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October 11, 2013

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Issues of Loss 

  • Asia grain mountains swell as governments fret over food security
    Asia's top grain-buying states have accumulated a whopping 100 million tonnes of rice and 90 million tonnes of wheat since the food price spikes of 2008. They are keen to avoid repeat food shortages, though grain systems managing hoards in China, India, Thailand, and others are challenged by inadequate storage, poor infrastructure, and corrupt procurement schemes.  
  • Rice millers threaten strike if demands not met by Oct 7
    The Rice Millers Welfare Association in Punjab, India, alleged that highly damaged paddy has been arriving in grain mandis of the state due to heavy rain. The association said they would not store procured paddy in their mills if their demands were not met to make both the millers and rice procuring agencies equally responsible for custody of paddy.


  • Africa, Arab ministers tackle food security at joint summit
    The largest-ever summit of African and Arab leaders met in Saudi Arabia on October 2. Inspired by problems of global food loss, the summit discussed how to boost food supplies and tackle high prices and rising food shortages in Africa and the Arab world. Five key recommendations will be further debated in November.


  • SAWBO releases new educational video on postharvest loss, truck transport
    Scientific Animations Without Borders (SAWBO) released a new educational video meant to help farmers reduce postharvest losses that occur during transport. A unique feature of SAWBO videos is their ability to be adapted to specific languages and dialects. This version is in Portuguese. 

  • Weather analysis tool offers strategic insight for land based initiatives
    An interactive, online tool developed by aWhere, Inc. seeks to address the growing need for accurate, localized, and accessible weather information that support sustainable approaches to land management and food security in the developing world. The tool offers free information for several parts of Africa and South Asia.  

  • New web tool for identifying insects in stored grain launched
    The Canada Grain Commission developed a web tool that enables users to determine the specific type of insects found in stored grain. The tool uses two identification keys, a simple one specific to Canada and a comprehensive key that includes information on insects worldwide.

  • Innovations in farming fighting food waste around the world
    Several innovations to mitigate postharvest losses are highlighted in an article on food loss and food waste by Food Tank, including the use of metal silos in Kenya, better packaging materials in the Philippines, different drying technologies, and others. 



  • Find solutions to postharvest losses
    A commercial manager of an agro-chemical company in Ghana urged crop scientists and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector to partner to find solutions to postharvest loss problems in Ghana. Estimates suggest 20-50% of all crops are lost each year, causing concerns over achieving national food security. 

  • EU urges Ghana to step up agricultural production
    European Union Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development said the most effective way for Ghana to ensure food security and sustainable income for farmers is to step up production, including doubling efforts to add value to agricultural products. 

  • Uncertainty of figures hampering food security efforts 
    Over 600 scientists gathered in the Netherlands for a global food security conference described as the first of its kind for its focus on science rather than policy. Organizers report "unprecedented interest" among the science community. Scientists working on food loss and waste issues were represented, along with economists, nutrition specialists, and others. 


  • The Information of Food
    Founder and CEO of AgraLogics writes his views on the importance of an "informed food eco-system", saying, "Today, we face the perfect storm for our food supply -- climate change, regulations, population growth and a global supply-chain have aligned to necessitate the use of information." 

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