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March 2020
UIF Advancement Insider
An inside update on services provided by the University of Illinois Foundation
UIF Information System Access and Security Review

New access and security roles in TED and Hyland OnBase
Given recent emphasis on data protection and privacy by various legislative and regulatory bodies in the United States and Europe, the Foundation has been reviewing access and security roles in TED and the OnBase document management system.  In order to reduce exposure to our most sensitive data regarding fundraisers, prospect plans, opportunities, interactions, revenue, and marketing efforts, the Foundation plans to create a separate role for Interactions and a Fundraiser “view only” role, as well as separate and streamlined “view only” roles for Revenue and Marketing Communications.  These changes will cause some users to lose access they currently have.  There will be a process for requesting exceptions through Chief Advancement Officers and Advancement leadership.  The changes will be communicated in specific detail prior to implementation in Summer 2020.

New policy for inactive users of TED and OnBase
In addition to the new roles, the Executive Operations Team (EOT) has approved a new policy for inactive users of TED and OnBase, as follows:

  • For all TED and OnBase Users—Failure to take the mandatory Welcome to Advancement course (which includes Information Privacy and Security) in iLearn within 90 days of being enrolled will result in the account being deleted and require submission of a new Access Request Form if access is still needed.  Inactive users (those who have not yet taken the required training after 90 days of enrollment) will receive email notices of impending deletion, two weeks, one week, and one day before deletion.
  • For Student Employees—Accounts will be deleted at the end of each semester unless the student’s supervisor (the person who signed his/her Access Request Form) indicates access should continue.  The supervisor will receive emails asking if access should continue on the 15th and 30th day of the month before the end of each semester, and on the 5th day of the month in which the semester will end.  If access is deleted, submission of a new Access Request Form will be required if access is still needed.
  • For Business Managers—Accounts will be deleted after 18 months of inactivity.  (Many Business Managers only log in once a year.)  Submission of a new Access Request Form will be required if access is still needed. Inactive users (those who have not logged in to TED or OnBase after 18 months) will receive email notifications of impending deletion, two weeks, one week, and one day before deletion.
  • For All Other Users—Accounts will be disabled after 90 days of inactivity.  Accounts will be reactivated by email request within 90 days of being disabled.  Accounts will be deleted entirely after those 90 days.  If access is deleted, submission of a new Access Request Form will be required if access is still needed.  Inactive users (those who still have not logged in to TED or OnBase 90 days after being disabled) will receive email notifications of impending deletion two weeks, one week, and one day before being disabled, and again two weeks, one week, and one day before deletion.

Timeline for implementation
The new security roles have been mapped and are currently being created with an expected completion date of March 2020.  UIF Learning and Development will create training for the new standalone Interactions and Fundraiser “view only” roles, with a target date of August 2020.  User notification, enrollment, and disenrollment are expected to be automated by June 2020, and implementation of the new roles and the inactive user policy is expected in late Summer 2020.

March 2020 TED Service Pack Upgrade

Service Pack Upgrade (SP21 and SP22) will be applied to TED on March 28, 2020.  Upgrading TED and keeping it current with the most recent releases allows the Foundation to meet regulatory changes in a timely manner and keep current with the most up-to-date patches and enhancements of Blackbaud CRM. 

UIF’s Online Giving Payment page is integrated with Blackbaud’s new Checkout experience which allows for the functionality of digital wallets (MasterPass, Visa Checkout, and Apple Pay). With the Service Pack 22 Upgrade, digital wallets will no longer be supported for recurring gifts. Digital Wallets will continue to be available for one time gifts.


The TED Service Pack Upgrade will cause a disruption to TED and Online Giving (including Crowdfunding). The details of this outage are:

  • Saturday, March 28, 2020
  • Estimated Maintenance Window: 6am to 11am
  • Estimated Downtime for Online Giving (including Crowdfunding): 6am to 10am
Online Giving

Are you designing a new giving site or page?  Preparing to add or update gift options on your existing giving site or page?  Please include creditcardsignup@uif.uillinois.edu in your plans.  A review and test of the new site/page or the changes, updates or additions to your existing site or page will ensure all information is flowing smoothly through the giving process, ensuring an optimum donor experience and an accurate and timely tax receipt.

There are almost 550 distinct online giving sites and pages across the University of Illinois.  In FY19, there were over 51,000 online giving transactions, totaling nearly $18 million.

System Updates

The Foundation is dedicated to making sure you have the best resources available for your advancement needs.  For this reason, we regularly update TED, UIF Online, OnBase, and BBIS.  The next scheduled updates are:  

Saturday, March 28th, 2020 - Service Pack Upgrade
Saturday, May 16th, 2020
Saturday, August 15th, 2020

During these updates the systems may not be available, but there will be a notification letting you know which systems will be affected and the timeframe.

Scholarship Recipients

The Foundation (UIF) is currently working toward developing regular loads of scholarship recipients into the Tracking and Engagement Database (TED).  As part of that review, the UIF has engaged campus partners in the Registrar and Financial aid offices to understand how information can be loaded in compliance with the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and other federal laws and regulations governing scholarship data.  In particular, the UIF is seeking clarification on the privacy requirements concerning need-based scholarships and discussing ways to identify need- versus merit-based scholarships in TED and the Fund Database.  We ask users not to enter new scholarship recipient information into TED while the review is in progress.  It is our hope that the review and the identification of need- versus merit-based scholarships will be completed by the end of the fiscal year, and that appropriate policies can be established to capture and to store confidential educational information appropriately.

