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UIC Critical in Fight Against COVID-19

UIC continues to play a critical role in combating the coronavirus. The State of Illinois selected UIC to produce a virus transport medium—a crucial testing material for COVID-19—and make it available to the Illinois Department of Public Health. UI Health is the first health system to partner with Vitalant on a pilot program to treat patients with active, severe cases of COVID-19 with blood plasma from people who have recovered from it, and the university has joined health providers and nonprofits to help address the problems the homeless community faces during the pandemic.


UIC Ranks 14th among U.S. Public Universities

QS World University Rankings placed UIC 14th in the listing of America’s top universities. The rankings factor in research performance, career outcomes, social impact, diversity, learning outcomes and more. Read more.


The Interrupter

Artist and educator Jim Duignan’s BFA ‘91, MFA ’93 practice involves his students in their own learning. He is dedicated to collaborating with marginalized communities to tell their stories through the Stockyard Institute, the name he has given to his 25-year art practice. Read more.

Left to right: Jessica Lechuga, Joe Bozeman, Anis Barmada 
Left to right: Jessica Lechuga, Joe Bozeman, Anis Barmada 

Inspiring Grads

From being the first in their families to attend college to winning prestigious scholarships and publishing their research studies, UIC grads are inspiring to say the least. Read the stories of just a few of them: Jessica Lechuga, Joe Bozeman and Anis Barmada.

Dale Reed, UIC Engineering faculty 
Dale Reed, UIC Engineering faculty 

Faculty Rise to the Remote Teaching Challenge

“I have had to re-invent myself as a teacher, re-casting into a different mold,” says Dale Reed, UIC Engineering faculty member, of his experience teaching remotely. For UIC faculty, shifting their in-person courses to remote learning has come with its successes and challenges. Read more about their experiences.


Board Chair Establishes Fund to Support UI Health

University of Illinois Board of Trustees Chairman Don Edwards and his wife Anne Edwards have pledged $100,000 to establish the UI Health Employee Relief Fund, which will support health care workers at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System. Read more


Donors to Benefit from CARES Act

The CARES Act, designed to rescue the economy from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, contains certain provisions beneficial to donors. In recognition of the fact that charities' fundraising efforts are impeded at the very time there is a tremendous need for their services, the legislation contains benefits, including: charitable deduction limits modified for individuals and required minimum distributions waived among other benefits. Read more.


$2.8M Gift Will Support Early Childhood Teachers

A $2.8 million gift to UIC's College of Education will help expand the number of early childhood teachers in Chicago and surrounding areas. The grant comes from Marjorie Pelino, who has a long history of aiding causes to help children and families from under-resourced communities. Read more


Donors Provide Meals to Celebrate National Nurses Week

“No words can describe the contribution of our clinical community to our state and country at these challenging times,” Frank Naeymi-Rad said.  As a show of gratitude and appreciation, Frank Naeymi-Rad and his wife Dr. Theresa Kepic along with Leap of Faith Technologies Inc. made a generous gift to provide meals to the nurses at the University of Illinois Hospital during National Nurses Week. Read more.

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Entrepreneurship and Small Business: Is This the Time for Me?

Wednesday, June 3, 12 p.m. CT
College of Business Administration
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Steve Bob, Director of the Entrepreneurial Support Program at UIC's College of Business will share information for people thinking about entrepreneurship and small business in the current environment.


Mindfulness and the Mind-Body Connection

Tuesday, June 9, 12 p.m. CT
College of Applied Health Sciences
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Kinesiology alumna and body-mind coach Rachel Thompson BS '18 will walks through the science of mindfulness and shares ways we can apply it to our lives. Bring your experiences and questions to the conversation.


Job Search Strategies During COVID-19

Tuesday, June 23, 6 p.m. CT

Save the date for this event with career coach and alumna Liz Herrera BA '00.

Alumni Exchange is a virtual event series that brings news, knowledge and entertainment to help you learn, grow, explore, connect and even escape from the everyday with a community of UIC alumni and faculty. Register for future events and view previous installments at go.uic.edu/alumniexchange.


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