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August 23, 2013

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Issues of Loss

  • TNAU scientists inspect FCI godown in Coimbatore
    Scientists from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University responded to pest problems at a Food Corporation of India site in Peelamedu. While not cause of direct harm to human beings, the pests feed and multiply on stored grains and cause damage to harvests. The scientists recommended storage methods to keep the insect population from increasing.
  • Two millers under scanner for 'missing' paddy
    Two rice millers in Punjab, India allegedly misappropriated government paddy worth more than Rs 30 million. Cases of fraud have been filed against the owners of two mills, and are under investigation by special police. 

  • India prepares to guarantee right to food for 800 million people
    The National Food Security Act is heavily criticized by policymakers and academics who disagree with the decision to expand a grain program already riddled with fraud and waste. In India, it is widely known that about 40% of grain in the supply chain doesn't reach its intended end, instead rotting in storage, eaten by rodents, or embezzled by fraudulent actors.  


  • 746.07 lakh tonne storage capacity for implementation of food security bill
    Indian Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution stated that a combination of Food Corporation of India and state agency storage facilities equates to 746 lakh tonnes of storage capacity, enough to cover the estimated Food Security Act annual requirement of 614 lakh tonnes of grain. The Minister also discussed implementation of the Private Entrepreneur Guarantee Scheme, which plans to augment capacity. 

  • U.S. Borlaug Fellows in Global Food Security Request for Applications
    This RFA solicits applications to support U.S. students conducting research on topics related to the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative, Feed the Future. The deadline is November 11, 2013. 

  • Guinness and ABL to set up processing plants in rural areas
    Guinness Ghana Ltd. and Accra Breweries Ltd. will soon start establishing processing plants in rural areas which have farms with huge production of cassava. Efforts to engage breweries and organize cassava farmers are part of the government's overall initiative to significantly reduce high rates of postharvest losses in Ghana. 

  • DA-12 allots P848-M to cut palay postharvest losses
    The Filipino Department of Agriculture will invest at least P848.4 million in postharvest facilities and related infrastructure in a region comprised of 4 provinces over the next 4 years. A recent government assessment finds the region's postharvest losses of palay to currently reach around 12%. 


  • ICT could become influencer across agri value chain: Nasscom
    The National Association of Software Services Companies in India says increased use of ICT is key to the country's agricultural productivity and food security success. Expansion of technologies that can support initiatives in precision farming, extension, marketing, and supply chain management is expected to increase.


  • Using ICT to enhance marketing for small agricultural producers
    This USAID briefing paper serves to identify appropriate and effective information communication technologies (ICT) for agricultural value chain interventions. Relevant topics discussed include marketing, traceability, production management and data analytics, value addition, technical literacy, gender dynamics, and others. 

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Institute Spotlight

Official Blog Launch 

On Wednesday August 21st, The ADM Institute launched its official blog, Preventing Postharvest Loss. The blog hosts several resources, including

-perspective posts,
-outcome stories, and 
-a searchable postharvest loss news archive.

The first perspective post was written by institute Director, Dr. Steve Sonka. The post, Food Security, Postharvest Loss, and Henry Kissinger, touches on an important question in the field of postharvest loss prevention: where is all the data?


Stimulating the Conversation 

The blog launch was successful in engaging a wide variety of audiences. Readers from nearly 50 countries on 6 continents visited the blog within the first week.


This information-sharing initiative is meant to generate active dialogue among experts, policymakers, practitioners, industry representatives, academics, farmers, students, and others.

Sharing Ideas 

We invite you to contribute your thoughts and ideas as direct comments on the blog or as messages to the institute, as well as to share information about our new blog with your network and colleagues. 


Use the hashtag #postharvest to further the conversation on social media. 


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