Move-Out May 1 - May 9
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Spring 2020 Housing Move-Out Information

Spring Housing contracts end on Saturday, May 9, at 12PM (noon). Our Move Out process has been altered to allow a safe and socially-distanced process for both residents and staff. Please read the below information fully.

On Thursday, April 23, Governor Pritzker extended the stay-at-home order for the state of Illinois through May 30.This included a provision for allowing students means to move out of their on-campus residence hall. Part of that order also stipulates that all persons must continue to follow CDC guidelines as it pertains to social distancing, as well as additional directives from the state of Illinois such as the use of face coverings/masks while in public (after May 1).

Residents that chose to shelter off-campus during the stay-at-home order while leaving personal belongings in their on-campus unit will receive future communication regarding move out information. Please disregard this email.

Alternatively, if you are living on-campus for interim/summer, please look for future communication.

Before you sign up for a check-out time, it is important that you read the following instructions:

  • Residents are not allowed to have a guest come into the residence hall to assist with their move out. One guest may come with a vehicle to assist with loading items, but they must remain outside with the vehicle. It is expected that this guest also observes social distancing guidelines.
  • Parking management will not be present. 15-minute parking passes will be available at the Front Desk - someone must be present with the vehicle during this time.
  • Only one person can be in an elevator at any time.
  • Guests should be in good health. Individuals in the following categories should refrain from helping residents move out:
    • Older adults
    • Women who are pregnant
    • Individuals with serious underlying medical conditions
  • Items to bring:
    • Face coverings/masks are required for both yourself and your guest at all times 
    • Sanitization supplies (ex: wipes, disinfectant, hand sanitizer)
    • Please bring your own dolly or cart if needed. A limited amount of moving carts are available.
  • You will have one hour to move your belongings out of your assigned unit
  • Make sure to carry your i-card and keys with you at all times during your check-out so that we can minimize lock-outs and issuance of loaner keys

How do I check out of my room?

  • Sign up for a check-out time (see below section in this email).
    • Available check-out times will be limited to allow for social-distancing.
    • Sign up for your check-out time before making arrangements for assistance in moving with family/friends.
  • Remove all of your personal belongings from your unit, both in your bedroom and in common areas of the unit. Items left behind will be disposed. 
  • For expediency, you do not need to clean your unit.
  • We do ask, however, that you remove all trash. 
    • Please note that donation bins/services will not be available during this move out process. Plan to either pack or dispose items prior to your move out. 
  • Close all windows.
  • Lock your bedroom and unit exterior door upon departure. 
  • Complete your check out at your residence hall's Front Desk.

Select a check-out time

Throughout this process, we will practice social distancing. As a result, a limited number of appointments are available per hour. This will minimize the number of students moving out at any one time.

Please select your residence hall below to sign up for a check-out time.

Academic & Residential Complex

Commons West and Courtyard

Single Student Residence & Polk Street Residence

James Stukel Towers

Marie Robinson Hall

Thomas Beckham Hall

I need help moving my personal belongings. What options do I have?

Campus Housing has an identified vendor we coordinate with called Dorm Room Movers. We work with Dorm Room Movers to allow access to rooms for those that have hired their services in order to pack your items for storage and shipping without you present. Movers employed by Dorm Room Movers have had background checks completed. 

On your day of pickup, they'll send you a private link to live video chat with your movers while they pack and pick up your belongings! You'll also receive a link to the recording of their time in your room once completed in case you can’t make the call.

We will work directly with Dorm Room Movers to schedule your service and you'll receive a 3-hour timeslot for your Zoom call once your date is confirmed. Please do not call Dorm Room Movers with questions about scheduling. 

As Dorm Room Movers is not offering this service everywhere, you will not see packing program-specific details until you make a free account. CLICK HERE to create an account and get started. Once you’re ready to secure your service just register for $39.99. Pricing for packing, storage, and shipping is priced per item, so please make sure you fully understand the costs described on their website.


If you have further questions regarding Move Out, we have staff available via phone at 312-355-6300 between 9AM - 5PM, Monday - Friday. You may also send us an email at