September 11, 2013

You are receiving this email based on your employment by the University of Illinois within the last six months and your participation in a health plan offered through the State of Illinois Department of Central Management Services (“CMS”). You do not need to take any action as long as you and your family members maintain health insurance coverage.


The federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”) requires that nearly all individuals with income above the tax-filing threshold secure health insurance coverage by January 1, 2014 for themselves and their family members or pay a penalty when filing their income tax return. (See the links in the Resources section below for more information on the threshold, exemptions, and penalties.) Maintaining your health insurance under a CMS plan satisfies your individual responsibility under PPACA.


PPACA also requires the University to send a mandated notice (“Insurance Marketplace Notice”) to all employees that explains the option to purchase health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace (formerly known as the “Exchange”). Even though you are enrolled in a CMS health plan, the University is still required to send you this notice. This month, the University will mail the Insurance Marketplace Notice to your home mailing address that is on file with the University. The notice will also be available online in NESSIE. Please note that the Insurance Marketplace Notice refers to the health plans provided through CMS as the “State Employees’ Group Insurance Program” or “SEGIP”.

Because you already have health insurance, the Insurance Marketplace Notice will be for informational purposes. You do not need to purchase insurance through the Marketplace as long as you and your eligible dependent family members maintain health insurance coverage.


We hope that this email has been useful in informing you about the upcoming requirements of PPACA. If you have additional questions regarding these issues, please consult the resources listed below.

PPACA Overview

PPACA Penalties, Minimum Coverage, and Exemptions

Tax-Filing Thresholds for Most Taxpayers
Please consult with your tax advisor regarding your tax-filing status.

Insurance Marketplace Notice
View a copy of the notice at https:/

Health Insurance Marketplace

Eligibility criteria for coverage through CMS
See the State of Illinois Employees Benefits Handbook at


If you have questions about your employment status, please contact your campus/central HR office:

If you have questions about your CMS health insurance coverage, please contact the UPB-Benefits Services office:


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