food losses and food waste' after convening recently to discuss waste problems in Europe. The committee strongly urges that posharvest loss issues be raised to the EU level.


  • Philippines Central Mindanao region will receive a 50% increase in the rice program budget from the previous year. Close to half of the total allotment will be used for postharvest facility development and infrastructure improvement.
  • The UPA government of India hopes to pass the ambitious 'Right to Food Bill' in coming months, which includes a financial commitment from the Centre to upgrade grain storage capacities. The government urges states to begin their own upgrades to lay the path for Centre funds and support.

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