Exporting Invitees from a TED Event Module

When a communication effort for an invitation (mail, email, or both) is activated the lookup ID of everyone on the output files are uploaded to the TED event as invitees. Adding the Lookup ID to the output file is a manual process. To make this process more efficient, the constituent Lookup ID field has been added to the invitation list on an Event in TED.

Monthly Faculty Staff Data

March Faculty Staff data has been loaded into the University Appointments area under the Relationships tab in TED.  Monthly Faculty Staff data is pulled from Banner on the 10th and loaded into TED on the 3rd weekend of each month.

Estate Gift Marketing Program

In 2000, the Office of Gift Planning and Trust Services launched its first formal estate gift marketing program.  At the time, UIF had $342 million recorded in estate expectancies benefitting the three universities.  As of December 31, 2019, we have well over $900 million in estate expectancies!  During this period of time, over $141 million in estate gift expectancies were also realized as a result of deaths and came off of our books. This means that in addition to the previously stated growth, another $141 million was recorded that “replaced” the realized expectancies. 

If you take away anything from this statistic, it reminds us that consistency in our marketing and outreach efforts is critical to a successful bequest marketing program.  We hope this will serve as a good reminder to all about promoting bequest designations naming UIF for the benefit of your unit in your publications and outreach efforts.  Please do let the Office of Gift Planning and Trust Services know if we can help you in any way with these efforts in the coming fiscal year.

TED Homepage

Check the TED Homepage every day!  It is constantly being updated with important dates and announcements.

TED Calendar - This shows you upcoming scheduled maintenance and important data updates that have occurred. 

News & Updates - This contains important announcements about TED, including any current issues, and other UIF system updates and information.  Be sure to subscribe to this to receive an email whenever something is posted.  To subscribe, click one of the posts and choose 'Subscribe' at the bottom.


UIF Learning and Development is currently updating all TED courses and creating new TED Tutorials. Watch this section each month for announcements as new training becomes available.

TED Resources

To help you get to TED training easily, a few new tiles have been added to iLearn.

  • TED Tutorials – quick videos on specific tasks
  • TED Job Aids - for those that prefer written instructions
  • TED User Guide – over 800 pages of detailed documentation

We love your feedback! If there are specific TED-related tasks that you would like to see available in a course, TED Tutorial, or job aid, please let UIF Learning and Development know learn@uif.uillinois.edu.

New Courses Available

Endowment Basics

This new self-paced course provides learners with a basic understanding of the endowment, how it works, and the valuable impact it has at the University of Illinois. Assigned to all new Advancement staff, everyone is encouraged to take a look at this quick course.

Available for self-enrollment under featured courses in iLearn.

A Guide to Booking Estate Gifts

We’ve been working with the Gift Planning and Trust Services (GPTS) team on the new online course “A Guide to Booking Estate Gifts.” This self-paced course replaces an in-person course and has three learning objectives: 1) understand the information necessary to book an estate gift, 2) collect and submit the documentation needed to verify and book an estate gifts, and 3) identify non-bookable estate gifts and initiate the process to track them in TED.

Available for self-enrollment under featured courses in iLearn.

Upcoming Live-Training Sessions



In partnership with the U of I Universities, UIF staff will lead a panel discussion around various Prospect Management concepts.

We recommend all fundraisers and their staff take this course after completing the “It All Starts with a Plan” curriculum.

Instructor: Shannon Sweeney, Training Specialist             

Dates offered:  

  • March 18, 9:30-11:30 – Online Webinar
  • April 23, 1:30-3:30 – Online Webinar


Principles and Practices of Gift Acceptance

This course will provide guidance on the accepted forms of gifts and nuances for accepting each type.

We recommend this course to support staff, administrative assistants, business managers, development/advancement officers, or any other person who would solicit, process, or receive a gift.

Instructor: Christy Devocelle, Senior Vice President for Financial & Administrative Operations/CFO & University of Illinois Foundation Board Treasurer             

Dates offered:

  • April 9, 10:00-12:00 – Urbana-Champaign, Harker Hall 3rd Floor Conference Room


Endowment Administration

This session provides a detailed overview of the UI and UIF endowment policies and fundamental administration of endowment gift funds.

We recommend that development/advancement officers, support staff, administrative assistants, business managers, or any other person involved in the solicitation or administration of endowments take this course.

Instructor: Christy Devocelle, Senior Vice President for Financial & Administrative Operations/CFO & University of Illinois Foundation Board Treasurer

Dates offered:

April 13, 10:00-12:00 – Urbana-Champaign, Harker Hall 3rd Floor Conference Room


Please feel free to email aims@uif.uillinois.edu for any feedback or content that you would like to see in future editions!

Future Dates for the Advancement Insider (on or around):

  • April 20, 2020
  • May 18th, 2020
  • June 15th, 2020
  • July 20th, 2020